GCSE law

The computer in the school: Tutor, tool, tutee

Extended criteria and predictors in college admission: Exploring the structure of study success and investigating the validity of domain knowledge

Improving academic performance in US public schools: Why teacher licensing is (almost) irrelevant

The Principles of Objective Testing in Physics

Ruin probabilities

Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag

at this Library

Encyclopedia of statistics in behavioral science

Encyclopedia of American history

The ancient Egyptian book of the dead

Oil Pastel: Materials and Techniques for Today s Artist

H-STAR Research Publications STAR Research Publications

The secret of scent: adventures in perfume and the science of smell

Unit Nine: Haunted Hawthorne


The Horten brothers and their all-wing aircraft

Science in the preschool classroom

Auditive leadership culture: Lessons from symphony orchestras

Therapeutic recreation: Processes and techniques

Using the web to support inquiry-based literacy development

The role of attitudes and beliefs in learning to teach

Science Instruction in the Middle and Secondary Schools: Developing Fundamental Knowledge and Skills (7th

Science in elementary education

Literacy in science: A natural fit; Promoting student literacy through inquiry

Introduction to early childhood education: Preschool through primary grades

Success strategies for adjunct faculty


Paideia problems and possibilities

The New York trilogy: whodunit?: tracking the structure of Paul Auster s anti-detective novels

The book of whales

Global Value Chains: A framework of Buyer-Supplier Management

The Babees Book

Хороший рост—плохой рост

Oriental M tholog

Randy Pausch, 47, Dies; His Last Lecture Inspired Many to Live With Wonder

Death and exile: the ethnic cleansing of Ottoman Muslims, 1821-1922

Vengeful Witches/Angry Whores: Representations of Revenge in Popular Culture

The Soul-bride of the Divine-groom: Bridal Metaphor in Sufi Poetry of Shah Husayn

Se astopol Sketches

Paying the piper: Culture, music and money

Survival of the fittest? An interview with Benny Morris

Marmalade me

Scotland first: Truth and consequences

Project Title:Visualizing Fluid Flow Data: From the Canvas to the Cave Advisor: Professor Andries van Dam• Brown University, Master of Science degree in

The mirror image of the present: Freud s theory of retrogressive screen memories

A Ghost in the House

Fishes: an introduction to ichthyology

Recasting postcolonialism: Women writing between worlds

High Adventure: Life of Lucy Rider Meyer

Physical anthropology and the Sumerian problem

An anthology of Chinese literature: beginnings to 1911

An anthology of Chinese literature: beginnings to 1911

Narration in the German novelle: theory and interpretation

Out of the Mirrored Garden: New Fiction by Latin American Women

Dear Mother--: An Anthology of Women Writing to Or about Their Mothers

Female Journalists and Journalism in fin-de-siècle Magazine Stories

A Literature of Their Own, Lloyd Fernando s New Women in the Late Victorian Novel in 1977 and Gail Cunningham s The New Woman and The Victorian

Narrative lives and human rights: Stolen Generation narratives and the ethics of recognition

Celie s Emancipation Process in Alice Walker s The Color Purple

El arte de la aromaterapia

Literature on the History of Physics in the 20th Century

Short story theories

Voices within the ark: The modern Jewish poets

Choosing Morality: comparing children s book choices with adult-chosen children s books


The Deaths of Sybil Bolton: An American History



House prices and the quality of public schools: what are we buying

Is algebra necessary


Don t count on the quality of children s counting books

Five little monkeys sitting in a tree

Modern Physics in Egineering Carrers

Theory building and paradigms: A primer on the nuances of theory construction

Blood on the half shell

Nice Jewish girls: A lesbian anthology

History of art about and by means of computers

Defending Books

Blood on the Snow: The Carpathian Winter War of 1915

Drama method in CLIL: The power of motivation. An example of practical application on the secondary school level

Gustav Klimt

The Triangle Fire: A Poem

Tennessee Williams on the Soviet stage

Computers and creativity

Employees Separation and Performance of Unionised Organisations in the Food, Beverage and Tobacco Industry in Lagos State, Nigeria

Marketing Extra Care Housing


The Bicycle Repair Book: The Complete Manual of Bicycle Care

Physical Properties of Materials

Food and bio process engineering

Industrial Control Handbook: Transducers


Using building information modeling for measuring the efficiency of building energy performance

Understanding the Market for RFID Traces

A discursive analysis of rangatiratanga in a Mäori fisheries context

Common Sense (pamphlet

National implications: Racial differences in inservice teachers perceptions of Caucasian American principals culturally proficient school leadership

Inequality and teacher education: An international perspective

Challenges in systematic reviews of educational intervention studies

The two faces of education in ethnic conflict: Towards a peacebuilding education for children

Disproportionality of African American children in special education

Modifying schoolwork

On loving and hating my mentally retarded mother

Inclusive education and critical pedagogy at the intersections of disability, race, gender and class

Flexible parametric survival analysis using Stata: beyond the Cox model

Lessons from New American Schools scale-up phase

Changing Our Power: Introduction to Women Studies

Effects of a Vocal Jazz Workshop on Choral Music Education Majors Achievement in Improvisation and Confidence in Teaching Improvisation

Hashes and Message Digests

Polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear

Lilliputians Discover Wonderland

Helping Your Child Learn Responsible Behavior

Gestures: The do s and taboos of body language around the world

The Political Economy of Turkey in the Post-Soviet Era: Going West and Looking East

The nightingale

Wilderness [Book] PDF À Read Online Shirley Streshinsky

Hon Aaron Stonehouse MLC Chairperson Select Committee on Personal Choice and Community Safety Parliament House, 4 Harvest Terrace West Perth, WA

Developing self-discipline and preventing and correcting misbehavior

Teaching choral music

Before it s too late: Working with substance abuse in the family

Managing people is like herding cats

Guess how much I love you

The making of the female witch: Reflections on witchcraft and gender in the early modern period

The Curse of Reason

Gold-camp Drifter, 1906-1910

Book Review: The State of India s Environment 1982-A Citizen s Report

Pastures of Plenty: the Future of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Conservation in New England

Using tracers to evaluate streamflow gain-loss characteristics of Terror Creek, in the vicinity of a mine-permit area, Delta County, Colorado, water year 2003

A Defense of the Book

The dream of Poliphilo: The soul in love

The nineteenth-century origins of jazz

The helping hand, the lazy hand, or the grabbing hand? Central vs. local government shareholders in publicly listed firms in China

Early schooling in Asia

The book of my life

Hazardous materials incidents

Hazardous materials incidents

Principles of environmental engineering and science

Hazardous materials air monitoring and detection devices

Fire Pattern Persistence and Predictability on Interior Finish and Construction Materials During Pre-And Post-Flashover Compartment Fires

Writing workshop

The investigators: Managing FBI and narcotics agents

Illustrated 2009 Building Code Handbook

Determining process safety performance indicators for major accident hazards using site process hazard information

Worldwide dynamic foundation testing codes and standards

Deportation numbers unwrapped: Raw statistics reveal the real story of ICE enforcement in decline

Young, restless, reformed

Customer interaction patterns

Medical students responses to their first clinical experiences

Esophageal cancer in Northeastern Iran: a review

1 Editorial Matters Staff 4 Alcor News Items Staff

Patient-centered care: What does it take

Personal relations between librarians and readers

Ports of the ancient Indian Ocean

thank you letter for conference organizer example

Book Review: Memories of Branch Davidians. The autobiography of David Koresh s mother by Bonnie Haldeman and Catherine Wessinger

A War to End All Innocence

Leading into the Franchise. Remediation as (Simulated) Transmedia World. The Case of Scott Pilgrim

Alternate futures, contradictory pasts: Forking paths and cubist narratives in contemporary film

The End

Medicine, health and risk: Sociological approaches

Lost at the frontier: US science and technology policy adrift

Leading into the Franchise. Remediation as (Simulated) Transmedia World. The Case of Scott Pilgrim

The river s tale: A year on the Mekong

Dust bowl migrants in the American imagination

Thriving on chaos: Handbook for a management revolution

A Survey of the Theory of Strategy

Security sector reform in developing and transitional countries

Facing Beauty


Writers in politics: Essays

Why neoconservatism still matters

Ethical issues in contemporary human resource management


The heart of the Antarctic. Vol. 1

bibliography was simply too long to publish in the book itself, so readers have been redirected to this website. I would be glad to hear of any books I missed, or

Northern Fulmar Collected in South Carolina: Southernmost Verified Occurrence for Atlantic Coast

Coaching Your Kids in the Game of Life

How our world was nearly destroyed

What Every Theologian Should Know About Creation, Evolution Design

Education and counselling for childbirth

The Perfect Alternative to Wall Street Banks

The crisis of the euro: The problem of German power revisited

How much did the Federal Reserve learn from history in handling the crisis of 2007-2008

A New Forum (Blogging) Inspires the Old (Books

The World Trade Center: politics and policies of skyscraper development


Paris Is Burning

Unlocking formative assessment: Practical strategies for enhancing pupils learning in the primary classroom

Constructionist approaches

Social dimensions of telecollaborative foreign language study

Post-traditional learners and the transformation of postsecondary education: A manifesto for college leaders

Serious Games in language learning and teaching-a theoretical perspective

Optimal psycholinguistic environments for distance foreign language learning

Improving student learning by supporting quality teaching


Call 999

Water, Earth, and Sky: The Colorado River Basin

Books for Children

Music on my mind: the memoirs of an American pianist

The Lion King: pride rock on broadway

Confessions of a Mormon Boy

Cognitive apprenticeship in educational practice: Research on scaffolding, modeling, mentoring, and coaching as instructional strategies

The importance of mentoring in the development of coaches and athletes

Humanism, Nationalism and History in Michael Davitt s Gaelic Poem O My Two Palestinians

Evaluation capacity development: a diagnostic guide and action framework

Appraisal and Target Setting: a handbook for teacher development

Being Scientifical: Popularity, Purpose, and Promotion of Amateur Research and Investigation Groups in the US

The Norton book of travel

Development of a real world simulation to study cognitive, locomotor and metabolic processes in older adults

Women, health, and medicine in America: A historical handbook

Sports in society: Issues and controversies

Vitality Challenge

Your money or your life

California Archaeology

Design Your Own Video Game Console

The Columbia

Jewelry making manual

A Time Interleaved Analog to Digital Converter and Digital Filter

Ultrasociet: Ho 10,000 ears of ar Made Humans the Greatest Cooperators on Earth

A half century later, witnesses insist little green—or maybe brown—men crashed in New Mexico

Aileen Wuornos: Killer who preyed on truck drivers

The Two: A Biography

Living to tell the tale: A guide to writing memoir


Value investing made easy


Managing Little League Baseball

Unit-4 Relative Index And Its Use

Book review: Play practice: The games approach to teaching and coaching sports by AG Launder

Sport for development, peace, and social justice

Defensive soccer tactics


Let s Talk Soccer: Using Game-Calls to De elop Communication and Decision-Making in Football

The correlation of differential learning and the stage of cognitive development in football trough a game of three against one

Sacred dwelling: A spirituality of family life

Gay/lesbian/bisexual television characters

I investigate how the trilogy in general, and The Road Warrior specifically, resonates with the social field of its time. These films entered the US during a period

How to Restore Classic Farmall Tractors: The Ultimate Do-it-yourself Guide to Rebuilding and Restoring

2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards Results

Ancient Israel: Myths and Legends

The battlefield of the mind: Rehabilitating Muslim terrorists

The ultimate pop/rock fake book

1. Basic properties of conjunction


IMF loans to Hungary, 1996-2008

A note on the Dutch Book method

Afterword: what now? Climate-induced displacement after Copenhagen

Voices within the ark: The modern Jewish poets

Constructing Danish Identity: Transcultural Adaptation in Peter Høeg s The

The Socio-Critical Plays of Henrik Ibsen and their Reception

Naming the Movement: Recapitalizing Popular Theatre

Pablo Neruda s Verses: An Emblem of Love from Personal to Universal Echelon

Review of Jeffrey Gray s Consciousness: Creeping up on the Hard Problem

Orality in literacy: listening to indigenous writing

Against the Stream: CS Lewis and the Literary Scene

What s that sound?: an introduction to rock and its history

The Goblins Will Get You

Surviving Disaster in the Book of Jeremiah

The future of interpretive accounting research—a

Financial institutions management: A risk management approach

Book Review: Peter G. Northouse s (2009) Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practices

Throughput accounting: TOC s management accounting system

A history of accountancy in the United States: The cultural significance of accounting

Strategy and the Internet

Beach management

Webbasierte soziale NetzWerke Eine Analyse der Möglichkeiten und Grenzen unternehmerischer Kommunikation

How to create brand engagement on Facebook

The new diplomacy: International affairs in the modern age

Corporate reputation: brand and communication

Shopping Behavior of Department Store Customers: A Study of Store Policies and Customer Demand, with Particular Reference to Delivery Service and

Strategic communications for nonprofits

Learning from Past Crises-Do Iconic Cases Help or Hinder

Economic transformation in Russia

Strategy and the Internet

Pervasive computing: Vision and challenges

Pervasive computing: Vision and challenges

The Rhetoric of Suffering: Reading the Book of Job in the Eighteenth Century

The Rhetoric of Suffering: Reading the Book of Job in the Eighteenth Century

Delinquency and justice: A psychosocial approach

Proportionate sentencing: Exploring the principles

The literature of penance in Anglo-Saxon England

Mobile Value Added Services for Inclusive growth: a Study of women micro-Entrepreneurs in Fiji

Logistics decisions: Text and cases

Storage of flammable liquids in containers

Business process management: the third wave

Can t Win with em, Can t go to War without em: Private Military Contractors and Counterinsurgency

Armies in the process of political modernization

Reading relations: structures of literary production: a dialectical text/book

The regime of amplification

Body count: Moral poverty--and how to win America s war against crime and drugs

Fundamentals of ethics: An introduction to moral philosophy

The moral foundations of professional ethics

Human morality: from an empirical puzzle to a metaethical puzzle

The Creation of Meaning: Simone de Beauvoir s Existentialist Ethics

Ethical issues in death and dying

An introduction to business ethics

There was something very peculiar

The Anti-depressant Book: A Practical Guide for Teens and Young Adults to Overcome Depression and Stay Healthy

Skills training manual for treating borderline personality disorder

Collaborative Case Conceptualization Rating Scale Coding Manual

evaluate the risks and benefits off-label use for clinician, parent, and child. This was not an easy book to read. It required patience, thought-fulness, reading

The psychobiology of chronic headache

Applied behavior analysis

Behavior management

Applied behavior analysis

Current diagnosis treatment in psychiatry

Mental Health in a Nutshell

Child and adolescent therapy

ICD-10 guide for mental retardation

Development of a supported self-help book prescription scheme in primary care

Assessment of Greek University students: counselling needs attitudes

Zen meditation and psychotherapy

The pre-school years

Scaffolding language, scaffolding learning

Library preschool storytimes: Developing early literacy skills in children

The principal s role in successful schools

Conflict: A cause and effect of hunger

Repeated book reading and preschoolers early literacy development

The making of little Punjab in Canada: Patterns of immigration

Supporting children learning English as a second language in the early years (birth to six years

Imaging the earth s interior


Future Technology in Heavy Oil Processing

Naphthenic acid corrosion of mild steel in the presence of sulfide scales formed in crude oil fractions at high temperature

Handbook of water-soluble gums and resins

Imaging the earth s interior

Handbook of water-soluble gums and resins

Petroleum production in nontechnical language

Paint testing manual

Handbook of industrial chemistry: organic chemicals

Petroleum production in nontechnical language

Industrial Organic Chemicals

as an ecodesign tool for production of electricity, including carbon capture and storage-a study of a gas power plant case with post-combustion CO2 capture at

Information warfare and security

Best of Bookfinder: A Guide to Children s Literature about Interests and Concerns of Youth Aged 2-18

There and back again: a brief survey of wordless picturebooks

Marketing research

Our next meeting and pot luck will be April 28 th here at Hope in the Bridge. Please make

The book

Bain s Directory of Bag-Pipe Tunes

Music With Dance

The creative habit

To order

Music Written for Bassoon by Bassoonists: An Overview

Jean Michel Jarre

Woven: The music of egidija medekšaite

The Music of Louisiana: Cajuns, Creoles and Zydeco

Cinema Ritrovato 2001

All the years of American popular music


Treatment for chronic depression: Cognitive behavioral analysis system of psychotherapy

Diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders: a physician s handbook

Pain management psychotherapy: A practical guide

Bibliography of Articles and Books Backing Concepts of Imago Relationship Therapy

Family ties that bind

Living with grief: Children and adolescents

Brief therapy and managed care: Readings for contemporary practice

Invited papers

The Healing Mind: You Can Cure Yourself Without Drugs

Development of a supported self-help book prescription scheme in primary care

Depression and bipolar disorders

A book of Scottish verse

PR1203. B4


Why is Sir Thopas interrupted

Modern Scottish Culture

Books Written by Siegfried Sassoon REVISION 9 (21/6/2015

Romanticism and Popular Culture in Britain and Ireland

New Poems

The Christis Kirk Tradition: Scots Poems of Folk Festivity

Instruction Manuals for the English, Anglo, and Duet Concertina: An Annotated Bibliography

The Poem-book of the Gael

Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia

international journal of scottish literature


What is Scottish Literature

Ficino in Aberdeen: The Continuing Problem of the Scottish Renaissance

Essential darkroom techniques

Photographic chemistry in black-and-white and color photography


Essential darkroom techniques

The Print: Contact Printing and Enlarging

A short review of crayon enlargements: history, technique, and treatment

The Book of Photography: how to see and take better pictures

Principles and practice of planting trees and shrubs

Photographic chemistry in black-and-white and color photography

Creative Photographic Printing Methods

Ophthalmic photography: retinal photography, angiography, and electronic imaging

The Variable Contrast Printing Manual

Puritan Justice and the Indian: White Man s Law in Massachusetts, 1630-1763

Contract Theory

The competition law of the European Union in comparative perspective: cases and materials


Roman Private Law: A Translation

Book Review: Robot Law

Fertility the Family: The Glover Report on Reproductive Technologies to the European Commission

Legal transplants and European private law

The law of torts in New Zealand

The dominant firm: A study of market power


A companion to aesthetics

Nociones de derecho civil patrimonial e introducción al derecho

General Practice and Trial Section Celebrates its Thirtieth Anniversary

Merging mission and money: A board member s guide to social entrepreneurship

The second brain

Analyzing Winner s Curse in Gift Card Auctions

is a traditional Chinese game Mahjong is a game which involves skill, intelligence, estimation and also luck in Chinese, has been traditionally a gambling game

Surgical management of gangrenous mastitis in a pregnant goat

A freethinking cultural nationalist: a life history of Rahul Sankrityayan

From 1984 to one-dimensional man: Critical reflections on Orwell and Marcuse

A Study of the Cinematic Adaptation of Premchand s

The Truth about Consuela

Divine Dwellers in the Desert

Family Structure in Manju Kapur s Difficult Daughters and Home

German myths and legends

World Civilizations: Their History and Their Culture

The social norms approach: Theory, research, and annotated bibliography


Writing for publication

Applied behavior analysis

The financial record-keeping practices of US farm operators and their relationship to selected operator characteristics

A framework for implementing Lean operations management in the higher education sector

Endovascular skills: Guidewire and catheter skills for endovascular surgery

Hemodialysis: Principles and practice

The excellence of play. 4e

A decision model for evaluating third-party logistics providers using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process

Gauging emergency physician productivity: Are RVUs the answer

An incentive compensation system that rewards individual and corporate productivity

Everything old is new again: Health care and competition in the 21st century

Clouds, big data, and smart assets: Ten tech-enabled business trends to watch

Strategy and the Internet

Introducing linocuts

Creation and exploitation of new Textile designs derived from Kashmiri Namda and Gabba Motifs

Photography: Addressing Media Exploration and Visual Literacy



When generations collide: Who they are, why they clash, how to solve the generational puzzle at work

The step-by-step guide to screen-process printing

The step-by-step guide to screen-process printing

Power, influence, and authority: an essay in political linguistics/David

A history of textile art

Handbook of printing processes


International Museum of Print and Clay

How to work in stained glass

Photography: A handbook of history, materials, and processes

The moving image: Production principles and practices

Screen Printing

Kluge: a Meditation: And Other Works

Infant-parent psychotherapy: Core concepts and current approaches

Why is economics not an evolutionary science

Consumption and effects of music in the media

www. TaleBooks. com

For Whom Are the Stars

Analysis of women participation in agricultural production in Egbedore local government area of Osun State, Nigeria

The making of a corporate athlete

Antioxidants as a novel way to alleviate the adverse effects of oxidative stress in osteoporosis

Anatomy for strength and fitness training

Coming back to life: The after-effects of the near-death experience

How to Think Yourself Thin

Stress on the job: Self-care resources for counselors

Nutrient adequacy of exclusive breastfeeding for the term infant during the first six months of life

Anorexia-cachexia syndrome in pancreatic cancer: recent development in research and management

Gentle Yoga: A Guide to Low-Impact Exercise

Why Feminist Theology


Special Olympics Sport-Specific Sport Skills Program Guide


Stalking the wild asparagus

The value of subsistence for the future of the world

Teacher education as transformation: A psychological perspective

Statistical reasoning in psychology and education

Chinese parents influence on academic performance

Contemporary approaches to moral education: Analyzing alternative theories

Developmental psychology: Incorporating Piaget s and Vygotsky s theories in classrooms

Statistical reasoning in psychology and education

Multivariate analysis with applications in education and psychology

Educating the reflective practitioner

HarperCollins College Outline Introduction to Psychology

Educational psychology: Developing learners

Psychological perspectives in education

Lifespan development

How texts teach what readers learn

Compendium of screening tools for early childhood social-emotional development

Guidelines on staffing and workload for histopathology and cytopathology departments September 2015

Gabriel A. Silva, MSc, PhD

Compilers, principles, techniques

Design DNA Approach For Defining Styles

Design DNA Approach For Defining Styles

Comics2D: Describing and creating comics from story-based applications with autonomous characters

XML in a Nutshell

Ontologies as conceptual models for XML documents

XPERANTO: Publishing Object-Relational Data as XML

Content-oriented XML retrieval with HyRex

Namespaces in XML

Foster, Norman 157 Williams-Ellis, Clough 252-3, 268 architecture 48-9 area codes, see inside front cover Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The moon: Myth and image

Transparent Remote Execution of Java Threads

Rethinking America

Dannie Abse: Finding His Voice

Mesozoic mammals: the first two-thirds of mammalian history

The origin of the neocortex

Phylum echinodermata

Human Evolution: A Very Short Introduction| By Bernard Wood (2005). Oxford: Oxford University Press, 131 pp., $9.95/£ 6.99 (paperback), ISBN 0-19-280360-3

Tetrapod phylogeny

Publications by Timothy Rowe

Discovery of Middle Jurassic mammals from Siberia

Vertebrate paleozoology

The vertebrate body

Field guide to mammals of Australia

Tetrapod phylogeny

A new species of Rhabdophis (Serpentes: Colubridae) from Hainan Island, China

The many uses of newspapers

Tetrapod phylogeny

The origin of mammals: a study of some important fossils

Discovery of Middle Jurassic mammals from Siberia


Biology of foraminifera


The kingdoms of Africa

Class development and gender inequality in Kenya, 1963-1990

Couscous and other good food from Morocco

Who s who in South African politics

Politics of the Tanzania-Zambia Railproject: A Study of Tanzania-China-Zambia Relations

Library Herald Journal: a bibliometric study

Structural steel design

Structural steel design

Limit states design in structural steel

Halliday: System and function in language: Selected papers

Flexural behavior of steel fiber reinforced concrete beams

Design of reinforced masonry structures

Mesodermal Minuscule Depot of Drug Delivery Protocol: A

QCW pulsed Nd: YAG 1064 nm laser lipolysis

Shop Hassle Free With STFM

Color atlas of dermatology

Braun-Falco s dermatology

Manual of HIV therapeutics

Fitzpatrick s color atlas and synopsis of clinical dermatology

Does cosmetic surgery improve psychosocial wellbeing

Academic Appointments

Lasers in cutaneous and cosmetic surgery

Laser surgery in gynecology and obstetrics

Development of a values-based approach to managing recreation on Canadian Crown lands

Fitzpatrick s color atlas and synopsis of clinical dermatology

About the Book

Fitzpatrick s color atlas and synopsis of clinical dermatology

Mosby s color atlas and text of dermatology

Synopsis of pediatrics

Biochemical and histopathological studies of herbal cream against UV radiation induced damage

Low Intensity Laser Therapy Basics and Clinical Applications

Braun-Falco s dermatology

Beyond our normal field of vision... the impact of art on community bushfire understandings

Introduction To Automata Theory Languages And Computation John E Hopcroft

The multiple choice question in medicine

Birds of the Seward Peninsula, Alaska: their biogeography, seasonality, and natural history

Shaw s textbook of gynaecology

Management of abdominal hernias

Drug treatment of epilepsy

Is there need for a transformational change to overcome the current problems with postgraduate medical education in India

MVP: Model-View-Presenter the Taligent programming model for C++ and Java

MVP: Model-View-Presenter the Taligent programming model for C++ and Java

Java for C/C++ programmers

Secure agent architecture for wireless devices

Web navigation: designing the user experience

Karel++: A gentle introduction to the art of object-oriented programming

Software security assessment tools review

Teaching AI using LEGO mindstorms

The Carolina curriculum for handicapped infants and infants at risk

Using technology to create a dynamic classroom experience

Evaluating educational environments

Using technology to create a dynamic classroom experience

The effects of the impact of instructional immediacy on cognition and learning in online classes

Improvisation: Methods and models

Doing well and doing good by doing art

Teaching with Vision, Teaching Social Action

Health and medical response to active shooter and bombing events

Embedded expertise and the new terrorism

The reconstruction of American journalism

Risk-based Airport Security Policy

Biological warfare—an emerging threat

Applications of Cyber Forensics: A Study of Cyber Security and IT Act 2000 to Prevent Cyber Crimes in Indian Society

Scent as forensic evidence and its relationship to the law enforcement canine

Defining witchcraft-related crime in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa

Reducing gun violence: An overview of New York city s strategies

Predictive policing: what can we learn from Wal-Mart and Amazon about fighting crime in a recession

Global jihad and WMD: Between martyrdom and mass destruction

Reality isn t what it used to be: Theatrical politics, ready-to-wear religion, global myths, primitive chic, and other wonders of the postmodern world


Easy object programming for the Macintosh using AppMaker and THINK C

Comparative analysis of smart phone operating systems android, apple ios and windows

Spark innovation through empathic design

Comparative study of C, Objective C, C++ programming

Fundamentals of transportation and traffic operations

Developing an M-Learning Application for iOS

Using the Macintosh Toolbox with C

Easy object programming for the Macintosh using AppMaker and THINK C

UML 2.0. pro adzenie

Dios: Dynamic privacy analysis of ios applications

Dios: Dynamic privacy analysis of ios applications

Developing an M-Learning Application for iOS

Easy object programming for the Macintosh using AppMaker and THINK C


Easy object programming for the Macintosh using AppMaker and THINK C

A framework for digital forensics in I-devices: jailed and jail broken devices

Mobile apps for language learning

Developing an M-Learning Application for iOS

Mastering Framework II

Developing an interactive textbook using iBooks Author

The status of women in Nepal-15 years on

A Compelling Force: Indigenous Women Playwrights

Books for Children

CNN s Finding Jesus loses Him

The Fleet and Convoy and Other Verses

The corporate blogging book

Fun, play and games: What makes games engaging

When Life Gives You Nuts

Stories Matter a conversation with Alex Kershaw

Robert E. Weiss, Ph. D

A guide to the birds of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

First Book Upon the Birds of Oregon and Washington

Orchard Pest Management: A Resource Book for the Pacific Nortwest

Notes and observations on the Wilson s Warbler

Advanced practice nursing: Changing roles and clinical applications

Reviewing Heinrich: Dislodging two myths from the practice of safety



Subject inversion in Spanish relative clauses

The living eye

Twentieth century interpretations of Sanctuary: a collection of critical essays

Building a house for diversity

Dr. Ricketts Senior Seminar 24 March 2014 Fire, Brimstone, and Hope: Glenn V. Tingley and the Relationship between One Evangelist and

Latter-day Mother Irelands: the role of women in Michael Collins and The Wind that Shakes the Barley

The book of whales

Faces of Fear: encounters with the creators of modern horror

L 12. PLANETHOOD: The Key to Your Survival and Prosperity


How I took epilepsy on board

Stapleton s Powerboat Bible: The Complete Guide to Selection, Seamanship, and Cruising

Newly Added Materials In the Libraries


Taking Back Our Land


A new vision of reality: Western science, Eastern mysticism and Christian faith

The First Church of Christ

Creative Malady: Illness in the Lives and Minds of Charles Darwin, Florence Nightingale, Mary Baker Eddy, Sigmund Freud, Marcel Proust, Elizabeth Barrett

Mary Whitall Smith at the Harvard Annex

The First Church of Christ

Quarks, chaos, and Christianity: questions to science and religion

The Devil s Candy: The Bonfire of the Vanities Goes to Hollywood

Balfour: A Life of Arthur James Balfour

Christian Science and the book of Mrs. Eddy

Baby business

Southern Progressivism in Historical Perspective: the 1890s and the 1990s

The people s peace: British history, 1945-1989

Monkey Town: The Summer of the Scopes Trial

A new vision of reality: Western science, Eastern mysticism and Christian faith

Alexandre Dumas: Le Vicomte de Bragelonne (The Man in the Iron Mask): a Critical Study

A Woman s Place

Norway: the northern playground

Images of welfare: Press and public attitudes to poverty

Understanding and working with students and adults from poverty

Women and poverty in Britain

Defining Poverty and Identifying the Poor

Scientific colonialism: a cross-cultural comparison

The IMF policy paradigm: The macroeconomics of stabilization, structural adjustment, and economic development

Politics, public issues and the promotion of Urdu literature: Avadh Akhbar, the first urdu daily in northern India

Trends and cycles in economic activity: an introduction to problems of economic growth

The local state and uneven development: behind the local government crisis

Ecovillages: new frontiers for sustainability

Rising cost of food prices and food insecurity in Nigeria and its implication for poverty reduction

Was the First World War Disturbing or Reinforcing of Australia s Economic Model

International trade and economic development

The Changing World Market for Iron Ore, 1950-1980: An Economic Geography

An overview of recent work on standard budgets in the United States and other Anglophone countries

Michael Bieber

Power and the news media

Measuring and interpreting world economic performance 1500-2001

Inayat Khan: A Biography

First International Conference of the English Department at IUG in October 2012 Title of Paper: The Different Translations of Ibn^ ufayl s| ayy Bin Yaq [n and

First International Conference of the English Department at IUG in October 2012 Title of Paper: The Different Translations of Ibn^ ufayl s| ayy Bin Yaq [n and

The teachings of Maimonides

Arab-islamic philosophy: a contemporary critique

Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism

New horizons in Muslim education

An analytical study on issues, challenges and reforms in the pakistan studies curriculum of secondary level

A brief introduction to Islamic philosophy

Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism

Time, creation and the continuum: theories in antiquity and the early middle ages

The political economy of cross-scale networks in resource co-management

Electrochemical methods: fundamentals and applications

Advances in emulsion polymerization and latex technology

Innovative Design within the Context of Virtual Internships: How Can It Be Defined and How is It Related to the Student Design Process

Corrosion, microbial

Peracetic acid and its use in fibre bleaching

Forest products chemistry

Handbook of data on organic compounds

A Case for the Use of Herbal Extracts in Oral Hygiene: The Efficacy of Psidium guajava-Based Mouthwash Formulations

Preparation and characterization of chloramphenicol niosomes and comparison with chloramphenicol eye drops (0.5% w/v) in experimental conjunctivitis in

Determination trace amounts of cationic surfactants cethyle tri methyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) by method of spectrophotometry extraction

Fats and Oils: Chemistry and Technology

Physical interactions of dyes in solution—Influence of dye structure on aggregation and binding to surfactants/polymers

Gemini-surfactant effect on the inhibition of corrosion of brass in acid environment

The physical chemistry of natural waters

SUBSPORT Specific Substances Alternatives Assessment-Parabens

The modular cleaning program in practice: application to acrylic paintings

Martindale: the complete drug reference

Phonological profile of Zhongu: A new Tibetan dialect of Northern Sichuan

Does the Time Children Spend Using Digital Technology Impact Their Mental Well-being, Social Relationships and Physical Activity?: An Evidence-focused

Fujichrome green: The photographic fetishization of biodiversity by environmentalists


Finance houses: Their development and role in the modern financial sector

10 Industrial Districts and Regional Clusters

Rare book librarianship

Redundancy, Layoffs and Plant Closures: Their Character, Causes and Consequences

The variety of feminisms and their contributions to gender equality

North Sea oil and environmental planning: The United Kingdom experience

EE Newsletter

Long-term option contracts for carbon emissions

Part I Governance and Policy Learning

Nigerian Content Policy in the Oil and Gas Industry: Implications for Small and Medium-sized Oil Services Companies

North Sea oil and environmental planning: The United Kingdom experience

Oil, Politics and Public Policy: A case study of Newfoundland and Labrador

The Scandinavian influence in the making of modern Shetland



Transforming tropical rivers: an environmental perspective on hydropower development in Costa Rica

Natural resources and potential conflict in the Caspian Sea region

Ezra and nEhEmiah


The Making of London

Sergei Eisenstein and Jean Painlevé: science is animation

Criminology and social theory

Literature circles and response

Mass Spectral and GC Data of Drugs, Poisons, Pesticides, Pollutants and Their Metabolites, Volume 1: Methods and Tables; Volume 2: Mass Spectra


Stack up on good reads

Delirium in the elderly

Jimmy Santiago Baca

The Bible Unmasked

The Post-9/11 veterans educational assistance act of 2008 (Post-9/11 GI Bill): Primer and issues

The Post-9/11 veterans educational assistance act of 2008 (Post-9/11 GI Bill): Primer and issues

Cost, convenience drive veterans college choices

State-local business taxation and the benefits principle

The first days of school: How to be an effective teacher


Lives after Vietnam: The personal impact of military service

iPods and English-language learners: A great combination

Staffing Army ROTC at Colleges and Universities

Money Makers!: The Secrets of Canada s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Handbook of abusable drugs

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Caring for Aging Parents

Fulfilling the Promise of the

Analysis of British Youth Cultures in the 1970s and Their Dramatization in the Sitcom The Young Ones

Blake and the Novelists

Patti Smith Complete, 1975-2006: Lyrics, Reflections Notes for the Future

To train up a child

Harbrace college handbook

Using music to teach reading in the elementary classroom

Grace Paley s life stories: a literary biography

EFL extensive reading instruction: Research and procedure

Intonation in the Grammar of English

The Country of the Pointed Firs. 1896

Using technology to assist in vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension

The oxford English grammar

An intensive course in German for architects

Teaching AI using LEGO mindstorms

Constructionism and robotics in education

Byte code Interpreter for 8051 Microcontroller

Beyond the brick: narrativizing LEGO in the digital age

The Use of Tell me, show me and let me do it in Teaching Robotics

Robotics education for all ages

Robotics constructivism in education: The TERECoP project

Environment mapping using the lego mindstorms nxt and lejos nxj

Killing Without Heart: Limits on Robotic Warfare in an Age of Persistent Conflict

Appreciative leadership: Focus on what works to drive winning performance and build a thriving organization

This will change everything: ideas that will shape the future

Robotics in education education in robotics: Shifting focus from technology to pedagogy

Co-Occurring Severe Mental Illness and Substance Abuse: A Policy Background Book

Symbol, Sword, and Shield: Defending Washington during the Civil War

Anne Frank: The diary of a young girl

Space Shuttle: The History of the National Space Transportation System: The First 100 Missions

Start here

Building your company s vision

How Christian is the Book of Revelation

The politics of deviance: Stigma contests and the uses of power


God s Breath

All things are possible through prayer

Author Title Tags

Johnny Crow s Party

Killing the goose that lays the golden egg? The costs of overburdened independent directors

The enchanted world: Inflation, credit and the world crisis

Mathematics in children s books

Nonsense botany, and nonsense alphabets, etc. etc

Red riding hood

Killing the goose that lays the golden egg? The costs of overburdened independent directors


Killing the goose that lays the golden egg? The costs of overburdened independent directors

ALAN v30n2-Familiar Fairy Tale Picture Books Transformed into Teen Novels

A history of regulatory taxation

A history of regulatory taxation

A history of regulatory taxation

The USA: customs and institutions

United States foreign trade law

Aviation industry quality systems: ISO 9000 and the federal aviation regulations

Emancipating the professions: marketing opportunities from de-regulation

Finding the law

How to run any organization

Aviation industry quality systems: ISO 9000 and the federal aviation regulations

How to run any organization

Drug regulation: history, present and future

Advertising Marketing Checklists: 107 Proven Checklists to Save Time Boost Advertising Marketing Effectiveness

THE Comparative Study of the Impact of Practice and Usage in the Interpretation of Contract under Convention on Contracts for the International of Goods and


International Trade Practice

The integration of robotics in grade school to promote interest in math and science

The duck and the darklings

An inconvenient truth

A picture book of Harriet Tubman

Sweet potato (# Ipomoea batatas#) tubers

Gerald J. Gottfried

Poets and Rhymesters as Cultural Heroes in the Jewish Society of the Mediterranean Basin During the Middle Ages

The essential partnership: How parents and children can meet the emotional challenges of infancy and childhood

Examining metacognitive performance between skilled and unskilled writers in an integrated EFL writing class

Atlanta public schools/Georgia Tech CEISMC partnership

Unspeakable Things Unspoken: T he A fro-American Presence in American Literature

The effectiveness of two mathematical instructional programs on the mathematics growth of eighth grade students

Student Guide and Resource Manual to Accompany Human Development

Girls and women s wellness

Educating Latino children in Georgia

Developing the teacher workforce

The effectiveness of two mathematical instructional programs on the mathematics growth of eighth grade students

Purchase Order

Federal Income Taxation of Corporations and Stockholders in a Nutshell, 7th

Dual enrollment: Lessons learned on school-level implementation

Development and validation of the Reading Engagement Survey

Diary of a Worm

Effects of using inquiry-based learning on science achievement for fifth-grade students

Moving from theory to action: Building a model of institutional action for student success

Differentiating Instruction for Gifted Students in the English: Language Arts Classroom

The effectiveness of a transition program on academic achievement of fourth grade students

Community nutrition in action: An entrepreneurial approach

Revisiting garden-based learning in basic education

Serving the older adult: A guide to library programs and information sources

Hospital health education: a guide to program development

Communication: The key to the therapeutic relationship

Obesity: Behavioral approaches to dietary management

Ethnography: Theory and applications in health research

Elliptic curves and cryptography

Curriculum Development Standard for Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers

Agricultural and food policy

American gasoline engines since 1872

American gasoline engines since 1872

DEPT. 24-MECHANICAL SCIENCE Superintendent: Scott Prust

Outboard motor maintenance tips/by Peter L. Hendricks

Modern small industry in India: problems and prospects

A Pull Factor Analysis of Trends in Food and Beverage Retail Sales in Mississippi Counties

ALGODAN Publications 2008-2013

How to Troubleshoot and Repair Any Small Gas Engine

Traffic engineering

Mastering value at risk: a step-by-step guide to understanding and applying VaR

Андрей А. Зализняк, Древнерусские энклитики. Москва: Языки славянских культур, 2008, 280 стр

Travel-associated Diseases, Indian Ocean Islands, 1997-2010

Independent and Overland Travellers


Poverty and European Aid in Zambia A study of the Poverty Orientation of European Aid to Zambia

Strategy implementation processes of small businesses in the hospitality industry

A Million Jews to Save: Check to the Final Solution

The Big Red Train Ride

The Secret House: The Extraordinary Science of an Ordinary Day

Unidentified Human Remains: Brad Fraser s Theatre of Alienation

BibTex List of Materials Related to the Study of Japanese History

Black Sister: Poetry by Black American Women

Members of the Department and their Areas of Interest

Electronic books: Definition, genres, interaction design patterns

Die sinnliche Wahrnehmung von Stadtraum: Städtebautheoretische Überlegungen

On Science Fiction

The American Revolution, 1763-1783

Battle Notes for Wargamers

Understanding the American Revolution: Issues and Actors

The American nation: A history of the United States

The American Revolution, 1763-1783

Abandoned to the Arts Arms of the Enemy: Placing the 1781 Virginia Campaign in Its Racial and Political Context

Formation of the Union

Formation of the Union

The American Revolution, 1763-1783

International sales law

The American Revolution, 1763-1783

The Influence of Partisan Guerilla Warfare on the American Revolution in the South

The American Revolution, 1763-1783

An Observation of Women during American Revolution: The Organization of Society

An enduring affair Charles R. Boxer s fascination with Japan

Albany County

Exile and return: The emergence of Jewish statehood

Thrust for Canada: The American Attempt on Quebec in 1775-1776

Survivor, Cadwallader Colden II in Revolutionary America

El careo de los majos: saynete nuevo

Chemical composition and nutritive value of torula yeast (Candida utilis), grown on distiller s vinasse, for poultry feeding

Effect of supplemented diets with garlic organic extract and streptomycin sulphate on intestinal microflora and nutrients digestibility in broilers

Farms, Farmers and Farming

Produção e aplicação de anticorpos da gema do ovo de galinha

The Danger of Excessive Vaccination During Brain Development The Case for a Link to Autism Spectrum Disorders

Experience with in situ preservation of poultry breeds

An Investigation of Pricing Strategies


Cassava roots

El medioevo en América. Peregrinaciones, Santos y Reliquias. Religión, Poder y Crisis en el mundo contemporáneo

Getting at The Figure in the Carpet

The Eyes Have It: Naeem Mohaiemen s Kazi in Nomansland and the Crisis of History

Oct. point to line with Abdelkader Benchamma, Agnes b. Ginza Tokyo, Japan Oct. Flap-flop, Clap-clop: A Place Where Words Are Born, Arts Maebashi, Gunma


The Isthmus Zapotecs: Women s roles in cultural context

John Major: the autobiography

Intellectual foundations of China

A brief introduction to Islamic philosophy

Varieties and vagaries of historical explanation

Glimpses of the ancient southwest

The School for Africa: Redesigning the Curriculum to Meet Current and Future Challenges

Làn-mara s mìle seòl ( Floodtide and a thousand sails): Gaelic Scotland and Gaelic Ireland in the Later Middle Ages

Sacred Heart

Nebraska Moments: Glimpses of Nebraska s Past


Massacre at Rathcormac

Fears and Aspirations of humans as expounded by Lucretius and Juvenal

The strengths perspective in social work practice

A nomenclator of Mexican and Central American Rubiaceae

The facts of racial disadvantage: a national survey

Composing a culture: Inside a summer writing program with high school teachers

Stick and stone

The temperature and water relations of reptiles

A travel book

The Book of Three. 1964

Amazing Wolves, Dogs Foxes

Vanishing Point


All you want is money, all you need is love: Sexuality and romance in modern India

When the lamp is shattered: desire and narrative in Catullus

When the lamp is shattered: desire and narrative in Catullus

Every Time I Write a Rhyme/These People Think It sa Crime: Persona Problems in Catullus and Eminem

Review of: Marcel Danesi, The History of the Kiss! The Birth of Popular Culture , Palgrave Macmillan, 2013

Every Time I Write a Rhyme/These People Think It sa Crime: Persona Problems in Catullus and Eminem

Tragic Realities: Fictional Women and the Writing of Ancient History

Eunuchs and castrati: a cultural history

Trilingual Love on the Bay of Naples: Philodemus AP 5.132 and Ovidian elegy

The Annals of Tacitus: books 1-6

The Objectification of a Heroine in Catullus 64

Livy and early Rome

Small animal surgical nursing: skills and concepts

Environmental Kuznets curve and air pollution in city of London: evidence from new panel smoothing transition regressions

The arts of the alchemists

O Readigans Book List (Children 9-12 Only) Monday, October 15, 2012




Come lovely and soothing death: The right to die movement in the United States

Integrated teaching in early childhood: Starting in the mainstream

The Seven-Sealed Comic Book: The Book of Revelation in the Graphic Novel Kingdom Come

Soul rush: the odyssey of a young woman of the 70s

Little Nemo

The Horse and His Boy. The Chronicles of Narnia


Crisis Management in the International Monetary and Financial System: OECD Working Party 3 (1961-1979

Exploring factors that influence knowledge sharing behavior via computer

Cartas a Nora from Invisibles (2007): Chagas Disease from a Bioethical Point of View

The Secret Book by Francisco I. Madero, Leader of Mexico s 1910 Revolution

The Invisibles : lesbian women as library users

Imperialism and unequal development

Talking with children about the Columbian Exchange

Silk road apples—collection, evaluation, and utilization of Malus sieversii from Central Asia

Silk road apples—collection, evaluation, and utilization of Malus sieversii from Central Asia

Christopher Columbus

Apparatus for F. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby:(Under the Red, White, and Blue

LGBT populations in studies of urban neighborhoods: Making the invisible visible

Almanac Author

Which Bible?: A Guide to English Translations

Essentials of management

The way of the heart

My Word is my Bond: Delivery of aid commitments by Ireland

Simone Weil

Analysis and mitigation of dead-zone effects on systems using two-impulse zv input shaping

American Literature Association

James Engell and W

Decolonizing antiracism

Richard Wright: A Collection of Critical Essays

Indian Stories, Indian Histories

The American Indian holocaust: Healing historical unresolved grief

American Literature Association

Indigenous knowledge and pedagogy in First Nations education: A literature review with recommendations

Notes on camp: A decolonizing strategy

Writers of the Caribbean and Central America: a bibliography

Black Masculinity and the Frontier Myth in American Literature


Sociolinguistic attitudes in India: an historical reconstruction

Native American literature for children and young adults

Louisa County, Virginia Genealogy

Spatial analyses of crime

Criminal justice: text and materials

Prison Systems and Correctional Laws: Europe, the United States and Japan: A Comparative Analysis

Why race matters

Your money or your life

Andrei Tarkovsky s Imaginary: Word, Silence, and Meaning

Why race matters

A Rational Approach to Piracy

Part Time Punishment?: The Origins and Development of Senior Attendance Centres

Part Time Punishment?: The Origins and Development of Senior Attendance Centres

About the typefaces not used in this edition

Mother Beware: Perilous Scholarly and News Media Discourse around Homebirth

What works in probation

Sunshine patriots: Punishment and the Vietnam offender

Measuring consumer emotions in service encounters: an exploratory analysis

Games and information

Cases and materials on insurance law

e-Book Collection Title List

Unit processes of extractive metallurgy

Political parties: organization and power

The third wave

The judgment deficit

Software engineering for Internet applications

Business information systems

A review of research methodologies used in studies on mobile handheld devices in K-12 and higher education settings



The organic garden book



Heed Your Steeds: Achilles Horses and Balaam s Donkey

Why Waste Time on a Burro

The McElderry Book of Aesop s Fables

Knick Knack Paddywack

The manager s guide to effective meetings

Project management competences in the project-oriented organization

William Carleton

Willy Brandt: portrait of a statesman

Encyclopedia and dictionary of medicine, nursing, and allied health

Thinkers of the twentieth century: a biographical, bibliographical and critical dictionary

Effects of SMS text messaging on vocabulary learning

Eponyms in psychology: A dictionary and biographical sourcebook

The dictionary of eponyms: names that became words

Research Guide to Asian Religions

Analysis of English Medical Terminology from the Field of Digestive System

Australia s Ukrainian Poets


Poems, 1817

Snowflake Bentley

The tragedy of Russian church 1917-1945

Reform, Coup and Collapse: The End of the Soviet State

The swordbearers: supreme command in the First World War

From Pearl Harbor to Vietnam: Shifting generational paradigms and foreign policy

Organic society: agriculture and radical politics in the career of Gerard Wallop, ninth Earl Of Portsmouth (1898-1984

The World War, 1939-1943 [ie 1945]: The Cartoonists Vision

The Foreign Policy of Hitler s Germany: Starting World War II, 1937-1939

The Crucial Era: The Great Depression and World War II, 1929-1945

Let history judge: The origins and consequences of stalinism

The German Wars, 1914-1945


Introduction to anthropology

The Approach to the Second World War

The drift to war, 1922-1939

A country to play with: level of industry negotiations in Berlin 1945-46

Common Florida Mushrooms

Mycena News

Morphological and molecular evidence for a new species of Russula (Russulaceae) from southern China

Comprehensive database on concrete creep and shrinkage

Center for Black Music Research Library and Archives Dominique-René de Lerma papers

Looking for the lie

The art of science

Marriage and family: The quest for intimacy


Game free: A guide to the meaning of intimacy

Ain t I a Woman

Managing Your Divorce: A Guide for Battered Women

Polyamory: What it is and what it isn t

Why women still can t have it all

Purpose-Driven or Spirit-Led: A Spirituality of Work or the Work of the Spirit

A vert to Australianism: Beatrice Grimshaw and the Bicentenary

White privilege and male privilege: A personal account of coming to see correspondences through work in Women s studies (1988


Consciousness and introspection in Plotinus and Augustine

The myth of the ADD child

Commentary Survey

The Influence of Augustine on Heidegger: The Emergence of an Augustinian Phenomenology

Christ and the Hiddenness of God

Roads to paradise and perdition: Christ, evolution, and original sin

God in modern philosophy

Paradise Lost: Book I

The fall of Yugoslavia: The third Balkan war

The Absence and Potential of Electronic Literature

Coping with Anxiety of Death through the Assurance of Future Hope in the African Christian Contemporary Society

Ecofascism: An enduring temptation

Protecting Your Life, Home, and Property: A Cop Shows You How

How to Start a Home-based Wedding Planning Business

An engineering student survival guide

Preaching from the Old Testament

Harbrace college handbook

Misleads in the Book Titled Ambassador Morgenthau s Story

Holding out for a hero: Reaganism, comic book vigilantes, and Captain America

The pursuit of the presidency 1980

ABCs of Behavior

Learn while you sleep

Discovery in mathematics: A text for teachers

Controlling and analyzing costs in Food service operations

Singapore as model: Planning innovations, knowledge experts

A Struggle for the Soul of Chinese Family and its Implications for Chinese Management

Ecotourism Book Series

Hotel investments: A guide for lenders and owners

A Study of How the Organizational Culture of International Tourist Hotels Affects Organizational Performance: Using Intellectual Capital as the Mediating

Karnad s Nagamandala and Hayavadana

The xp programmer: the few-minutes programmer

Algorithms for clustering data

Multisensor data fusion

Policy integration: what does it mean and how can it be achieved? A multi-disciplinary review

Coping with stress at work: Case studies from industry

Developing a needs-based library service

Radical Chic: That Party at Lenny s

John Milton: The Prose Works

John Milton: The Prose Works

Milton s prose writings

The Poems of John Dryden

England as Israel in Milton s Writings

John Milton: The Prose Works

England as Israel in Milton s Writings

Milton s prose writings

Milton s prose writings

The Blaze of Noon: A Reading of Samson Agonistes

The Blaze of Noon: A Reading of Samson Agonistes

The Poems of John Dryden

Milton s art of prosody

Milton s art of prosody

A concordance to the English prose of John Milton

Milton s art of prosody

John Milton: Twentieth Century Perspectives

A concordance to the English prose of John Milton

John Milton: The Prose Works

John Milton: The Prose Works

Heavy metals in marine pollution perspective—a mini review

Resonant soft x-ray scattering and charge density waves in correlated systems

Mediterranean Green Energy Forum (MGEF-13) Programme

Multiscale Modelling of Magnetic Materials: From the Total Energy of the Homogeneous Electron Gas to the Curie Temperature of Ferromagnets

Silicon dreams: information, man, and machine

Product modularity and its effect on service and maintenance

A history of English country sports

Fluid flow: a first course in fluid mechanics

Robot algorithms

Principles of poultry science

The Gun Digest Book of Assault Weapons

The handbook of manufacturing engineering

Fundamentals of numerical control

The Banks of Wye

Archaeological and Historical Bibliography of Gloucester

Prolonged echoes: Old Norse myths in medieval northern society

Corneille s Le Cid and Crying Blood

History and theology in the Fourth Gospel

The Analysis of the Microimage Moon in Outer Space in the Lyrics by N. Gumilyov Communicative and Stylistic Aspect

Choosing a parser for anaphora resolution

Nothing is more terrifying to me than to see Ernest Thesiger sitting under the lamplight doing this embroidery : Ernest Thesiger (1879-1961), Expert Embroiderer

Metaphysics in the metaphysical movement

Do e-books make it harder to remember what you just read

The Jewish way in love and marriage

The art of living: Erich Fromm s life and works

The God we never knew

Second language pedagogy

The Lewis Awakening

Hungarians in North America

To the Mountaintop

A Guide to Nature in Winter: Northeast and North Central North America

God a Present Help

Paths in spirituality


Paragraph Power: Communicating Ideas Through Paragraphs: for Upper Intermediate Students of English

Market leader: Business law

Introduction to middle school



An account of ESP-with possible future directions

How to make money in stocks

The road ahead

Longman dictionary of business English

Business English idioms vs. Business terms

Purchase of Out-of-Print Material in American University Libraries

QFD: Past, present, and future

Why Europe will run the 21st century

The art of placemaking: Interpreting community through public art and urban design

Thoughts upon the mode of education proper in a republic

The Rev. William Frederick Johnston, MA

Black women writers at work

Different Characters and Destines of Four Sisters in Little Women

The show business nobody knows

Conduct Books and Pride and Prejudice

History of the New Zealand Society, 1851-1868. A Wellington scientific centenary

The Book of Joe

Writing the Happy Ever After: An Interview with Anne Gracie

Ritual Crime The Occult (the New Youth Subculture

The great depression: America in the 1930s


The Roman imperial coinage

Roman roads: phenomenological perspectives on roads in the landscape

Mexico city

Holy Land Pilgrimage in the Later Roman Empire, AD 312-460


Myth and tragedy in ancient Greece

Shakespeare s Mystery Play: A Study of The Tempest

Calendar of Literary Facts: A Daily and Yearly Guide to Noteworthy Events in World Literature from 1450 to the Present

The origins of rhetoric in ancient Greece

The dawn of empire: Rome s rise to world power

Archaic Roman Religion

Workers, state and development in Brazil: Powers of labour, chains of value

The social life of painting in ancient Rome and on the Bay of Naples

America 1900: The Turning Point

Hey, that s my soul you re stomping on

Hiding my candy: The autobiography of the grand empress of Savannah

The Tibetan book of living and dying

Disciplined Eating System Manuscript Version

Analysis of English language textbooks in the light of English as an International Language (EIL): A comparative study


Remixing cinema: The case of the Brighton Swarm of Angels

Selected Non-Fictions

Swashbucklers: The Story of Canada s Battling Broadcasters

The moon book

Reclaiming work: beyond the wage-based society

All or Nothing at All: A Life of Frank Sinatra


Films for Swingin Lovers: Frank Sinatra, Performance and Sexual Objectification in The Tender Trap and Pal Joey

What s that sound?: an introduction to rock and its history

All or Nothing at All: A Life of Frank Sinatra

Condon, William Bill(b. 1955

Sinatra: All or Nothing at All. By Alex Gibney

Academy of Music-Beethoven s Symphonies

Writing the Body in DH Lawrence: Essays on Language, Representation, and Sexuality

New Books in the Mellon Library in January

Permanently wasteful but immediately profitable: prairie agriculture and the Great War

La verdadera edad:¿ Es usted tan joven como puede ser? Y cuán fácil es volverse una persona que se vea y se sienta más joven

Information warfare and security

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally Without Drugs

Low-fat Vegetarian Cooking: Classic Slim Cuisine

Herbert M. Shelton

from the association


Nutrition for Health and Fitness: Fat in Your Diet

The Low Cholesterol Cookbook

La verdadera edad:¿ Es usted tan joven como puede ser? Y cuán fácil es volverse una persona que se vea y se sienta más joven

Pediatric Practice: Cardiology

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

You--the Owner s Manual

You--the Owner s Manual

Epidemiological approaches


The structure and development of juvenile violence in Germany

The third wave

Dealing with drugs: Consequences of government control

Criminal justice in Europe: a comparative study

An investigation of the relation between crime and business cycles

Restorative community justice: A call to action

The new structure of policing

Let s get civil society straight: NGOs, the state, and political theory

The importance of mineral elements for humans, domestic animals and plants-A review

Freedom School Partners Children s Defense Fund Freedom Schools© Program Evaluation Report

Differentiated instruction

From cultural quarters to creative clusters-creative spaces in the new city economy

Prayer in the Period of the Tannaim and the Amoraim

The kundalini experience: psychosis or transcendence

Business process management: the third wave

Centre and creative periphery in the histories of the book in the English-speaking world and global English studies

Religions, values, and peak-experiences

Making global deals: What every executive should know about negotiating abroad

Human behavior at work: Organizational behavior

The stakeholder theory

Protocol: the complete handbook of diplomatic, official social usage

Unspeakable Things Unspoken: T he A fro-American Presence in American Literature

Creating a Peaceful Place of War: Revisiting the Golan Heights Border Region

The United States, Great Britain, and the Sovietization of Hungary, 1945-1948

The legacy of Martin Buber for an Israeli society after Zionism

The Founding Fathers of Israel


The politics of Israel: The first decade of statehood

Writings on Strategy, 1952-1960

The prophetic sense of history in medieval and renaissance Europe

Charles Fergus Binns

Kumeyaay pottery: paddle-and-anvil techniques of southern California

Pottery in Roman Britain

Native American basketry: an annotated bibliography

Night Bird: Conversations with Françoise Sagan [ie F. Quoirez

Education and the good life: Beyond the national curriculum

Implicit External Arguments in Passives: against syntactic projection

Mad in pursuit

Fantasy and the Cinema

Warm Wind in China: A Play in Two Acts

Libraries: Gateways to Knowledge, A Roadmap for Reviatalisation

Shaun and His Post: La poste et les moyens de communication in VI. B. 16


The Architects of Golf: A Survey of Golf Course Design from Its Beginnings to the Present, with an Encyclopedic Listing of Golf Course Architects and Their

Scotland first: Truth and consequences

Christian Association of Nigeria: Politics and Ecumenism

The Canadian girl at work: A book of vocational guidance

The Brian May collection: two decades of screen composition

The Complete Encyclopedia of Golf Techniques

Independent researcher

Books We Like

Clavicular Fractures: A Retrospective Study of 60 Cases

Statistics and the evaluation of evidence for forensic scientists

Facial Recognition: A biometric for the fight against check fraud

Multiscale Operational Organic Chemistry

Violent individuals and families: A handbook for practitioners

The Society and Its Environment. In: El Salvador: A Country Study

General Information/Information générale

Christmas Greetings

Birmingham, 211 Bishop s Castle, 202 Black Death, 34-5, 37, 39 Black Horse Female Friendly Society, 205

HIST3220-Issues in Australian History

Printing Publishing in Boston: An Historical Sketch

Panamanian militarism: a historical interpretation

The television history book

Panamanian militarism: a historical interpretation

The native tribes of Western Australia

1 Blandfield

A Handbook of Australian Trade Unions and Employees Associations

Microbiology of fruits and vegetables

Test de la Familia

Criteria for FCE textbook evaluation: An attempt at questionnaire formulation

Work will accomplish Two hectares for Macume Mambire

Plant anatomy

IELTS, Cambridge ESOL examinations and the Common European Framework




Historical geographies of Ireland: Colonial contexts and postcolonial legacies

Bygone beliefs

Best practices in undergraduate adult-centered online learning: Mechanisms for course design and delivery

The United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries (USTUR): learning from plutonium and uranium workers

Radiation risk to children from computed tomography

Radiotherapy physics in practice

The ICU book

The ICU book

Evaluating educational environments

Drug prescribing practice in a pediatrics ward in Ethiopian

Ethnography as a pastoral practice

Current diagnosis treatment in psychiatry

Class Struggle, the state and Medicine: an historical and contemporary analysis of the medical sector in Great Britain

The Movie Book of Film Noir

A history of farmers movements in Canada

The political economy of peacebuilding: a critical theory perspective

From the crises of whiteness to western supremacism


The abortion experience: Psychological medical impact

The proactive sexual health history

Literature review: challenging HIV-related stigma and discrimination in Southeast Asia: past successes and future priorities

The human body book

Anthroposophy and Science: An Introduction

The human body book


Connecting inner and outer peace: Buddhist meditation integrated with peace education

The physics and instrumentation of nuclear medicine

Molecular biology of plants: a text-manual

Fundamentals of nursing

lucas samaras

The woman s book of yoga and health: A lifelong guide to wellness

Introduction to general, organic, and biological chemistry

Little House in the Far East: The American Frontier Spirit and Japanese Girls Comics

Reading and writing in elementary classrooms: Strategies and observations

Public speaking

The language arts: A balanced approach to teaching reading, writing, listening, talking, and thinking

Advanced listening comprehension: Developing listening and note-taking skills

New ways in teaching listening

Lameness of dairy cattle: consequences and causes

of self reported computer vision syndrome and associated factors among secretaries and data processors who are working in University of Gondar, Ethiopia

Appointment in the Sun

Birds of Kenya and northern Tanzania

Ireland before the Famine, 1798-1848

The nuclear syndrome

Governmentality and regional economic strategies

Agricultural interests and Irish trade policy over the last half-century

Waging peace through forgiveness in Belfast, Northern Ireland II: Educational programs for mental health improvement of children

Demand management in restructured wholesale electricity markets

Britain Beyond Europe

The ethics of scientific research

Engineering the climate: Research needs and strategies for international coordination

Silent Wireless Spring

Laboratory diagnosis of urinary tract infections

The penaeid shrimp viral pandemics due to IHHNV, WSSV, TSV and YHV: history in the Americas and current status

Hawaii Under Army Rule

A history of regulatory taxation

US federal statistics and statistical ethics: the role of the American Statistical Association s ethical guidelines for statistical practice

A history of regulatory taxation

A history of regulatory taxation

A history of regulatory taxation

A history of regulatory taxation

A history of regulatory taxation

A history of regulatory taxation

A history of regulatory taxation

US federal statistics and statistical ethics: the role of the American Statistical Association s ethical guidelines for statistical practice

A history of regulatory taxation

Statutory interpretation: A code

US federal statistics and statistical ethics: the role of the American Statistical Association s ethical guidelines for statistical practice

Aviation industry quality systems: ISO 9000 and the federal aviation regulations

A history of regulatory taxation

A history of regulatory taxation

A history of regulatory taxation

US federal statistics and statistical ethics: the role of the American Statistical Association s ethical guidelines for statistical practice

US federal statistics and statistical ethics: the role of the American Statistical Association s ethical guidelines for statistical practice

A history of regulatory taxation

A history of regulatory taxation

US federal statistics and statistical ethics: the role of the American Statistical Association s ethical guidelines for statistical practice

Metaphysical Lyrics and Poems of the Seventeenth Century Donne to Butler

Personal names and naming: An annotated bibliography

The harmonious vision: studies in Milton s poetry

Authorizing readers: Resistance and respect in the teaching of literature

Milton and the Sense of Tradition

The Influence of John Donne: His Uncollected Seventeenth-Century Printed Verse

The Influence of John Donne: His Uncollected Seventeenth-Century Printed Verse

Seventeenth-century English poetry: modern essays in criticism

Introduction to mythology: Contemporary approaches to classical and world myths

Marshall McLuhan s Theory of Communication: The Yegg

A Pre-Christian Son of God Among the Dead Sea Scrolls

Did Paul Go to Qumran

Emerging Communal Life and Ideology in the S Tradition

Reconsidering the Cave 1 Texts Sixty Years After Their Discovery: An Overview


The book of Zechariah and the passion narrative

Elements of physical geography

Elements of physical geography

Geomorphology, human activity and global environmental change

Elements of physical geography

Elements of physical geography

Principles of sediment transport in rivers, estuaries and coastal seas

Blood groups in man

Location and public problems: A political geography of the contemporary world

Japan: Its history and culture

The many-headed hydra: sailors, slaves, commoners, and the hidden history of the revolutionary Atlantic

Feminism and the Politics of the Commons

Press, 2014. ISBN: 978-1-60486-747-3

Standing with the Earth

Pascale Drouet,«Madness and Mismanagement in Middleton and Rowley s The Changeling»,«Theta X, Théâtre Tudor», 2011, pp. 139-152

The Reformation at dcc

Thy Kingdom Come


Restoration Serious Drama

England in the 1670s: this masquerading age

God s Englishman: Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution

Microreactor technology: Applications in pharma/chemical processing

Online Simulation Platform for Biophotonic Applications

Management of ionizing radiation injuries and illnesses, part 3: radiobiology and health effects of ionizing radiation

Invited Paper Multi-unit Integration in Microfluidic Processes: Current Status and Future Horizons

Miniaturization of analytical systems: principles, designs and applications

Sensor fusion for mobile robot navigation

Symmetry in Physics, Volume 1 and 2

Miniaturization of analytical systems: principles, designs and applications

Humanoid robot simulation and walking behaviour development in the Spark simulator framework

Dynamic neuroscience, its application to brain disorders

Past Fair Directory (Log into Callisto 3 weeks prior to fair for current directory

Happy students, great Results: a study about the effects of short positive interventions on well-being among students

New Wave Science Fiction

Enter time the winter s tale, Aristotle and Derrida

The Self and the Cyborg: An Analysis of Philip K Dick s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

The electric shepherd and the marvellous boy: literary evocations of Thomas Chatterton s suicide in Philip K. Dick s A scanner darkly and elsewhere

The time is out of joint: a study of Hamlet

Information warfare and security

Catastrophic terrorism: Elements of a national policy

Information warfare and security

Recovering deleted and wiped files: A digital forensic comparison of FAT32 and NTFS file systems using evidence eliminator

Wireless security

Syllabus of Ph. D. Preparatory Course Work (PCW) in Computer Science and Application

The educational applications of streaming audio: Accessible, do-it-yourself multimedia

Teaching mathematics through history: Some trigonometric concepts

Teaching mathematics through history: Some trigonometric concepts

Business processes and information technology

Managing the dynamics of new technology: Issues in manufacturing management

Unleashing the killer app: digital strategies for market

Resource management information systems: Process and practice

Nursing management: A systems approach

Auditing and assurance services

Nursing management: A systems approach

Building a Book Recommender system using time based content filtering

The psychology of winning

Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology, 4 Volume set

The origins of behaviorism: American psychology, 1870-1920

The psychology of women: Ongoing debates

the major ideas and classic works of more than 100 outstanding Western philosophers, physical and social scientists, psychologists, religious writers, and

Darkness too visible

The purpose of the book of Isaiah

In Their Own Voice: The Penguin Anthology of Contemporary Indian Women Poets

The Legend of John Wilkes Booth: Myth, Memory, and a Mummy



Issues in business and society: Readings and cases

Implementation mechanism of ethics in business organizations

An assessment of the impact of corporate social responsibility on Nigerian society: The examples of banking and communication industries

issues in Business and Society

The struggle for auto safety

Japanese business and social conflict: A comparative analysis of response patterns with American business

The Economic Consequences of the Bank Bailouts: Parallels and Discontinuities between the 1920s and Today

Corporate citizenship in a global context

Moral politics: What conservatives know that liberals don t

Issues in business and society: Readings and cases


Mutuaga, a nineteenth-century New Guinea master carver

Christianity in western Melanesian ethnography

Magic in the biblical world


Australian Aboriginal social organization

Tuma, the Trobriand heaven: A study towards the value of traditional Trobriand understanding of Tuma as heaven

Tuma, the Trobriand heaven: A study towards the value of traditional Trobriand understanding of Tuma as heaven

Comprehensive multicultural education: Theory and practice


The prisoner s role in ethnographic examinations of the carceral state

Red dust on the green leaves: a Kpelle twins childhood

Distortion of facts in western ethnographic study of African religion, culture and society

Fluidized Bed Steam Reformer (FBSR) Monolith Formation

Consuetudo Legis: Writing Down Customs in the Roman Empire (2nd-5th Century CE

Linear Algebra Supplement to Accompany Calculus with Analytic Geometry

Linear Algebra Supplement to Accompany Calculus with Analytic Geometry

Linear algebra with applications

Practicing to take the GRE general test No. 8

Action research as a living practice

Facility design and management handbook

System Simulation: Programming styles and languages

Systemic inquiry as a form of qualitative inquiry

Monte-Carlo and quasi-Monte-Carlo methods for numerical integration

Textbook of remote sensing and geographical information systems

Critical analysis of various known methods for approximate reasoning in fuzzy logic control

Monotone operators and applications in Control and Network Theory

Pragmatism, systems thinking and system dynamics

Use of metrics in high maturity organizations

Environmental behaviour of agrochemicals

Recent advances and trends in global optimization: deterministic and stochastic methods

Towards combinatorial framework for composite 5G communication challenge system

The Usborne art treasury

An analysis of mathematics textbooks and reference books in use in primary and secondary schools in England and Wales in the 1960s

Interventions for reading success


Measuring Mennonitism: Racial Categorization in Nazi Germany and Beyond

Were ordinary Germans Hitler s willing executioners? Or were they victims of humiliating seduction and abandonment? The case of Germany and Somalia

Modernisierungskriege. Militärische Gewalt und koloniale Modernisierung im Algerienkrieg (1954-1962

Hasidism and the Jewish Enlightenment: Their Confrontation in Galicia and Poland in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century

Remembrance and Exile in Argentina s Jewish Diaspora: The Poetry of Adriana Stein

The jewish enemy

The jewish enemy

Mass Nakedness in the Imaginary of the Nazis

The evolution of Cajun Creole cuisine

Family tradition

Fuss and feathers: Pandemic panic over the avian flu

The Bee s Lees

The Florida Manatee

Trainingsbuch Klassenführung

Anne Frank: The diary of a young girl

Good dog, carl


Plica neuropathica: Different etiologies in two cases

Technical basis of digital currencies

A guide to building secure web applications

Research of web service security model based on SOAP information

Smart Grid Security Guidance

Middleware: a model for distributed system services

Sp 800-52. guidelines for the selection and use of transport layer security (tls) implementations

Information security and economics in computer networks: An interdisciplinary survey and a proposal of integrated optimization of investment

The security and performance of the Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) of operation (full version

Project management handbook

Securely available credentials-requirements

Computer security: principles and practice

Globalization and fragmentation: international relations in the twentieth century

International Law and National Behavior: A Behavioral Interpretation of Contemporary International Law and Politics

Trust-building in international relations

Approaching democracy

Globalization and fragmentation: international relations in the twentieth century

Left and right in global politics

Multiple Email Addresses: A Socio-technical Investigation

Emily Post s Complete Book of Wedding Etiquette


An introduction to archives

Guided writing: Practical lessons, powerful results


Extrusion dies for plastics and rubber

Complete Part Design Handbook

FeaInformation. com

Extrusion dies for plastics and rubber

Processing of composites

Film extrusion manual

Understanding food science and technology

Influence of filler proportion on mechanical and physical properties of particulate composite

Extrusion dies for plastics and rubber

CRC handbook of ion-selective electrodes: selectivity coefficients

Not Fade Away: A Backstage Pass to 20 Years of Rock and Roll

Women and philanthropy: Old stereotypes, new challenges

The rise and fall of popular music

Human resources information system (HRIS): a theoretical perspective

Psychiatry and mysticism

Culture and cosmology: Essays on the birth of world view

Ecstasy and the Praise of Folly

The mysterious flame

Getting It Right: Language, Literature, and Ethics

Love, Sex Eroticism in Contemporary Latin American Literature

The Tibetan book of living and dying

International Trade and Investment: A Managerial Approach

American-East Asian Relations: A Survey

China s challenge to US hegemony

The 1911 Revolution in China, the Chinese Calendar, the Imaginary Qi and Healing: Translating Li Fa into an Australian Chinese Calendar and into an English

Mess and Message: Ted Berrigan s Poetics of Appropriation

The cultivation and use of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) in ancient China

The people s almanac

Flying Against Fate: Superstition and Allied Aircrews in World War II

Air Force Aircraft of the Korean War

The Load Adjuster: It Looks Like a Slide Rule, But Is It

The Blue Arena

2 (December 2002), No. 135 Kenneth Mouré and Martin Alexander, Eds., Crisis and Renewal in France, 1918-1962. New York: Berghahn Books, 2002. vii+ 312

Franchising: promises, problems, prospects

Religions, values, and peak-experiences

The Enemy Self: Poetry and Criticism of Laura Riding

Fascism in Europe Collection

Bibliography for Data in Manpower and Counterinsurgency Analyzing Military Strategy

Stiffed: The betrayal of the American man

The War of the Roses

Fascism in Europe Collection

Archisle# 1: An Introduction

Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

Competitive balance in European football: comparison by adapting measures: National measures of seasonal imbalance and top 30

Agricultural Engineering Research and Development in Nepal

Manhattan Transfer. 1925

National Register of Historic Places Inventory Nomination Form

Mark: Evangelist and theologian

Business strategies for economies in transition: book of readings on CEE countries

Diversity in early care and education: Honoring differences

The new perspective s view of Paul and the law

The 100 greatest albums in Christian music

Getting business off steroids

Baseball s Greatest Rivalry: The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox

A dual coding theoretical model of reading

Jason and the Baseball Bear

The imperfect diamond: a history of baseball s labor wars

The danger of a single story

The antelope wife

African literature and beauvoirism: The example of selected women s actions and women writers


India: A Traveler s Literary

ABC of sexually transmitted diseases

Ancient India: Land of Mystery

The Author to Her Book

The hidden story of partition and its legacies

India s Political Administrators 1919-1983


NTS-India reaffirms its commitment


The communal edge to plural societies: India and Malaysia

Psyche Symbol in Shakespeare

Birds of south Asia: the Ripley guide

Modern political thought

Dictionary of word origins

Challenges and Opportunities of Globalization for Higher Education in India-Alternatives Through e-Education

Parties under pressure: Political parties in India since independence

Getting to the Heart of Conflict: Anger, Part 3

Characteristics of Chaplaincy-a Methodist Understanding

Living Well: Christian Practices for Everyday Life

Attributes and skills related to success in the South African Operational Forces


What agency for tax evasion? On Brooke Harrington, 2016, Capital without Borders. Wealth Managers and the One Percent, Cambridge MA, Harvard University

Swimming: a handbook for teachers

Break through your set point

Lollard themes in the Reformation theology of William Tyndale

Commando Country

Young children and technology: A world of discovery

Chaos and geodynamics: Mélanges, mélange-forming processes and their significance in the geological record

Gender on the line: Women, the telephone, and community life

Geological evolution of the Red Sea

Trends in flood risk management in deltas around the world: Are we going soft

The Handbook of Commercial Real Estate Investing: State of the Art Standards for Investment Transactions, asset Management, and Financial Reporting

California real estate principles

Real estate limited partnerships

Discrimination in Ontario s rental housing market: The role of minimum income criteria

Internet-based intermediaries-the case of the real estate market

Modern real estate

How algorithms shape our world

From Highways to Skyways and Seaways-The Intermodal Challenge

Takings Law and the Supreme Court: Judicial Oversight of the Regulatory State s Acquisition, Use, and Control of Private Property

Antalntic Real Estate Advisors Limited Liability Corporation

Encyclopedia of banking finance

Takings Law and the Supreme Court: Judicial Oversight of the Regulatory State s Acquisition, Use, and Control of Private Property

HVAC equations, data, and rules of thumb

Final acts of love: Families, friends, and assisted dying

Planet app: Kids book apps are everywhere. But are they any good

Remember the bridge: Poems of a people

The Poet Is In

Love and Work Enough: The Life of Anna Jameson


The complete poems of Emily Dickinson

The Poetic Interpretation of Binary Opposition in the Structure of Myth

Volume 9, No

The female hero in women s literature and poetry

The prince, the fool and the nunnery: the religious theme in the early poetry of Anna Akhmatova

Gaia God: An ecofeminist theology of earth healing

Inserting Trauma into the Canadian Collective Memory: Lawrence Hill s The Book of Negroes and Selected African-Canadian Poetry

New Collected Poems

Russian poetry, the modern period

American Dante Bibliography for 1966

Spirituality and leadership

The Formation of the Visual Theatre Aesthetics: Theater Practice and Experiments of the Russian Avant-garde in the 1900-1930s

Breakable rules for literary journalists

From Literal to Literary: The Essential Reference Book for Biblical Metaphors

Frankie s story: Early experiences matter

The road to Europe: Irish attitudes 1948-61

Scarlet Macaws and Their Kin in the Desert Southwest

Silver Shoes


The complete guide to Middle-Earth: From the Hobbit to the Silmarillion

The Canadian girl at work: A book of vocational guidance

A circle of children

Pure Science

The complete book of walking

The American dream: Illusion of individualism and self-help in Oprah s book club

In Search of Lemurs: My Days and Nights in a Madagascar Rain Forest

Return to father: Archetypal dimensions of the patriarch


Return to father: Archetypal dimensions of the patriarch

School Tradition of the Old Testament: The Bampton Lectures for 1994

Leadership from within

A multidimensional approach to individual differences in empathy

Multiple young shining cuckoos (Chrysococcyx lucidus) being fed by single grey warbler (Gerygone igata) pairs

How generational theory can improve teaching: strategies for working with the millennials

Women without children: The reasons, the rewards, the regrets

Active and passive task related behavior, direction following and the inclusion of children with disabilities

Positive psychology in practice

All the king s men: the search for a usable past

Coming Into Our Fullness: On Women Turning Forty

Coming Into Our Fullness: On Women Turning Forty

Boundary issues: Using boundary intelligence to get the intimacy you want and the independence you need in life, love, and work

Structural Power and the Politics of Bank Capital Regulation in the UK

Grapheme-colour synaesthesia improves detection of

Forgiveness, a spiritual action, a psychological action

Attention and schizophrenia: Neurobiological bases

First-person methodologies: What, why, how

Clinical practice of the dental hygienist

Psychopathology: A cognitive view

Affective disorders in childhood and adolescence: An update

Life events and depression

Biosystematics of the yellow-faced pocket gopher, Cratogeomys castanops (Rodentia: Geomyidae) in the United States

Brass Buttons and Silver Horseshoes: Stories from Canada s British War Brides

little black book

Angel pavement

Architecture in Australia: a history

Space case

Life space intervention: Talking with children and youth in crisis

Dear zoo

Reengineering management

Blue Ridge

Tense present: Democracy, English, and the wars over usage

Woman in the Bible

Healing the earth: a theocentric perspective on environmental problems and their solutions

The northern farmer and his markets during the late colonial period

John Paul Il s Idea of Europe

Divided we fall: America s two civil religions

Recent Books from Philippines-September 2003 Mary Martin Booksellers Pte Ltd

God s Brideprice: laissez faire religion, and the fear of being left behind in Papua New Guinea

The birth of immunopolitics

Conceptualizing the new governance: a new institution of social coordination

Life before death− Socio-economic justice issues and mission. The economy, poverty and the church

A history of business ethics

Social conditions in Britain between the wars

The politics of meaning

The radical imperative: from theology to social ethics

Debolt s Dictionary of American Pottery Marks: Whiteware Porcelain




Charles Winston and the de velopment of Conservative Restoration

Zoological Mythology

A dictionary of Australian colloquialisms

Conrad s Century: The Past and Future Splendour


In her own time: A class reunion inspires a cultural history of women

The drama of JM Synge: a challenge to the ideology and myths of irishness

Ethnic groups in the Republic of Turkey

The Structure of Industry in Britain: A study in economic change

The art of the playwright: Creating the magic of theatre

British Dramatists Since World War II

The BBC Viewer s Guide to Parliament

British Dramatists Since World War II

Anglo-Irish Literature

Analyse the Extent to Which Controversial Theatre can be Accommodated on a West End Stage

God s Plot Man s Stories: Studies in the Fictional Imagination from Milton to Fielding

English religious drama of the Middle Ages

The state of British theatre now: an interview with Michael Billington

Revolutions in modern English drama

About Pinter: The playwright and the work

George Bernard Shaw

The Savoyards on record: the story of the singers who worked with Gilbert and Sullivan and the records they made

Restoration Serious Drama

The plays of Arnold Wesker: an assessment

Terence Rattigan: the man and his work

MANTA: New experimental results on the emergence of (artificial) ant societies

The Fantastic Invasion: Kipling, Conrad and Lawson

Sophie and Lou

Service management: Operations, strategy, information technology

The Spanish management style: an exploratory comparison with the French managers

Statistics for management and economics

Statistics for management and economics

Business research methods

Pharmacist s Letter/Prescriber s Letter Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, Stockton, CA

Statistics for management and economics

Statistics for management and economics

A century of Protestant theology


Purpose of the Course

Women of the Reformation in France and England


The Protestant Reformation in German History

Interpreting the Book of Nature

Roots that refresh: A celebration of reformation spirituality

Social Discipline in the Reformation: Central Europe 1550-1750

The Westminster Handbook to Theologies of the Reformation

H-France Review Vol. 18 (April 2018), No. 87

Marshall Armstrong is new to our school

Selected Poems: with Three Notes on the Poetic Process

The Stray Cat Handbook

Tratado de la pasión

The dream of the earth

Trois discours sur la condition des grands

An IOT based secured smart library system with NFC based book tracking

The Oxford Book of Ireland


Centre and creative periphery in the histories of the book in the English-speaking world and global English studies

Writing on drugs

The Bangsamoro framework agreement and the Mindanao problem: foregrounding historical and cultural facts and concepts for social justice and peace in the


History of Football from the Beginnings to 1871

Pentagon capitalism: The political economy of war

H-France Review Vol. 5 (September 2005), No. 103 Brett D. Steele and Tamera Dorland, Eds. The Heirs of Archimedes: Science and the Art of War through the

Livy, Veii, and Rome

Impact of armed conflict on children

Recent Trends in Thinking about Warfare

Military Robotics Technological Determinism, A brief literature review the beginning of a larger paper

Fundamentals of esthetics

Terrorist Training Centers Around the World: A Brief Review

Bird Islands, or Rethinking the Renaissance

Vision in action: Putting a winning strategy to work

The Song Sparrow

The wordless book

English and the African writer

The brand-X anthology of poetry

Discussion Guide to the Novels of Virginia Hamilton

Children of the yellow earth: studies in prehistoric China


American Indians: We re Not Mascots! New Book, Co-edited by IWU Prof, Probes Use of Native American Mascots by College, Pro Sports Teams

Conflicting Scripts: Ideology, Statism, and Rhetoric in EL Doctorow s The Book of Daniel

In search of ancient Oregon: a geological and natural history

Pilgrims in Stone: stone images from the Gallo-Roman sanctuary of Fontes Sequanae

The marriage of heaven and hell

The Collected Poems

HMS Royal Oak

Personal tragedy or demographic disaster

Italy Observed in Photography and Literature

Science and Stonehenge (Proceedings of the British Academy

It s hard to wait: Effortful control and story understanding in adult-supported e-book reading across the early years

The KPI book

The Freud Reader


A Captain of Salvation

The ideology of the Book of Chronicles and its place in biblical thought

Inclusion, Initiatives, and Cooperation of Followers


Reiki and Nursing

The Feldenkrais method and dynamic system principles

Ich bin dann mal weg

Thank God I Had a Gun: True Accounts of Self-defense

Enemies without Guns



Contributos para o Ensino e Aprendizagem do Karaté: A opinião de 3 Sensei

A bibliography of the bayonet


Marketing Martial Arts: Competitive Sport versus Self-defence, Combat Sport versus Eastern Philosophy

Creditor-Debtor Law in Canada

Your money or your life

You never give me your money: The Beatles after the breakup

A Voyage to America, 1783-1786

An introduction to modern Bayesian econometrics

Enhancing adolescent competence: Strategies for classroom management

Colonial Insurgency and the Spectral Rhetoric of Arousal

The Bauman Reader

Pentecostalism: The world their parish

Virgil s Eclogues: the Latin text with a verse translation and brief notes

This Little Puffin--: Finger Plays and Nursery Games

Upside-down brilliance: The visual-spatial learner

I m different; not dumb. Modes of presentation (VARK) in the tertiary classroom

Scaffolding language, scaffolding learning

Social class and the hidden curriculum of work

The third wave

Making sense of word problems

Drama in language teaching

The strengths perspective in social work practice

Introduction to reference work

Getting over the slump

CEC Library New Book List, October 2014

Department of Civil Engineering

Tensile structures: design, structure, and calculation of buildings of cables, nets, and membranes

Making Motion Musical: Gesture Mapping Strategies for Interactive Computer Music

Acadia 2013: adaptive architecture

Building theories: The three worlds of mathematics

Masonry design and detailing: for architects, engineers, and builders

Concrete s future-significant trends and changes

American buildings and their architects

Ethics versus aesthetics in architecture

Professional Employment

The price of offshore revisited

Serviceability limit states under wind load

Housing prices, externalities, and regulation in US metropolitan areas

Analysis, Design, and Construction of Double-layer Grids

A vanishing breed: black farm owners in the south, 1651-1982

Information technologies in construction: a personal journey

The problem of design problems

Guastavino Masonry shells

Tensile structures: design, structure, and calculation of buildings of cables, nets, and membranes

Housing prices, externalities, and regulation in US metropolitan areas


How to Use

Politics of Time: primitives and History-writing in a Colonial Society

Words and ideas: A handbook for college writing

Strategic management: Concepts and cases: A competitive advantage approach

Toxic work: How to overcome stress, overload, and burnout and revitalize your career

Student achievement through staff development

Research methods knowledge base

Mentoring new faculty: Advice to department chairs

Supervising the PhD: A guide to success

The secret to raising smart kids

Healthcare facility planning: Thinking strategically

A community in limbo: An anthropological study of an American community abroad

Reading and study skills, Form B

A content analysis on the vocabulary presentation in EFL course books

Automating library procedures: a survivor s handbook

Seven Years in Soviet Russia: With a Retrospect

Library services for international students


Ukraine: A Bibliographic Guide to English-language Publications

The great retreat: The growth and decline of communism in Russia

Russian Romantic Fiction

Part II: The Automobile Cars in My Life—40 Horsepower to 400

Dress for success

Never Again

Adult Care

Stop blaming resistance to change and start using it

Adult Care

Ethical Record

Joseph Campbell s New Mythology: and the Rise of Mythopoeic Fantasy

Cooking with Politics, Economics, Science, and Technology


Ancient Pathways and Hidden Pursuits: Religion, Morals, and Magic in the Ancient World

Part II: The Automobile Cars in My Life—40 Horsepower to 400

Bibliotheken in der phantastischen Literatur, dargestellt an Beispielen aus der Reihe „Hobbit-Presse des Klett-Cotta Verlags

Dune series-Dune

Ready Player One: A Novel

The angel that troubled the waters

From wilderness to empire: A history of California

Festival Fun-Julian Goodman David Daiches-Jenni Calder Views Reviews

The Life-size Guide to Insects Other Land Invertebrates of New Zealand

Reinventing the Exodus: Biblical Allusion and Jewish Parallels in William Nicholson s The Wind on Fire Trilogy

Earthquakes and engineers

Comets, meteorites and men

Comets, meteorites and men

Nemesis: The Death Star: the Story of a Scientific Revolution

The search for life on Mars

Stones from the stars: the unsolved mysteries of meteorites

Nemesis: The Death Star: the Story of a Scientific Revolution

The Filmgoer s Guide to Australian Films

Comets, meteorites and men

Comets, meteorites and men

Journey to the center of our galaxy: a voyage in space and time

Is the Sky Falling

The neurobiology of memory

Aretaeus of Cappadocia and his treatises on diseases

Pathophysiology of disease: an introduction to clinical medicine

Pathology of the nervous system

Lattice gas methods for partial differential equations: a volume of lattice gas reprints and articles, including selected papers from the workshop on large

Theory of literature

Pathophysiology of disease: an introduction to clinical medicine

A textbook of neurology

Diagnostic criteria for cardiovascular pathology: acquired diseases

Vander s human physiology: the mechanisms of body function

Psychiatric disorders in old age: a handbook for the clinical team

Pathology of the nervous system

Advanced techniques of hypnosis and therapy: Selected papers of Milton H. Erickson

Manual of clinical problems in adult ambulatory care

Developmental psychopathology


Social thought from lore to science

The Place of the Living Prophet: Seer, and Revelator

A curriculum design and instructional development proposal for an intelligence studies program

Guide to Mormon Diaries Autobiographies

A New Meaning of Restoration: The Book of Mormon on Life after Death

Canon of eclipses

The Book of Alfred Kantor: an artist s journal of the holocaust

The kundalini experience: psychosis or transcendence

Interplanetary Travel: Cluster Analysis of Inspec Classification Codes to Identify Main Subject Areas

Faces of Fear: encounters with the creators of modern horror

Understanding the fourth-grade slump: Comprehension difficulties as a function of reader aptitudes and text genre

The New England town in fact and fiction

The diffusion of foreign cultural products: The case analysis of Japanese comics (manga) market in the US

News Newsmaking: Essays

Atlantis Online

of British Ornithology from the Earliest Times to the End of 1918, Arranged Under Counties: Being a Record of Printed Books, Published Articles, Notes and

The Third Millennium: A History Of The World, AD

Peter Watts

Women in French Newsletter

The Future-As-Past in Dystopian Fiction Adam Stock Faculty of Arts, York St John University

Leisure enhancement

Latin America in the Nineteenth Century: A Selected Bibliography of Books of Travel and Description Published in English

The New England town in fact and fiction


The New England town in fact and fiction

Between Men: Original Fiction by Today s Best Gay Writers

Library Connections: Andrew Carnegie and the Minneapolis Public Library, under the guidance of Gratia Alta Countryman, 1904-1916

Time Out film guide

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The New England town in fact and fiction

The New England town in fact and fiction

What a wonderful world

Nemesis: The Death Star: the Story of a Scientific Revolution

Reed book of Maori mythology

Cross-Cultural Planning: Working with Diverse Communities Planning Theory Comparative and Critical Histories of Planning Practices Race, Ethnicity and the

Electric Vehicles

For Immediate Release


Hawaii: the ecotravellers wildlife guide

Encyclopedia What the Bleep Do We Know

Chinese Pioneer Families of Maui, Molokai, and Lanai

Financial institutions management: A risk management approach

Making talent a strategic priority

Rethinking capital regulation

Enterprise risk management

Financial institutions management: A risk management approach

The crisis and what to do about it

Oficina do empreendedor

Kaikai Aniani: A Guide to Bush Foods, Markets, and Culinary Arts of Papua New Guinea


A taxonomic revision of the Capparis spinosa group (Capparaceae) from eastern Africa to Oceania

Blood chemistry of reptiles: physiological and evolutionary aspects

Above the treeline: A nature guide to alpine New Zealand

Books, monographs etc

flora of New Zealand

The Reptiles of the Western Palearctic: Annotated Checklist and Distributional Atlas of the Turtles, Crocodiles, Amphisbaenians and Lizards of Europe, North


Invasion biology: critique of a pseudoscience

A review of the classification of Acacia (Leguminosae, Mimosoideae

Hand book on herbal drugs and its plant sources

Incense and Ashes: The Postmodern Work of Refutation in Three Vietnam War Novels

Global bioethics: converting sustainable development to global survival

Ten steps to developing virtual reality applications for engineering education

Virtual organizations and beyond: discovering imaginary systems

Biomedical information technology: global social responsibilities for the democratic information age

A conceptual basis for educational applications of virtual reality

Real-time simulation of physically realistic global deformations

Virtual organizations and beyond: discovering imaginary systems

Virtual Reality: a door to Cyberspace

Social and electronic immortality

Virtual organizations and beyond: discovering imaginary systems

Mastering glazing techniques in watercolor

Virtual worlds: Synthetic universes, digital life, and complexity

Pilot light

Mangroves can check the wrath of tsunami

Dreaming the past, dreaming the future: a herstory of the earth

Financial management: Principles and applications

Casino gaming: Policy, economics, and regulation

Casino gaming: Policy, economics, and regulation

Eurasian Heterocyclic Meetings

Optimal betting odds against insider traders

Islamic finance in the UK: Regulation and challenges

Understanding the Kelly capital growth investment strategy

The Definitive Guide to Raising Money from Angels

Woodland. 2010. Market efficiency and the NHL totals betting market: Is there an under bias

Point spread shading and behavioral biases in NBA betting markets

Does the Hot Hand Drive the Market? Evidence from Betting Markets

How s the e-learning baby? Factors leading to success or failure of an educational technology innovation

Forecasting financial and economic cycles

Department of Instrumentation Control Engineering

Toward renewed economic growth in Latin America


Managerial economics: theory and practice

Handbook of airline economics


Behavioral accounting: the research and practical issues

Financial institutions and markets in a changing world

Forensic accounting education and practice: insights from China

A parent s guide to helping children: Using bibliotherapy at home

The brand called you

Gone but not forgotten: Children s experiences with attachment, separation, and loss

lnhibition of croton oil-induced inflammatory and tumor promoting activity in mice skin by henna (Lawsonia inermis

Teaching and Learning of English Proficiency Courses: A Study at Selected Language Centres in Bangladesh

Drop dead gorgeous: Protecting yourself from the hidden dangers of cosmetics

Beyond basic dog training

Unleashing the killer app: digital strategies for market

Business ethics and corporate social responsibility: A holistic approach

La galaxia internet

La lúdica en los procesos democráticos, participativos y pluralistas

Pensamiento creativo e innovación


Relaciones públicas estrategias y tácticas de comunicación integradora

Xavier Ballart. Innovación en la gestión pública y en la empresa privada. Díaz de Santos, Madrid, 2001200 páginas. ISBN: 84-7978-490-3

Universos de mi tiempo: un testimonio personal

Principios básicos del islam

Contra la propiedad individual de los medios de producción se han alzado críticas, aparte de las formuladas por los socialistas utó-picos y por las

Edgar Morin y la complejidad: elementos para una crítica

a lo largo de su vida administra o va a ser administrado y para ello requerirá de competencias que le permitan un accionar eficiente y eficaz. La utilización de

Pensamiento creativo e innovación

Commonplace Book

Hazardous and toxic effects of industrial chemicals

Hazardous and toxic effects of industrial chemicals

Patient-centered care: What does it take

Large animal clinical procedures for veterinary technicians

Males and females

Evaluation and management of delirium in hospitalized older patients

The Addison-Wesley Photo-atlas of Nursing Procedures

Malpractice an Updated Concept Analysis and Nursing ImplicationinDeveloping Countries

Obstetric anesthesia


Lippincott s nurses drug manual

White paper on academic emergency medicine in India: INDO-US Joint Working Group (JWG

Critical care nursing

Quick reference to redesigning the nursing organization

Field guide to emergency response

Radiology of the emergency patient: an atlas approach

Deadly landscapes: Case studies in prehistoric Southwestern warfare

Undercover surrealism: Georges Bataille and documents

Red Light Neon: A History of Vancouver s Sex Trade

The Coming of the King: The First Book of Merlin

Black Literature in America

Dante and the Empire


JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 5th


The Book of Photography: how to see and take better pictures

Object and image: An introduction to photography

Mastering Turbo Pascal Files

Dreamweaver MX 2004: The Complete Reference

Basic Book Design

Retouching Tips: Enhancing Eyes, Eyelashed, and More

Adobe Photoshop 1001 Tips, 2E

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 5th

The image processing and analysis cookbook

The NAET Guide Book: The Companion to Say Good-bye to Illness

Barefoot Gen Vol

The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Volume 1 by

From Galaxies to Cells: Bridging Science, Sound Vibration and Consiousness Through the Music of the Spheres

To Father Ed—Godspeed

The Home Satellite TV Book: How to Put the World in Your Backyard

My brother s keeper

Phytochemical Screening and in vitro antimicrobial activity of combined Citrus paradisi and Ficus carica Linn aqueous extracts

Sustainable Energy Policy for Australia

A friend for Dragon: Dragon s first tale


Top Hats are Not Being Taken: A Short History of the New Zealand Legation in Moscow, 1944-1950

The alchemist in fiction: The master narrative


Accident and emergency

The sublime figure of history: Aesthetics and politics in twentieth-century China

School of Computer Science IT

Endnotes for The Life and Times of a South Dublin Demesne 1650-1960 by Turtle Bunbury


Acquisitions List 2017-2018

The wireless mobile internet


The first Chinese version of the Newtonian tables of the Sun and Moon

Be grateful for drizzle

The outrageous pursuit of hope: Prophetic dreams for the twenty-first century

20 Technology Skills Every Educator Should Have

A Holistic Approach to Develop IS Curricula: Focusing on Accreditation and IT Certification

Setting the Agenda for the Next Round of Negotiations on Trade in Services

Device management in 3G

Organizational effectiveness: New realities and challenges

China s Impact on Capacity Building in the African Union

A vedic integration of transitions in management thought: Towards transcendental management

The British Marxist historians: an introductory analysis

The ends of philosophy: An essay in the sociology of philosophy and rationality

Linear models in social research

Linear models in social research

The art of self-persuasion: The social explanation of false beliefs


The dynamics of socio-economic development

The dynamics of socio-economic development

How to judge globalism

Landscape design: a cultural and architectural history

Sociology in the balance: A critical essay

Biographical dictionary of social welfare in America

WordPerfect: The Pocket Reference

A GENERAL MODEL OF ELITES AND NON-ELITES: Applied to American Society 1980-2008

Social theory and the family

The ends of philosophy: An essay in the sociology of philosophy and rationality

Wife battering: A systems theory approach

The book: A history of the Bible

Early medieval Bible illumination and the Ashburnham Pentateuch

The Book of Alfred Kantor: an artist s journal of the holocaust

Medieval folklore

Folding Paper: The Infinite Possibilities of Origami

Thick film sensors

Neglected defense: Mobilizing the private sector to support homeland security

Introduction to the fusion of quantitative and qualitative beliefs

Session No: 1526 Advanced Mechatronics: Development of

A Three-semester Interdisciplinary Educational Program in Microsystems Engineering


MEMS reliability assessment: preliminary results

Understanding, diagnosing, and repairing leaks in water-cooled generator stator windings

Theory and application of the linear model

Power MOSFETs: theory and applications

Mechanics of motor proteins and the cytoskeleton

Deteriorating quality of Ph D theses in India

MEMS and reliability

Politics and literature: the case of Maurice Blanchot

Law on the Left: a Conversation with Duncan Kennedy

Theodicies and Human Nature: Dostoevsky on the saint as witness

Expatriation, Altérité et Identité

Shakespearean Tragedy as Chivalric Romance: Rethinking Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello, and King Lear

Quanah, the Serpent Eagle

Antifragile: how to live in a world we don t understand

The Sky Generals

An Oregon Schoolma am


Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie

Farewell to the bewildered herd : Paulo Freire s revolutionary dialogical communication in the age of corporate globalization

Trails of a wilderness wanderer

Gateway to the North: a Pictorial History of Prince Albert

Touch the earth: a self-portrait of Indian existence

Gringos from the far North: Essays in the history of Canadian-Latin American relations

Book Review:The Eurasian Red Squirrel: Sciurus vulgaris by Stefan Bosch and Peter Lurz

Friends of the family: The English home and its guardians, 1850-1940

Information leaks and suggestions: A case study using mozilla thunderbird



Take two hours of pine forest and call me in the morning

Straight left: an autobiography

The Old Man s Love Story

Review of Maisa: The Chamoru Girl Who Saves Guåhan [Feature Film

Peace I Leave with You


Boyd K. Packer: A watchman on the tower

Training the Mind and Cultivating Loving-Kindness

Church growth and evangelism in the book of Acts


Public Policy Brief

Savoring Southeast Asia: Recipes and Reflections on Southeast Asian Cooking

Industrial policy for Puerto Rico and the implications of political status

The emergence of polycentric water governance in northern Thailand

Dynamics of land use land cover for sustainability: A case of Shillong, Meghalaya, India

Emigration and stability in Hong Kong

Housing in Hong Kong

Globalization, mega transport projects and private finance

Reporting Hong Kong: Foreign media and the handover

Global Tijuana: the seven ecologies of the border

Public Final Report

Emigration and stability in Hong Kong

Politics in Brazil, 1930-1964: an experiment in democracy

Hong Kong s embattled democracy: a societal analysis


Housing in Hong Kong

The Earthscan reader in forestry and development

Cultivating REDD in Nepal s Community Forestry: A discourse for capitalizing on potential

Local Momentum for Global Governance: The Management of Transboundary Pollution

Tropical rain forests: an ecological and biogeographical comparison

The conservation of Australian wetlands

Essentials of conservation biology

A meshless local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) formulation for static and free vibration analyses of thin plates


The Influence of End-Users on the Temporal Consistency of an International Statistical Process: The Case of TropicalForest Statistics

Strategic management: concepts

Principles of sustainable forest management in the framework of regional economic development

The Earthscan reader in forestry and development

Health and environment in sustainable development: five years after the Earth Summit

Nitrogen in agricultural soils

Agroecology, small farms, and food sovereignty

Understanding and managing the multi-dimensions of sustainable agriculture

Participatory Biodiversity Assessment Enabling Rural Poor for Better Natural Resource Management Global Theme on Agroecosystems Report no. 18

Behind the mirror glass: the growth of wealth and power in New Zealand in the eighties

Reducing Polyethylene Usage

Intelligent Machines vs. Human Intelligence

Textile crafts

Creative Dressing: The Unique Collection of Top Designer Looks that You Can Make Yourself

An inspiration from 20th century: Retro

From darkroom to desktop—How Photoshop came to light

Type in Motion: Innovations in Digital Graphics

Photoshop CS for Windows and Macintosh

Nutritional properties of Abelmoschus esculentus as remedy to manage diabetes mellitus: A literature review

An analysis of male infertility in Mysore

John W. Pelley-Curriculum Vitae

Biochemistry: an introduction

Clinical immunology: principles and laboratory diagnosis

Psychiatry: Yesterday (1950) and Today (2007

The biochemistry of membrane transport


Plant biochemistry and molecular biology

Red cell metabolism: a manual of biochemical methods

Textbook of physiology

Biochemistry: A synopsis

Comparative biochemistry and physiology of enzymatic digestion

Dr. Joe Thompson and Dr. Joycelyn Elders to Speak at SCC/MLA Conference

Textbook of physiology

Case Files: Neuroscience

Biochemistry: A synopsis

Biochemistry: an introduction

Chemistry: A study of matter

Chemistry and biochemistry of herbage

Proportionate sentencing: Exploring the principles

Torn Between Empires: Economy, Society, and Patterns of Political Thought in the Hispanic Caribbean, 1840-1878

Environmental communication and public relations handbook

Guide to the PT Barnum Research Collection (BHC-MS 0001

Guilds and civil society in European political thought from the twelfth century to the present

The impact of advertising law on business and public policy

The rap on gangsta rap: Who run it?: Gangsta rap and visions of Black violence

Syllabus Overview

The merger: The conglomeration of international organized crime

The Church and its social mission

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

israel and the nations: An essay in Biblical Theology

The Orlando Institute

The Great Commission in the New Testament

The Holy Spirit in the world: A global conversation

Uncertainty modeling with applications to multidimensional civil engineering systems

Monotone operators and applications in Control and Network Theory

Pollution load in industrial effluent and ground water of Gadoon Amazai Industrial Estate (GAIE) Swabi, NWFP

Computer vision and fuzzy-neural systems

Search engine watch

Geography resources on the Internet

Jump linear systems in automatic control

Al application programming

Terrorism and international cooperation

Studying mechanisms to strengthen causal inferences in quantitative research

Air and Spaceborne Radar Systems: An Introduction

The other side of God: A polarity in world religions

A picture book of Harriet Tubman

A picture book of Harriet Tubman

Black lies, white lies: The truth according to Tony Brown

An Interview with Susan Elizabeth Phillips

How the crash will reshape America

out of the entirety of the novel, yet the complexity of Addie s thoughts arguably make it one of the most impactful sections in the book. While she expresses a

A star called the sun

The Latest from Sparrow Care Network

Ghostly Companions

Slaying the dragon: The history of addiction treatment and recovery in America

Review of: Marcel Danesi, The History of the Kiss! The Birth of Popular Culture , Palgrave Macmillan, 2013

Man-eating Horses

Wolverine (character

Creating market opportunities for small enterprises: experiences of the fair trade movement

Soviet theatre nuclear forces

Blood and rage: The story of the Japanese Red Army

The culture of war


Asia Research Institute

Symbolism in city planning in Cambodia from Angkor to Phnom Penh

Bamboo palace: Discovering the lost dynasty of Laos

Trade between Northwest Australia and Southeast Asia

Gambling with the land: The contemporary evolution of Southeast Asian agriculture

Political Transmigrants: Rethinking Hmong Political Activism in America

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Laos Nam Theun Two Project

The Hundred Best Books of The Twentieth Century

The state of leadership ethics and the work that lies before us

The Bolsheviks Workers Control, 1917 to 1921: The State and Counter-revolution

Social Communication and Colonial Archaeology in Vietnam

Academic Legal Writing

Technologies in the second language composition classroom

Violence, fear and the everyday : negotiating spatial practice in the the city of Belfast

Helping children overcome learning difficulties: A step-by-step guide for parents and teachers

Psychology in teaching reading

Stress management for lawyers: How to increase personal professional satisfaction in the law

Encyclopedia of statistics in behavioral science

Teaching strategies and approaches for pupils with special educational needs: A scoping study

Understanding organizations: A sociological perspective

Fundamentals of esthetics

Strategic Stress Management: An Organizational Approach

Creating classroom cultures that foster reading motivation

Is business management a profession

Architect and engineer liability: claims against design professionals

The writing book: A workbook for fiction writers

How s the e-learning baby? Factors leading to success or failure of an educational technology innovation

The ELT curriculum: Design, innovation and management

Quality management for building design

A guide to contracting, negotiation and the law

Academic library websites in Bangalore city, India: an evaluative study

Software architecture

Design x Innovation

Project planning and control

Dinosaurs: The Bible, Barney Beyond

The Road to Yuba City: A Journey into the Juan Corona Murders

Bloody Falls of the Coppermine: Madness, murder, and the collision of cultures in the Arctic, 1913


Skulls and Skeletons: True Life Stories of Bone Detectives

The Other Side of Normal

Book Review of Novel Carrie by Stephen King

Edison C linder Phonograph Companion

Judgement by eye: the art collecting life of EJ Power, 1950 to 1990

Emile [Book 1

The development of the British welfare state

Draft Supplement to the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Fishery Management Plan for Regulating Offshore Marine Aquaculture in the Gulf of

Using creative drama in the elementary ESL classroom

Classroom assessment techniques

My Patriarchal Memoirs

Better health with foot reflexology: The original ingham method: Including hand reflexology

The Hidden Power of the Believer s Touch

Shaman: The wounded healer

Exceptional experiences of healers: A survey of Healing Touch practitioners and students

Healing Through Touch: A History and a Review of the Physiological Evidence

Psychiatric-mental health nursing


Donne s imagery: a study in creative sources

Complementary alternative therapies for nursing practice

Health in the New Age: A study of California holistic practices

The effects of foot reflexology on anxiety and pain in patients with breast and lung cancer

Judaism, health, and healing: How a new Jewish communal field took root and where it might grow

Complementary alternative therapies for nursing practice

Reiki as an intervention in drug and alcohol withdrawal and rehabilitation: almost a decade of experience

The African textbook of clinical psychiatry and mental health

History of independent living

Jacobitism on the Grand Tour? The Case of the Duchy of Lorraine (1698-1730

1 2 Peter Commentary 1 2 Samuel (TP) Baldwin, Joyce G Commentary Commentary 1st Copy Commentary 2nd Copy

Terra Foundation Essays, volumes 1-4

The History of Ancient Greek and Roman Art in Russian Treatises of the Second Half of the 18th and Early 19th Centuries

The Independents: The Ashcan School Their Circle from Florida Collections

A history of textile art

Against art and artists

What is Sikh in a Sikh Wedding ? Text, Ritual and Performance in Diaspora Marriage Practices

The authority of nature: conflict and confusion in landscape architecture

Lectures Upon Jonah

Unintended alliance: The co-option of humanitarian aid in conflicts

Is humanitarianism being politicised? A reply to David Rieff

Human Security During Complex Humanitarian Emergencies: Rapid Assessment and Institutional Capabilities

Living in Emergency: humanitarian images and the inequality of lives

Urban disasters, conflict and violence: implications for humanitarian work

The problem of understanding modern humanitarianism and its sociological value

The trouble with wilderness

DPR Korea: The North Korean Crisis: A Situation Update

Veterans Associations

Are All National Nonprofit Sectors Around the World Becoming American

Global governance and democratic accountability

Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

For-profit social ventures

The politics of sickle cell and thalassaemia

Governance and public administration

Improving problem-solving participation: The case of local transnational voluntary organizations

Charity begins at home: Generosity and self-interest among the philanthropic elite

Where there is no vision the people perish: Reflections on the African renaissance

Data Base on Institutional Characteristics of Trade Unions, Wage Setting, State Intervention and Social Pacts, 1960-2014 (ICTWSS

Crisis in the world economy

Comparative economic systems

The Mystical World of Indonesia: Culture Economic Development in Conflict

Building the ASEAN Economic Community: Challenges and Opportunities for Myanmar

Provisions for Trade Remedy Measures (Anti-dumping, Countervailing and Safeguard Measures) in Preferential Trade Agreements

Globalisation, GATS and trading in education services

Computable general equilibrium models and their use in economy-wide policy analysis

Malaysia: Economic expansion and national unity

Domestic and International Competitiveness of Production of Selected Crops in Bangladesh

Trade blocs and multilateral free trade

The case for free trade and the role of RTAs

Offshoring in the service sector: economic impact and policy issues

Unequal trade: The economics of discriminatory international trade policies


The manufacture of Australian history

Economic growth and the public sector in Malaya and Singapore, 1948-1960

Labor and economic growth in five Asian countries: South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines

Counseling for wholeness: Integrating holistic wellness into case conceptualization and treatment planning

Abuse of process and judicial stays of criminal proceedings

The Off-the-beaten Path Job Book: You Can Make a Living and Have a Life

Fafnir-Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research

The Influence of Medieval Literature on the Contemporary Fantasy Novel: Beowulf and Eragon

Study of the Impact of Children s Book-based Blockbuster Movies on Library Circulation

The Influence of Medieval Literature on the Contemporary Fantasy Novel: Beowulf and Eragon

Myths and legends of Torres Strait

Books gone wild: the digital age reshapes literature


Accelerated Reader Quiz List-Reading Practice

Sounds of the Stars-Gravity-Synthesis with SynthX

Out of many: A history of the American people

Out of many: A history of the American people

The navigation acts and the American revolution

Operations at Fort Beauséjour and Grand-Pré in 1755: A Soldier s Diary

Shuttle Pointing of Electro-optical Experiments, February 10-13, 1981, Los Angeles, California

Small town America: A narrative history, 1620-the present

Teaching television: How to use TV to your child s advantage

Don t Tell Mama!: The Penguin Book of Italian American Writing

The reversible world: Symbolic inversion in art and society

Toulouse-Lautrec et son oeuvre

Poésies: Une saison en enfer; Illuminations

La description paysagère dans Au château d Argol

Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design, and Culture, West 86th Street, New York, NY 10024 USA, [email protected] bgc. bard. edu or dclouse

The Historiography of Minimal Music and the Challenge of Andriessen to Narratives of American Exceptionalism (2

The common sense book of baby and child care

Malformaciones obstructivas congénitas de los genitales femeninos: 5 casos clínicos

Books for Children


Governance and Generalized Exchange

A shop full of dreams: Ethnic small business in Australia


Japan, the World Bank, and the art of paradigm maintenance: The East Asian miracle in political perspective

Center stage for the 21st century

Clusters-A key to rural prosperity

The future of world trade in textiles and apparel

Thomas Kuhn and International Relations Theory: Realism in crisis

Health law in Australia

State Governments and Australian Tariff Policy

Human resources and personnel management

Managing the multinational: Confronting the global-local dilemma

Colours across cultures: Translating colours in interactive marketing communications

From the Book of Nehemiah

Religion on Catholic Internet forums in Poland. A memory mediated

Turning to God in Troubled Times


Extremist Capitalism: The Discourse of Get Rich Books

Molecular Marker Based Adulteration Detection in Traded Food and Agricultural Commodities of Plant Origin with Special Reference to Spices

Antimetabolites of Nucleic acid metabolism: the biochemical basis of their action, with special reference to their application in cancer therapy

The melanotropins: chemistry, physiology and mechanisms of action

Dynamical system theory in biology, Volume I. Stability theory and its applications

An Easter lily and other stories

Lattice gas methods for partial differential equations: a volume of lattice gas reprints and articles, including selected papers from the workshop on large

Adsorption phenomena

Physical chemistry of food processes: Fundamental aspects

Applications of classical physics

This is a bibliography for Jeffrey s latest book: Altruistic Armadillos; Zen-Like Zebras: A Menagerie of 100 Favorite Animals (published by Ballantine in November


Scouting in Ireland

Risk: Life s Question Mark

Focal pitch accents and subject positions in Spanish: Comparing close-to-standard varieties and Argentinean Porteño

Literature circles

A Content Analysis on the Function of Magical Creatures in Fairy Tales

Untold tales

Delinquency and society

Fairy tales, comic strips and illustrated texts: The poetics and politics inof childrens literature

Historical sketches of the foreign missions of the Seventh-day Adventists

Sopa de piedras

Analysis of British Youth Cultures in the 1970s and Their Dramatization in the Sitcom The Young Ones

A study on the precursors of stream of consciousness technique Joyce and Woolf with reference to their novels

A Roadmap for Scripts of the Landa Family

The role of engineering doctoral students future goals on perceived task usefulness

History and Tradition of Regional Novel: A Review of Regional Novels in Hindi and Punjabi Literature

The militia threat: Terrorists among us

The Egg-free, Milk-free, Wheat-free Cookbook


Wheat: The Unhealthy Whole Grain Book Excerpt: Wheat Belly

Understanding and managing your child s food allergies

The Egg-free, Milk-free, Wheat-free Cookbook

Immunology simplified

Migration and Filipino children left-behind: A literature review


The Everlasting Gospel

William Styron

Did Pearl Harbor Change Everything? The Deadly Sins of Biographers

WWII Forums

WWII Forums

Hurricane wind speeds in the United States

Vargas Llosa y la historia de las ideas

Afinidades electivas: Jorge Luis Borges y Luis Alberto de Cuenca

La vida es sueño

Arrogant capital: Washington, Wall Street, and the frustration of American politics

Die nigger die!: A political autobiography

has made. A book that is in the Children s stacks may not be meant only for children. The Great Books foundation had this to say about choosing the works for

Unfinished business: a memoir

Pluto in Sagittarius

The Future of Britain s WMD

Soviet Central Asia: the failed transformation

Kyrgyzstan: in search for stability

Central Asia s Foreign Policy and Security Challenges: Implications for the United States

Inventing Akromiya: The role of Uzbek propagandists in the Andijon massacre

Securing the Take: Petroleum Litigation in Alaska


Oil, power and politics: Conflict in Arabia, the Red Sea and the Gulf

Effects of new media technologies on political communication

Twentieth-century Chinese Women s Poetry: An Anthology

America in the World Economy: A Strategy for the 1990s

Counterinsurgency, counterterrorism, state-building and security cooperation in Central Asia

Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a New Middle East

On Afghan footbaths and sacred cows in Kosovo: urban legends of intervention

Approaching Study of Political Culture in Afghanistan with Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) Social-Ecological Systems (SES) Frameworks

Central Asia and the global economic crisis

A transnational perspective on what made the group newsworthy in Germany

Working together for health: the World health report 2006: policy briefs

China engages Latin America: tracing the trajectory

Towards an actor-oriented perspective on human rights

Central Asia since independence

Naming in Paradise: Milton and the language of Adam and Eve

Margaret Atwood s Hag-Seed: Performing Wonders in the New Millennium

Where is Maisy

PTerry Pratchett

Einstein s Bridge

Voices within the ark: The modern Jewish poets

The American journalist: Fiction versus fact

Text and corpus analysis: Computer-assisted studies of language and culture

God s utility function

Sins of the Flash

Graffiti world: street art from five continents

Los Mayas de Quintana Roo: investigaciones antropológicas recientes

Four major plays of Chikamatsu


Epstein: artist against the establishment

James Tiptree, Jr

The Book of Rock Lists

Stepping out

Stepping out

It sa guy thing

Ricky Ricotta s Mighty Robot: The First Adventure Novel

Good dog, carl

Lance Henriksen

The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter: The 23 Original Peter Rabbit Books

Ask-think-create: The process of inquiry

Here There Be Monsters: The Legendary Kraken and the Giant Squid

The Fall of Troy

Prairie Fire: The 1885 North-West Rebellion

Book-length works taught in high school English courses

O marabilloso mago de Oz

Books are available in hardcopy or ebooks

The Way of the Cancer Warrior

Mixing the digital, social, and cultural: Learning, identity, and agency in youth participation

Intercultural communication in contexts

Conserving human life

The Birth of a Borough: an archaeological study of Anglo-Saxon Stafford


Jonathan E. Greenwood History, 1 st year PhD AS. 100.786-Early Modern European Seminar April 19 th, 2012 Advisor: Richard L. Kagan

Diversity: The invention of a concept

Alexander Pope

Rome and Canterbury Through Four Centuries: A Study of the Relations Between the Church of Rome and the Anglican Churches, 1530-1973

The Waldensian Movement From Waldo to the Reformation

Marriage and the Family in the Middle Ages

Papal Rome and the European Union

The diary of a Suffolk farmer s wife, 1854-69: a woman of her time

Integral education for a conscious evolution

Mindfulness in higher education

Black Song: The Forge and the Flame: The Story of How the Afro-American Spiritual Was Hammered Out

The hero as woman of vocation

Psychological perspectives in education

Teacher education in transition: Re-forming professionalism

Integrating history of mathematics into the mathematics teaching: a study on concept of variable in elementary algebra in Indian perspective

Curriculum development: Theory into practice

The Wildflower Gardener s Guide

An education of heart and mind: Practical and theoretical issues in teaching cognitive-based compassion training to children

Physical children, active teaching

Integral teacher, integral students, integral classroom: Applying integral theory to education

Descartes medical philosophy: The organic solution to the mind-body problem

Revolutionizing the sciences: European knowledge and its ambitions, 1500-1700

Philosophy of mind: Classical and contemporary readings

A history of creativity for future AI research

Contested gender equality and policy variety in Europe: Introducing a critical frame analysis approach

Historical Cognitive Science: Analysis and Examples

Teaching statistics in a critical way: historical, philosophical and political aspects of statistics

What is a theory of mental representation

The ends of philosophy: An essay in the sociology of philosophy and rationality

Le colombe e gli avvoltoi

Descartes the dreamer

The making of the American Constitution

E Pluribus Unum? The Kakanian Intellectual and the Question of Cultural Pluralism

The descent into words: Jakob Böhme s transcendental linguistics

Japanese philosophy: a sourcebook

An interdisciplinary journal exploring linkages between society, environment and development Users Online: 1075

Excavating the Kings Bones: The Materiality of Death in Practice and Ethics Today

Moving relations: On the limits of belonging

H aiku T anka

The beauty of men: A novel

Take charge of your career transitions

The human body book

A source book in animal biology

The human body book

Toilet training

Gestures: The do s and taboos of body language around the world

Elizabeth: The Struggle for the Throne


Upside-down brilliance: The visual-spatial learner


Basic physics and measurement in anaesthesia

Clinical practice of the dental hygienist

Manual of Retinal Surgery

Principles and practice of obstetric analgesia and anesthesia

Pediatric regional anesthesia

Continuous Peridural Anaesthesia-Element of Comfort Associated with Vaginal Birth

Pediatric regional anesthesia

Use of condom to control intractable PPH

Stabilization and Transport of the Critically Ill [book review

Principles and practice of obstetric analgesia and anesthesia

Airway management: principles and practice



The Maastricht Aging Study

A century of graphic design

Vulnerability and the passing of childhood in Bill Henson: Innocence in the age of mechanical reproduction

May 12 th 2013: Circus, Maps, Hunting Fishing, West, etc

Brave new families

In Whose Best Interest?: child welfare reform in the Progressive era

Agency: Seeing the Ethics of It All1

The concept of the categorical imperative: a study of the place of the categorical imperative in Kant s ethical theory

Moral reasoning: Ethical theory and some contemporary moral problems

Divine command morality: Historical and contemporary readings

Narratologies: New perspectives on narrative analysis

An introduction to business ethics

Ethics, Subjectivity and Truth: Essential Works of Foucault 1954-1984 (Vol. 1

Regents Professor of Law, Philosophy, and Religious Studies Arizona State University

Location and public problems: A political geography of the contemporary world

Amphibians and reptiles of North Africa

Bright air, brilliant fire: On the matter of the mind

All the years of American popular music

Selections from the Gutter: Jazz Portraits from The Jazz Record

A new religious America

Eric Dolphy: A musical biography and discography

Early Jazz History and Criticism Bibliography

Simple Gifts Joseph Brackett, Jr

Improvisation in Disruptive Times

More Picture Book Story Hours: From Parties to Pets

Roles of microenvironment and mechanical forces in cell and tissue remodeling

Canada and the age of conflict: a history of Canadian external policies

Atlantic empires: the network of trade and revolution, 1713-1826

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Comorbid Depression, Substance Abuse, and Suicide Attempts: Clinical Presentations, Assessments, and Treatment

Willing to learn: Passages of personal discovery

The university in the learning economy

Music-the first principles

The Comic Uncanny in John Banville s Eclipse

The Great Hoggarty Diamond


Privileged piety: melancholia and the herbal tradition

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education: A primer

Quality of urban runoff

Hygiene, Sanitation, Care of the Sick, Health Education, Public Health Bibliography

The Chain and Washer Pump

Water Reclamation and Reuse

Our hands are tied: Legal tensions and medical ethics

Building Systems Modeling and Design Challenges

Redesigning the future

Accent and rhythm: prosodic features of Latin and Greek: a study in theory and reconstruction

Unpacking The Merry Wives

Irish castles and fortified houses

Arab children s literature

Examining the overall quality of English/Chinese bilingual children s picture books: Issues and possibilities

Examining the overall quality of English/Chinese bilingual children s picture books: Issues and possibilities

Open Sesame!-Islamic Stories Along The Silk Road

Open Sesame!-Islamic Stories Along The Silk Road

Examining the overall quality of English/Chinese bilingual children s picture books: Issues and possibilities

Two Approaches to Analyzing the Permutations of the 15 Puzzle

The mysterious flame

The Ohio State University School of Home Economics: A History, 1896-1970

Examining the overall quality of English/Chinese bilingual children s picture books: Issues and possibilities

Open Sesame!-Islamic Stories Along The Silk Road

Open Sesame!-Islamic Stories Along The Silk Road

The 2nd Scientific American book of mathematical puzzles diversions

Segregated Sunday: Issues and Possibilities for a United Church

The Messiah

Journey towards acceptance: theologians and same-sex love

Community Involvement and Communitarian Theory

The postmodern God: A theological reader

Community organizers

Natural Law, Liberalism, and Christianity

Which Bible?: A Guide to English Translations

We go on saying God ‛: Rowan Williams and the Program of Modern Secularism

Freedom from the past and faith for the future: Nigerian Pentecostal theology in global perspective

Mission and Evangelism in the Prayer Book

Handbook to the Church hymnary

The Church and the Powers: A Theology of Church Structure

The Holy Spirit, Neglected Person of the Trinity, and Women s Leadership

Womanpriest: A Personal Odyssey

Loving the Torah More Than God?: Towards a Catholic Appreciation of Judaism

The variety of life

Living on the edge: images of women in the writings of bessif head and Mahasweta devi

Sharing their past with the nation: re-enactment and testimony on British television




Backs to the Wall: a Larrikin on the Western Front

Chemical Weapons

A Long Chuckling Scream : Wyndham Lewis, Fiction, and the First World War


Warfare 1914-1918 (New Zealand

The Military Life and Times of General Sir Miles Dempsey: Monty s Army Commander

The study of war

Into Battle: A Soldier s Diary of the Great War

Generals Die in Bed

Air pollution control theory

Water-resources engineering

Sustainable municipal solid waste management in low income group of cities: a review

Biological phosphorus removal processes for wastewater treatment

Knowledge, wine, and taste: what good is knowledge (in enjoying wine

Drainage: an annotated guide to books and journals

Wine tourism: a review of the Chilean case

Bridging the gap: Finding a valkyrie in a riddle

European Bulletin of Social Psychology

Imprisonment and family separation: a literature review

Climate change: observations, projections, and general implications for viticulture and wine production

The new great vintage wine book

Wine tourism: a review of the Chilean case

Talent management is not an old wine in a new bottle

Discourse conventions in the construction of wine qualities in the wine market

A short history of wine

Behavioral intention formation in knowledge sharing: Examining the roles of extrinsic motivators, social-psychological factors, and organizational climate

The GATT: Law and international economic organization

Clusters and the new economics of competition

Strategic management: concepts

Amnesty, memory, and reconciliation in Brazil: Dilemmas of an unfinished political transition

Alexander Shulgin, MDMA the Illuminati

A mysterious book by Mikiel Anton Vassalli

A Book of Trees

The persian gulf TV war

The Three R s--Reading, Riting, and Race: The evolution of race in Mississippi history textbooks, 1900-1995

The Society

Biography: Word Is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives Adair, Nancy and Adair, Casey Singin and Swingin And Gettin Merry Like Christmas

212 pp. Map, photographs, glossary and bibliography. $15.95 US (pb). ISBN 978-0-8032-6258-4. Azouz Begag, Ethnicity and Equality: France in the Balance

Memory in Kazuo Ishiguro s When We Were Orphans and A Pale View of Hills

Role of Strain Rate Imaging in the Assessment and Follow-Up of Left Ventricular Diastolic Function in Patients with Resistant Hypertension Treated with Renal Artery

Assessment of atrial septal defect area changes during cardiac cycle by live three-dimensional echocardiography

Failure-free activities for the Alzheimer s patient: A guidebook for caregivers

Failure-free activities for the Alzheimer s patient: A guidebook for caregivers

Christian caregiving: Insights from the Book of Job

CHOICES OR MANDATES: A letter to the Caregiver

Final acts of love: Families, friends, and assisted dying

Vocabulary coverage in Spanish textbooks: How representative is it

Clinical and internal medicine in the past, present and future: A book for everybody

Harmony in space: a perspective on the work of Rudolf Laban

Dicho y hecho: beginning Spanish

Atreveix-te a pensar

The Wheatstone English Concertina in Victorian England

Activities of the Japan society for graphic science—research and education

The Prayer Book Crisis

Guts: The seven laws of business that made Chrysler the world s hottest car company

Don t You Believe It

Autism spectrum disorders

Diasporic men writers: An overview

Anglo-Indian nostalgia: longing for India as homeland

Amy Tan and Chinese American Literature

Tragedy and the common man

L Arbre à Dires de Mohamed Dib: Une mise en abyme de l œuvre


Prolegomena to the book of Proverbs

Toward a hybrid poetics: the integration of western/Christian narratives in modern Arabic poetry

New Voices of Arabia. The Short Stories. An Anthology from Saudi Arabia, ed. Abdulaziz al-Sebail i Anthony Calderbank, London 2012

Egyptian literature 1800 BC: questions and readings

I know why the caged bird cannot read

New Voices of Arabia. The Short Stories. An Anthology from Saudi Arabia, ed. Abdulaziz al-Sebail i Anthony Calderbank, London 2012

Epiphanies of Darkness: Deconstruction in Theology

Edward Said: The Last Interview

Israel s changing society: Population, ethnicity, and development

Arab children s literature

How does a poem mean

A Jerusalem photographer: the life and work of Hanna Safieh

Arnold and God

of Book: Handbook of Thin Film Process Technology


The history of finance

Peace operations: tackling the military, legal and policy challenges

Behavioral biases in trading securities

How to make money in stocks

Trick or treat: the battle of the sexes

Fundamentals of the bond market

Expected Rates of Return: Back to the Future

Regulation of sleepiness in adolescents: update, insights, and speculation

How to make money in stocks

Creative Options Trading

Starting Out in Futures Trading

The Social Investment Community and its Modes of Communication

Fundamentals of the bond market

Secrets of the millionaire mind

Determinants of Foreign Institutional Investors Investment in India


securities Regulation

Islamic finance in the UK: Regulation and challenges

Reframing reform: Perspectives on organization, leadership, and school change


Society for Applied Anthropology

Theater and the Adolescent Actor: Building a Successful School Program

Shakespeare on Silent Film: An Excellent Dumb Discourse

Book review: Gavin C. Reid and Julia A. Smith, Risk appraisal and venture capital in

The Montessori effect

Janusz Korczak: An introduction

Brain and learning research: Implications for meeting the needs of diverse learners

Doing business in Asia s booming China triangle

Strategic management: Concepts and cases: A competitive advantage approach

Can the Chinese two-tier-board system control the board chair pay

Cross-cultural issues in marketing communications: An anthropological perspective of international business

Small Scale Industrial Producer Co-operatives in Developing Countries

The supplier network in China s automobile industry from a geographic perspective

China Now

The importance of guanxi to multinational companies in China

The gendered society reader

Sustainable development strategies: a resource book

How to succeed as an engineer: a practical guide to enhance your career

International finance: law and regulation

The Future of Computing: Technology Trends and Forecasts

How to Do Everything: Genealogy

Learning to Use Microcomputer Applications: Lotus 1-2-3 Release 4 for DOS


Introduction to artificial neural systems

Refereed Journal Papers

Excel VBA macro programming

Creación de Páginas WEB con HTML

Responsive website a transformation in web designing

Il filtro

The programmer s price

The CSS anthology: 101 essential tips, tricks hacks

The web warrior guide to web design technologies

XHTML/CSS basics for Web writers

Inside ancient kitchens: new directions in the study of daily meals and feasts


Sacred Blood: The Liturgy of Human Sacrifice (in a Christian Context

Sacred Blood: The Liturgy of Human Sacrifice (in a Christian Context

The Journey Narrative in American Literature: Patterns and Departures

Green Buddhism

Zone 1: Mexico (including Baja California

Shared spaces and knowledge transactions in the Italian Renaissance city

Manager s factomatic

Peasant capitalist industry: Piecework and enterprise in southern Mexican brickyards


Race, evolution, and behavior: A life history perspective

The Political Thought of the Book of Revelation

Understanding Jewish and Christian Apocalyptic

German Orientalism

Literature and Literary Criticism

A Nobleman In Israel

Writing into History: American Dance Autobiography since the Twentieth Century

ook Reviews

Empire, aliens, and conquest: a critique of American ideology in Star Trek and other science fiction adventures

Proclus Hymns: Essays, Translations

Activity and Description in Aristotle and the Stoa

Classical Mythology and Portuguese Renaissance Poetry

The book of goddesses and heroines

Criticism on Aurora Leigh: An Overview

Criticism on Aurora Leigh: An Overview

The Norton anthology of modern poetry

The life of the poet: Beginning and ending poetic careers

The Penguin book of French verse

History of Football from the Beginnings to 1871

Rubens and the birth of the Baroque

The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Mary Russell Mitford, 1836-1854

The Defence of Guenevere: A Morrisean critique of medieval violence

Centuries of English Poetry, by James Baldwin

John Milton: The Prose Works

Browning and Italy

A reader s guide to DH Lawrence


Thomas Hardy and women: sexual ideology and narrative form/Penny Boumelha

Singing off charnel steps: the war poetry of Emily Dickinson and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Concise desk book of business finance

International disputes: The political aspects

Traditional Chinese penal law

Why Europe will run the 21st century

The United Nations, the evolution of global values and international law

Ford s principles of corporations law

Europe and the world: the external relations of the Common Market

The sun also sets: Why Japan will not be number one

The needs of family members of severe traumatic brain injured patients during critical and acute care: a qualitative study

JL Ilsley and the Transition to the Post-War Tax System: 1943-1946

Frank Herbert

A novel framework to carry out cloud penetration test

The Maryland Germans

Wills and Trusts in a Nutshell

Good intentions aside: A manager s guide to resolving ethical problems

The Protection of Charities in Ontario

The Marshall court and cultural change

Syllabus and Reading Lists for the Examination

Considerations on the Government of Poland and on its Proposed Reformation

General jurisprudence

Spaghetti and meatballs for all!: A mathematical story

4-H Family Guide

A planning guide for small and medium size wood products companies: the keys to success

MRI, arthroscopy, and surgical anatomy of the joints

The elements of content strategy

Please note that textbooks can be purchased at the school beginning July 1st

the work of Brazilian arts company AfroReggae to the UK for the second time, in a debate between artists, activists, police and policy makers at the Barbican in

Buckeye Woodworkers and Woodturners

F1. 2 Management applications and other classical optimization problems

The coexistence problem for conservative dynamical systems: a review

Computer games and simulation for biochemical engineering

Linear optimal control systems

Early marine residence, growth, and feeding by juvenile salmon in northern Cook Inlet, Alaska

High performance computing: problem solving with parallel and vector architectures

Optimization heuristics in econometrics: applications of threshold accepting

The National Engineering Education Delivery System (NEEDS): A Multimedia Digital Library of Courseware

Jump linear systems in automatic control

The death of environmentalism

The K balion

Global Theologizing

Is there room for the soul

The tacit dimension

The sins of scripture

The Tibetan book of living and dying

Living in sin

Raising spiritual children in a material world

Recommended Reading

Best Practices in Parent Faith Formation

Marriage is a glorious but sometimes difficult journey for a man and a woman. I am thankful Greg wrote this book, and I believe it will become a trusted guide for

The great plan of happiness

The sacred responsibilities of parenthood

The gift of a virgin: women, marriage, and ritual in a Bengali society

Keeping the faith: Questions and answers for the abused women


Educating young children: Active learning practices for preschool and child care programs

Making the World Safe for Muddle

The complete book of bicycling

Who Needs the Mess? Family-Style Meals

Touch magic: Fantasy, faerie and folklore in the literature of childhood

Technologies of control: The new interactive media for the home

Pediatrics by the book: pediatricians and literacy promotion

The coming of the new organization

Wild edible plants of the western United States

Siblings in South Asia: Brothers and sisters in cultural context

Educating young children: Active learning practices for preschool and child care programs

False awakenings in light of the dream protoconsciousness theory: a study in lucid dreamers

Psychic phenomena: meditation, perception actuality: an Australian study


Conception of the Dream and the Vision in Dostoevsky s Early Novels


The dreaming brain

English in Singapore: an introduction

Reaching out to young adults in jail

The domestic terrorist threat: Background and issues for Congress

Labor relations law: Cases and materials

The evolutionary basis of rigidity: locks in cells, minds, and society

Drag shows: Drag queens and female impersonators

From the Brickfields of Egypt

A history of Israel in Old Testament times

The Samoa reader: anthropologists take stock

Keper s appeal before Ramesses III-or the motivation behind killing unarmed enemies

The importance of hugging

HITTITE DEAF MEN IN THE 13th CENTURY BC: introductory notes with annotated bibliography

Material Women, 1750-1950: consuming desires and collecting practices

The contrarian s guide to leadership

The multiple key informant survey: a method for the comparison of international qualitative data

The Temple: Ancient and Restored

Law as a weapon. Substantive equality in the legal and philosophical thought of Catharine Mackinnon

Prudent diet and preventive nutrition from pediatrics to geriatrics: current knowledge and practical recommendations

Changing for good

The Arthritis Trust

Resiliency and medicine: how to create a positive energy balance

Patient-centered Care for Underserved Populations: Ddefinition and Best Practices

Sugar confectionery manufacture


Encyclopedia of statistics in behavioral science

Statistical reasoning in psychology: an introduction and guide

Basic statistics for behavioral sciences

The Fra. Rosie Cross Cipher 287

Madame Mao, the White-Boned Demon: A Biography of Madame Mao Zedong

Fundamentals of linguistic analysis

The Egyptian book of the dead

About America (2002), and a book of Personal Essays called 501 Minutes to Christ (2007). All of these works were originally published by Hawthorne Books of

The Psychic Being: Our Opening to the Divine

Meditation and Service in Public Education

The Role of Devotion in Yoga

Roller ball murder

Net Ready: Strategies for Success in the E-conomy

Assessment of Gait in the Elderly: A Plea for Time

The Petite Advantage Diet: Achieve that Long, Lean Look, the Specialized Plan for Women 5 4 and Under

Hard time

Does this book make me look fat

2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards Results

The chalice and the blade

A Book on the Making of Lonesome Dove, John Spong

Religious diagnosis in a secular society: A staff for the journey

The biggest wake up call in history

Building a Religious Marketplace: Evangelical Protestantism and the Social Construction of Religion

Has science eliminated God? Richard Dawkins and the meaning of life

Salvifici doloris

The third wave

The Ark of God: Studies in Five Modern Novelists

The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts. 1976

Earth, time, and life: an introduction to geology

The Christ of faith: The christology of the Church

Global problems and the culture of capitalism

Hillsborough Reformed Church Library

Becoming a woman through romance


On the Old Testament


The Language of Feelings: The Time-and-Money Shorthand of Psychotherapy

little black book

The illusion of life: Disney animation

An inquiry concerning human understanding

On becoming a leader

The group psychodynamic psychotherapy approach to patients with psychosis

The INTERSPEECH 2013 computational paralinguistics challenge: Social signals, conflict, emotion, autism

The sentic mouse: Developing a tool for measuring emotional valence

The origins of the French Revolution

The Tibetan book of living and dying

Passions and pleasures: Essays and speeches about literature and libraries

Theories of counseling and psychotherapy: Systems, strategies, and skills

At nature s pace: Farming and the American dream

From indios to indígenas: Guerrilla perspectives on indigenous peoples and repression in Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua

Book Review The Monk and the Philosopher: East Meets West in a Father-Son Dialogue

The first amendment and the future of American democracy

The Outlaw

A. The Model Domestic Violence Emergency Department Program

Mexico city

Friends in high places: who runs Britain

Changing seasons

Mesoamerican tree species: as ource book for farm planting and ecological restoration R7588/ZF0133

Everyday Creativity as a Path to Integrative Insight

Investigation of the potters for peace colloidal silver impregnated ceramic filter

Selected case studies in how senior leaders cultivate missional change in contemporary churches

The Imagery of John Donne s Sermons

Improving Chemical Engineering Practices: A New Look at Old Myths of the Chemical Industry

System-level design: orthogonalization of concerns and platform-based design

Analysis of digital seismograms from nuclear explosions across forty years

Energetic and spontaneously combustible substances

Hazardous Materials: Regulations, Response, and Site Operations

Management system dynamics

Dust explosion scenarios and case histories in the CCPS guidelines for safe handling of powders and bulk solids

Corporate social responsibility and business success

Handbook of industrial chemistry: organic chemicals


Space nuclear fission electric power systems

Call for Nominations

Criteria for the design of emergency refuge stations for an underground metal mine

William March (William Edward Campbell

Double-scope stories

Reality in a Looking-glass: Rationality through an Analysis of Traditional Folly

A History of the Book in 100 Books

Grenada: Island of conflict

My Life at Grey Gardens, 13 Months and Beyond: A True and Factual Book

Preparing Teachers for the Challenge of Teaching and Learning with Technology: Standards, Strategies, and Statistics

Current state of knowledge of the Maltese non-marine fauna

Brooks on Books African

Histamine in the central nervous system: its role in circadian rhythmicity

Pieces of light

Sex in the Post‐Colonial City: Desire, Kinship, and Freedom in Yvonne Vera s Without a Name

Handfuls of heroes on desperate ventures: When do Special Operations succeed

The Case of Elim Mission Massacre During Zimbabwe s Liberation War: Will the Truth Ever be Known

Sing to the sun: Poems and pictures

Aeneid Book XI

Polymer science and materials

The American synthetic rubber research program

Polymer testing

Design for assembly techniques in reverse engineering and redesign

Impacts of chromium from tannery effluent and evaluation of alternative treatment options

Sustainable Technology/Development and Challenges to Engineering Education

Handbook of plastic materials and technology

Miniaturization of analytical systems: principles, designs and applications

From polymers to plastics

Professions for women

An archaeological and historical survey of the Knowles Farm St. Catherine s Hill and Down estates, Isle of Wight centred on SZ 4975 7550 SZ 4935 7800

Who s Who? The Wars of The Roses

The class size debate

Devi and the spouse goddess: women, sexuality, and marriages in India

Conceptual analysis of Game of Thrones

Margaret of Anjou: Queen of England

Eleanor of Provence: queenship in thirteenth-century England

Representations of Lady Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby

On the subject of kings and queens: Traditional African leadership and the diasporal imagination

The scent of desire: Discovering our enigmatic sense of smell

Hermann Hesse and His Pedagogical Pattern

Hermann Hesse and His Pedagogical Pattern

Die Hesse-Rezeption in den Vereinigten Staaten

Weibliche Lebensräume in Gabriele Wohmanns Erzählungen

A World without Fathers?: Fictions of Authority around 1920

The Post-war Novella in German-language Literature: An Analysis

Angela Merkel: Die Protestantin

Die Weisse Einsamkeit

Wir Kinder der Kriegskinder

Einführung in die Politische Ökonomie

Rachel s Song: A Novel

Revisiting the definition and concept of Filipino family: A psychological perspective

Fundamentals of database systems

Samhällsproblematik som lättsmält för barn: problematisering i serien Steven Universe

Give me liberty

The ethical crises of civilization: moral meltdown or advance

The illusion of life: Disney animation

Toby s Lie: A Novel


Three books of occult philosophy

Trees, maps, and theorems

Liturgy for a New Century: Further Essays in Preparation for the Revision of the Alternative Service Book

London at home

Hong Kong, 1997: The final settlement

H-France Review Vol. 17 (August 2017), No. 122

Intellectual capital and its measurement

Introduction to Hegel s philosophy of history

Gods Name and Gods Glory

God in the Garden: Earthy Encounters with Food and Faith

Book Review: Guyland: The perilous world where boys become men by Michael Kimmel

Midwives of the Future: American Sisters Tell Their Story

DAISY Technology and print disabled

Thanks for Coming!: An Autobiography

Ubiquitous learning: An agenda for educational transformation

What is Film Making

Anarchism and Utopia: William Morris s News from Nowhere

Long Day s Anger

Author Title

The Book of Job

A Discourse Analysis of A News Report on Child Abuse

Enemy aliens: Double standards and constitutional freedoms in the war on terror

Who s afraid of the big bad wolf


War at Sea in the Age of Sail: 1650-1850

Social conditions in Britain between the wars

War in the Ancient World: a social history

Teenage troubles: Youth and deviance in Canada


War in the Ancient World: a social history

An Annotated Bibliography of US Marine Corps History

The War of 1812 in Canadian history

Edward Preble

Alumni News

The nomos of the earth

Sails and steam in the mountains: A maritime and military history of Lake George and Lake Champlain


The impact of the Industrial Revolution on warfare

Biology, the world of life

Animal ecology in tropical Africa

Principles of conservation biology

Principles and practice of planting trees and shrubs

Principles and practice of planting trees and shrubs

Functions and datasets for books by Julian Faraway

The death of psychiatry

Biology data book

Characterizing the level of inquiry in the undergraduate laboratory

Reproduction, sex, and preparation for marriage

Marriage, Morals, and Sex in America: A History of Ideas

Varieties of religious conversion in the Middle Ages

Manners and Customs in the Bible



SQL server 2000: A beginner s guide

Unlocking OLAP with Microsoft SQL Server and Excel 2000

Training Kit (Exam 70-463): Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

The guide to SQL Server

Data mining with Microsoft SQL Server 2000: technical reference

Approach to management information system design

Foams: fundamentals and applications in the petroleum industry

The tar sands: Syncrude and the politics of oil


The Oil Sands: Canada s Path to Clean Energy

The Oil Rig Moorings Handbook

Initial Tech Review

Методичні рекомендації для організації практичної роботи з дисципліни «ІНОЗЕМНА МОВА»(англійська мова)(для студентів 1 курсу денної форми

America s old age crisis: Public policy and the two worlds of aging

Seismic prospecting for oil

Information technology impacts on the US energy demand profile

Petroleum exploration opportunities in the Former Soviet Union

Careers in engineering

Quality management in shipping. Case study: Maersk Line Denmark

Power Density Primer: Understanding the Spatial Dimension of the Unfolding Transition to Renewable Electricity Generation (Part I-Definitions

The Sarong and the Kris


The epidemic of mental illness: Why


Performing arts of Indonesia (Performance Education and Archive

Hybrid method and similarity to recognize Javanesse keris

X-Ray fluorescence analysis of a gold ibex and other artifacts from Akrotiri

Music in Bali: experiencing music, expressing culture

A History of Modern Indonesia: c. 1300 to the Present

Indonesian batik: Processes, patterns, and places

Expanding Grounds, the Roots of Spatial Planning in Indonesia

an Anthology

Kunstkammer objects in museums of industrial arts: Banishment or useful destination


Guess how much I love you

Strike the Bell: transport by road, canal, rail and sea in the nineteenth century through songs, ballads and contemporary accounts

Without prejudice

Classics, Class, and Cloaca: Harrison s Humane Coprology

The status of the sibling species Glaucopsyche (Maculinea) alcon and G.(M.) rebeli (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae) in Lithuania

The contemporary Hindu women of India: An overview

Effective instruction for students with learning difficulties

Universal design applied to large scale assessments

Integrating support personnel in the inclusive classroom

Introduction to special education: Teaching in an age of opportunity

Suicide among youth: perspectives on risk and prevention

thical Record

God of the Living

Children of God

Christian Theology: Volume I

Luther s Concept of the Ministry: The Creative Tension

The Function of LXX Habakkuk 1: 5 in the Book of Acts

Agents of transformation: A guide for effective cross-cultural ministry

Redeeming Time: Atonement through Education

Searching for the true Apostolic Church: What evangelicals should know about Eastern Orthodoxy

Social space and symbolic power

Karl Barth and the theology of the Lord s supper: a systematic investigation

Interpreting the book of Revelation: hermeneutical guidelines, with brief introduction to literary analysis

Religion and science

The doctrine of the Trinity: God s being is in becoming

Towards a relational and trinitarian theology of atonement

Science and faith: The anthropology of revelation

A reader in African Christian theology

Twin Sons of Different Mothers: The Remarkable Theological Convergence of John W. Nevin and Thomas F. Torrance

Makers and Molders of the Reformation Movement: A Study of Leading Men Among the Disciples of Christ

Survey of the Law of Property

Gaia God: An ecofeminist theology of earth healing

Chaos and complexity: Scientific perspectives on divine action

Teaching in the early years

Frontiers in Anglo-Welsh Poetry

Administering management development institutions in Africa

Feral pigs on Flinders Island

Conduct disorders of childhood and adolescence: A social learning perspective

School size, school climate, and student performance

La economía como sistema abierto: de la disociación a la integración

The relationship between parenting styles with child centrism

Coming to know: Writing to learn in the intermediate grades


Computer mediated communication and the online classroom: distance learning

School size, school climate, and student performance

The river that flows uphill

Rendering with markers


The river that flows uphill

The casualty officer s handbook

The Knowledge of God

The encyclopedia of Southern history

The scandalous message of James: Faith without works is dead

E-learning and teaching in library and information services

Emotional Literacy at the Heart of the School Ethos; Author: Steve Killick, Publisher: Paul Chapman Publishing, A SAGE Publications Company, ISBN: 1-4129

Performance And Reliability Analysis Of Computer Systems (an Example-based Approach Using The Sharpe Software

System and software reliability assurance notebook

Applying TQM to product design and development

Emily s Trade Book Binder

The Frog, the Prince the Problem of Men

Journal of Destination Marketing Management

Neural impairments in a case of Alzheimer s disease

The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit

Author Title

The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter: The 23 Original Peter Rabbit Books

Discovery in Writing

Confessions of Miss Mischief

The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter: The 23 Original Peter Rabbit Books

Society of Primitive Technology

The pot-in-pot (PNP) production system

Remote Sensing of Auroral Plasmas

Ear and aerodigestive tract foreign body in children in a tertiary care centre in north India

The Vegetation of the Perth Area, Western Australia: Map and Explanatory Memoir, 1: 250,000 Series

5.1 The Importance of Drag

Activity based travel demand modelling

Harvard Institute for International Development

Pregnancy diagnosis

The Gospel according to woman: Christianity s creation of the sex war in the West

Statistical inference based on ranks

Exploring statistics: A modern introduction to data analysis and inference

Exploratory data analysis

Decision analysis and behavioral research

The Woman s Club of El Paso: Its First Thirty Years

Tecumseh and the quest for Indian leadership

Building bridges to social inclusion: Researching the experiences and challenges of the Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan community in Winnipeg

Amity update: the academic debate on friendship and politics


Invisible Girl s quest for visibility: Early second wave feminism and the comic book superheroine

Imaginative thinking and human existence

Dynamic programming and optimal control

The windhorse

Alcoholic liver disease: pathobiology, epidemiology and clinical aspects

Diagnostic histopathology of the lymph node

A whole new mind

Atlas of aquatic dermatology

Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis and hepatitis C virus infection

Ten lectures on the martyrs

Need for national blood policy to ensure safe blood transfusion

Alcoholic liver disease: pathobiology, epidemiology and clinical aspects

Health in an unequal world

Malignant lymphoma: nodal and extranodal diseases

Mothers, babies, and disease in later life

Google Classroom as a Tool of Support of Blended Learning for Geography Students

Eastern Industrialization and its Effect on the West

Background and evolution of some ideas and values that have led to the Antarctic Treaty

Warpaths: Invasions of North America

Submerging coasts: the effects of a rising sea level on coastal environments

Global Citizen Artists, Virtual Collaborations Balanced (for Change) at the Meeting Point of Place and Community

Warpaths: Invasions of North America

A new religious America

Autoantibodies in organ specific autoimmune diseases: a diagnostic reference

Laboratory manual of hematology and urinalysis

Basic medical microbiology

First aid for the USMLE step 1 2015

Manual of methods for general bacteriology

Lymphocyte subsets in stifle joint synovial fluid of dogs with spontaneous rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament

College algebra: Graphs and models

Symmetry in Physics, Volume 1 and 2

Foundations of psychiatric mental health nursing: A clinical approach

Game conceptualization and development processes in the global game jam

Cancer nursing: a comprehensive textbook

Evaluation of a Virtual Clinical Excursion: Impact of Knowledge Transfer in Relation to Critical Thinking Skills and Psychomotor Skills in First

Brunner Suddarth s textbook of medical-surgical nursing

The relationship between emotional intelligence and occupational burnout among nurses in critical care units

Switzerland: A Democratic Way of Life

Noninvasive assessment of intramyocardial coronary flow in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy by high-resolution Doppler echocardiography

La place financière et les banques suisses à l époque du national-socialisme. Les relations des grandes banques avec l Allemagne (1931


The Swiss Experience and Prospects for a Peaceful Abkhazian-Georgian Peace Settlement

Studying islands: on whose terms? Some epistemological and methodological challenges to the pursuit of island studies

Anzu and Ziz: Great Mythical Birds in Ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, and Rabbinic Traditions

The urban scene: myths and realities

The Shaggy Dog Story: Its Origin, Development and Nature (with a Few Seemly Examples

Business logistics management: Theory and practice

Information warfare and security

The book of pleasures

Peacock Pie, a Book of Rhymes, by Walter de La Mare

The Shaggy Dog Story: Its Origin, Development and Nature (with a Few Seemly Examples

Collapse of Stout Party: Victorian Wit and Humour

Understanding how to leverage executive coaching



French Indochina

Hollywood cinema

Strength for Today and Bright Hope for Tomorrow Volume 12: 2 February 2012

Stealing the fire: The art and protest of James Baldwin

Jane Austin, Game Theorist

Building London: The Making of a Modern Metropolis

Living with grief: Children and adolescents

Genreflecting: A guide to reading interests in genre fiction

The Teaching of George Eliot

Young frankenstein


In the beginning... was the command line

The Great Pretenders

Accelerated Reader Quiz List-Reading Practice


Hold On To Your Hat! Adventure Stories

Council Rock School District Textbook Listing 2017-2018 Elementary

Some like it hot

Cash Cows and Fighting Bulls: Redefining Identity, Maintaining Control in Southwestern Peru

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus


Accelerated Reader Quiz List-Reading Practice

an Anthology

Secular Book List: Approved and Questionable Books with Comments

Harry Potter

Anansi and the moss covered rock

Staff Engagement V Management Control-the Partnership Dilemma

Abortions in Ancient Times

Community relations handbook

Community relations handbook

Educator s guide to microcomputers and learning

The growth of white-collar unionism

Striking out: trade unionism in social work

English Nationalism and Euroscepticism: Losing the Peace

The contentious alliance: Trade unions and the Labour Party

We Must Picture an Octopus : Anticommunism, Desegregation, and Local News in Miami, 1945-1960

From Keynesianism to neoliberalism: Shifting paradigms in economics

Varieties of labor politics in the developed democracies

The Crisis of Labour: Industrial Relations the State in Contemporary Britain

Making sense of discourse analysis

Industrial relations: text and case studies

Rare book librarianship

Capitalist democracy in Britain

Pattern classification: a unified view of statistical and neural approaches

Recent advances in artificial neural networks: design and applications

Neural networks for data mining: constrains and open problems

Practical approach to pattern classification

Study of Emotion Recognition Based on Surface Electromyography and Improved Least Squares Support Vector Machine

Atmospheric temperature prediction using support vector machines

Wavelet framework for improved target detection in oddball paradigms using P300 and gamma band analysis

Exploratory data analysis

Applied multivariate methods for data analysts


Three Yellow Dogs



In this volume

Cartography and geo-information science: an integrated approach

An introduction to quadrat analysis

Digital chart cartography: error and quality control

Spatial regression analysis on the PC: spatial statistics using SAS


Scales and global change: spatial and temporal variability in biospheric and geospheric processes

Computational Ecology, Data Science, Network Analysis

Human and environmental systems: a geographer s appraisal

Materials use across world regions: inevitable pasts and possible futures

A Space Odyssey Series

Writers write life-writing: Turning the Imaginary World into Reality in VS Naipaul s Jasmine and Janet Frame s To-the Is-land: an Autobiography

Story Skeletons Teaching Plot Structure with Picture Books

Sharing our stories

Reading Under the Influence:(re) viewing Hermann Hesse s Steppenwolf Through a Kafkaesque Lens

DeLillo off the Page

Books reconsidered

A modern dictionary of geography

Game ethics-Homo Ludens as a computer game designer and consumer

A modern dictionary of geography


A modern dictionary of geography

Out of sight, out of mind

Classroom Activities Desk Book for Fun and Learning

Rethinking the Social Impact of the Arts: a critical-historical


Memoirs, letters, diaries

Hesse s Demian as a Christian morality play

I Am a Woman and a Jew

Going Dutch: how England plundered Holland s glory

Divided Kingdom di Rupert Thomson e la geografia degli umori

When Heroes Pass Away: The Invention of a Chinese Communist Pantheon

The legend of the twelve dreams in old romanian literature

The companion guide to Southern Italy

Moltke to Bin Laden

The third wave

Centre for Intergenerational Practice


The Bedford introduction to drama

The Off-the-beaten Path Job Book: You Can Make a Living and Have a Life

Council Rock School District Textbook Listing 2016-2017 Elementary


Modern english structure

Writing the history of Australian art: its past, present and possible future

Judgement by eye: the art collecting life of EJ Power, 1950 to 1990

How Forms in Art Work

They Also Served: Baseball and the Home Front

Computer applications in architecture: form generation tools

Faculty Contact Information

Oral Poster Presentation Abstracts

Architectural drawing: options for design

Augmented Reality based approach in educational field using AR Books

A pilot study of a 3D game environment for construction safety education

A pilot study of a 3D game environment for construction safety education

Mass Customization: a critical perspective on parametric design, digital fabrication and design democratization

The Cook Book

Arabesque:(New Edition

Classical Turkish Cooking

A Mediterranean Feast: The Story of the Birth of the Celebrated Cuisines of the Mediterranean, from the Merchants of Venice to the Barbary Corsairs: with

The history and culture of Japanese food

School commercialism and adolescent health

Knowledge, wine, and taste: what good is knowledge (in enjoying wine

Farmer in chief


The Bassett report: Career success and Canadian women

Food puritanism and food pornography: The gourmet semiotics of Martha and Nigella

International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science

Cooking Co-operatively at Shun

Psychology and life

An introduction to health psychology

Psychology and life

Educational psychology: A developmental approach

Are we body and soul? A response to James Beck

Wealth, well-being, and the new American dream



The powers perils of intuition

Human sexuality: Diversity in contemporary America

Progress toward the looping of America and doubled hearing aid functionality

The pursuit of inequality

Psychology and life

Positive psychology and student engagement

Educational psychology: Developing learners

A history of art in Africa

Female Husbands in Igbo Land: Southeast Nigeria

The Book of Pirate Songs

Watch-making in England 1760-1820

A picture book of Harriet Tubman

友情と文学 Ⅱ


Translating the Zen Phrase Book

Scan this book

Picture books: Positive values for young adult readers

From fiction to libretto: Irving, Hawthorne, and James as opera

Northport Native American Special Emphasis Collection

A story, a story

Great American Illustrators

Manga! Manga!: the world of Japanese comics

NAME: Rachel hecker POSITION/TITLE: associate professor OFFICE ADDRESS: 100 fine arts building

Who Killed Poetry

Information-systems development: systems thinking in the field of information-systems

Second Thoughts on the Secret Gospel

The Tibetan book of living and dying

Mary Ellen O Connell

Military aid and counterrevolution in the third world

Le don de la Bibliothèque de la Classe des beaux-arts du Musée de l Athénée à la Bibliothèque d art et d archéologie de Genève

compte rendu de: Florence DUPONT et Emmanuelle VALETTE-CAGNAC Façons de parler grec à Rome

La réception de Dante à l époque Romantique en Grande-Bretagne: transformations de genre dans Mathilda et Valperga de Mary Shelley


Vol. 11 (January 2012), No. 17 E. Bruce Hayes, Rabelais s Radical Farce: Late Medieval Comic Theater and its Function in Rabelais. Surrey, England and

Dictionnaire des rimes françaises

Le capitalisme cognitif

La réthorique françoise: ou les préceptes de l ancienne et vraye éloquence

O Readigans Book List (Youth 13+ Up Only) Monday, October 15, 2012

Modern children s fantasy

Arthur, King of Britain: History, Chronicle, Romance, Criticism: with Texts in Modern English, from Gildas to Malory

Is Dumbledore another disguise? Where to find Merlin in Harry Potter

États du texte dans la tradition manuscrite du «Roman de Meliadus»

Vies et métamorphoses de la Sibylle

The ecology of desert communities

A dictionary of superstitions

Planning and saving for retirement

In the wake of the economic crisis

Farm estate business planning



Emancipating America from the income tax: How a national sales tax would work

Making Money, Creating Wealth: Your Guide to Financial Independence

Promoting effective task interpretation as an important work habit: A key to successful teaching and learning

The mystery of marriage: As iron sharpens iron

The Mystical Theology of the Catholic Reformation: An Overview of Baroque Spirituality

The Book of Ellison

John Calvin and the natural world

Building the house church

Newman s Spiritual Themes

History and theology in the Fourth Gospel

Mary of Nazareth

Choral music of the Church

The book of my life

The book of Revelation

The Holy Spirit in the world: A global conversation

Liturgy and Life: lectures and essays on Christian development through liturgical experience

Christian humanism in the late English morality plays

Meanings: The Bible as document and as guide

A life in our times: Memoirs

Gathering: a theology and spirituality of Worship in Free Church tradition

Expanding spiritual diversity in social work: Perspectives on the greening of spirituality


Thunder and Love: John s Revelation and John s Community

Implementing the social model of disability: Theory and research

Student Guide and Resource Manual to Accompany Human Development

Redefining multicultural education

Contracting for change: contracts in health, social care, and other local government services

Human diversity

Socialization, sexism, and stereotyping: Women s issues in nursing

The liberal promise: Anti-discrimination legislation in Australia

A Model of Strategic Human Capital Management

On equal terms: Working with disabled people

The Exeter anthology of Old English poetry: an edition of Exeter Dean and Chapter MS 3501

History of English: a resource book for students

The history of English

The English poor laws, 1700-1930

A short introduction to English usage

Religion, Tradition and Modernity: Peace and Conflict in Gita Hariharan s Fugitive Histories

Collection was discarding some duplicate volumes and some of EF Smith s non-chemistry books, Miles obtained them for his collection. When Miles retired in

Sun Tzu s Art of War

Civil War Genealogy and History: Selected Print Sources Available to the Researcher in the Western History and Genealogy Department of the Denver Public

Holding out for a hero: Reaganism, comic book vigilantes, and Captain America

The Most Promising Young Officer: A Life of Ranald Slidell Mackenzie

I Was There

Billy Sunday and other poems

The New Women Warriors: Reviving the Fight for Equal Rights

Statistical inference based on ranks

The Haqqani Network Blacklisted: From US Asset to Special Foe

Statistical inference based on ranks

The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs

Hermes on the Hudson: Notes on media theory after Snowden

Marketing research: text and cases

Strategic market planning: problems and analytical approaches

Marketing research: text and cases

Certification of source-identified Canadian tree seed under the OECD scheme

Certification of source-identified Canadian tree seed under the OECD scheme

Advocacy campaign to improve governance in community forestry: a case from western Nepal

Global tree plantation expansion: a review

Development problems of mineral-exporting countries

A hundred million trees: The story of NZ Forest Products Ltd

A strategic overview of the forest sector in Ghana

The ecosystem approach: five steps to implementation

Impact on the economy of the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (HR 2454

A framework for mainstreaming climate resilience into development planning

role of Diaspora in poverty reduction in their countries of origin, a scoping study by the Migration Policy Institute for the Department of International Development

Library and information services for handicapped individuals

Forest School as a Way of Learning in the Outdoors in the UK

Library and information services for handicapped individuals

The song at the sea: Being a commentary on a commentary in two parts

Handbook for plastics processors

The Book of Common Prayer and Contemporary Spirituality

A reference manual of growth and development

Physical chemistry with applications to biological systems

Purification tools for monoclonal antibodies

HPLC of Proteins, Peptides, and Polynucleotides: Contemporary Topics and Applications

A practical guide to enzymology, Biochemistry: A series of monographs

Handbook of monoclonal antibodies: applications in biology and medicine

Strategies for protein purification and characterization

HPLC of Proteins, Peptides, and Polynucleotides: Contemporary Topics and Applications

Insights into the biology of IRES elements through riboproteomic approaches

The Program

True crime

Mindless Murders


The Book of Dame Frevisse: Margaret Frazer s Medieval Mysteries

The women of Whitechapel and Jack the Ripper

Institute of Humanities and Creative Arts: Annual Research and Knowledge Transfer Report 2007-2008

Autobiography of Peter Cartwright

Regulation: Politics, bureaucracy, and economics

Environmental law and policy

Truth can never be told so as to be understood and not be believed


A taxonomy for teaching transfer skills in the Danish VET system

Index to Volume 62

Ordinary Council

Utah 2

Masonry instant answers

Masonry design and detailing: for architects, engineers, and builders

Design, Crafts and Architecture in Flanders. Do They Relate in Education as in Practice

Who Built the Minnesota Capitol Building

Standardization of Brickwork Construction: Process Identification

Brickwork: architecture and design


Brickwork: architecture and design

Greek city walls of the Archaic period, 900-480 BC

Historiography 1918-Today (Middle East/Arab Lands

Hydrology and floodplain analysis

Project Gutenberg s The Book of Delight and Other Papers, by Israel Abrahams

Sing the Beloved Country: The Struggle for the New South Africa

Courtroom psychology for trial lawyers

Judging indexes

Experimental trial demonstrates positive effects of equine facilitated learning on child social competence

Fostering critical reflection in adulthood

Constructivism: A general theory of communication skill

Constructivism: A general theory of communication skill

Psychology and life

Consumer behavior and managerial decision making

Middle ear and mastoid microsurgery

How individuals, environments, and health behavior interact

Intuition in medical practice: A reflection on Donald Schön s reflective practitioner Intuition in medical practice: A reflection on¨ n s reflective practitioner

Electrocardiography in acute care medicine

Tommy Kaplan, PhD

The human body book

A behavioral genetic perspective on noncognitive factors and academic achievement

The Tibetan book of living and dying

Mode of death and the effects on sibling grief

Post-traumatic stress disorder: A bibliographic essay

The middle management challenge: Moving from crisis to empowerment

Living with grief: Children and adolescents

Bringing the crowd back in: The nonorganizational elements of social movements

The chalice and the blade

He must give me money, he mustn t beat me: Violence against women in three South African provinces

Favorite therapeutic activities for children, adolescents, and families: Practitioners share their most effective interventions

The Boston women s health book collective and Our Bodies, Ourselves: A brief history and reflection

Concurrent substance use and mental health disorders

School phobia and its treatment

Natural Beauty Tips

The well baby book

Late preterm infants have worse 24-month neurodevelopmental outcomes than term infants

Hygiene, Sanitation, Care of the Sick, Health Education, Public Health Bibliography

Clinical diabetes mellitus

International travel health guide

Medical aspects of developmental disabilities in children birth to three

An Ascension Handbook

The Bible Book by Book

Musical Materials and cultural spaces

Tracing your family history

Aposematic use of bioluminescence in Ophiopsila aranea (Ophiuroidea, Echinodermata

Gender and Uneven Working Class Formation in the Irish Linen Industry

Eccentric Lives and Peculiar Notions

Choke Chuck Palahniuk Book Review

Anam cara: A book of Celtic wisdom

How short-term missions can go wrong

The Oxford book of flowerless plants

The Dark Pleasures of Trevor Nunn s Twelfth Night

The common sense book of baby and child care

Nights of the Celluloid Dead: A History of the Zombie Film [to the mid 1990s

Studying literature

Stack up on good reads

Perception, physics, and the role of light in philosophy

The reversible world: Symbolic inversion in art and society

Teaching the Body How to Program the Brain is Moshe s Miracle

Kim Sutton

Sebastian Lives in a Hat

Human sexuality: Diversity in contemporary America

Collected Poems of Raymond Souster: Bibliography

Knowing Enjoying Your Baby

How to have a happy marriage: A step-by-step guide to an enriched relationship

Andy and his yellow frisbee

Reading myth: classical mythology and its interpretations in medieval French literature

Just me and my dad

Belle: the true story of Dido Belle


Belshazzar s Feast and the Cult of the Moon God Sîn

The LIVING Supply Chain

Call me woman

DC Comics: a celebration of the world s favorite comic book heroes

The Book of the Duchess

The Hersh Alternative

Robert F. Kennedy and the death of American Idealism

LGBT History 101

Infant behavior: Its genesis and growth

John F. Kennedy and the second reconstruction

Planning in America s legacy cities: Toward better, smaller communities after decline

Historians fallacies

A question of character: a life of John F. Kennedy

A question of character: a life of John F. Kennedy

The quiet crisis

Let the Word Go Forth : John F. Kennedy s Presidential Rhetoric on Civil Rights during the South s Second Reconstruction

Guide to MS295 J. Carl Hertzog Papers

La causa politica: A Chicano politics reader

The Book of Mormon—Keystone of our religion

Market growth as influenced by capital investment

Commercial bank management


Making Money, Creating Wealth: Your Guide to Financial Independence


Business continuity: Best practices

Equity Investment Management: How to select stocks and markets

What is educational entrepreneurship

The relationship between working capital management and profitability: Evidence from the United States

Your money or your life



ACRL 2009 strategic thinking guide for academic librarians in the new economy


Elementary school social studies for today s children

Peculiar treasures: a biblical who s who

The new international dictionary of the bible

Understanding the Bible

The Holy Spirit in the world: A global conversation

19312 Oak Ridge Dr. English Department Aromas, CA 95004 Santa Clara University (831) 726-3061 Santa Clara, CA 95053 [email protected] scu. edu (408) 554-4308

A study on attitude of literate Asur community people with the variation of gender and marital status regarding provision of education

The concise Oxford dictionary of English literature

Best Jewish books for children and teens

Semantic Types of Adjectives and Their Semantic Classification in Bangla

Watchdogs of terror: Russian bodyguards from the tsars to the commissars

Exploring the Ways of Mankind: a text-casebook

Dear boss: hoax as popular communal narrative in the case of the Jack the Ripper letters

The parliament of fowls

The Power of Women in Singapore s Tamil Novels


Aspects of Siamese-French relations during the seventeenth century

Generals Die in Bed

Who Rules Cincinnati

Patterns and software: Essential concepts and terminology

Introduction to hospitality management

Disrupting the World as We Know It: Addressing Racism in ELA Teacher Education

Grudgingly, Unwillingly, Almost Insultingly: Racial Progress in the Era of the Great War


Fifth Report of the Good Neighbor Environmental Board

Oil Spills in US Coastal Waters: Background, Governance, and Issues for Congress

Engineering the climate: Research needs and strategies for international coordination

The role of public lands in a low-carbon economy

Building the Biocarbon Economy: How the Northwest Can Lead


Using Social Ecology to Meet the Productive Harmony Intent of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA

China s rare earth industry and export regime: economic and trade implications for the United States


How to Start a Home-based Wedding Planning Business

Barthes and utopia: space, travel, writing

Upside-down brilliance: The visual-spatial learner

Tools for thinking and problem solving

Woman in the Bible

Got Milk?: The Book

Rethinking anthropology

From Locke to Saussure: Essays on the study of language and intellectual history

True stories

Mirror of the Myth

Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack

Reed book of Maori mythology

The Invasion of Waikato: A Public Lecture Delivered at Hamilton to Celebrate the Centenary of the Waikato War

The ordinary and the fabulous: An introduction to myths, legends and fairy tales

Murihiku: The Southland Story


Stained Glass: A Basic Manual

Speech and language processing

Young Folks Library: A Book of Natural History

The New Zealand Weather Book

Temporal GIS and spatio-temporal modeling

An early start to technology from science

Introduction: Towards a history of ignorance


Feeding systems and feed evaluation models

Social and electronic immortality

Modern english structure

The central theme of education in shaw s pygmalion

The early English lyric Franciscan spirituality

The characteristic features of the medieval period of English literature and its influence on the post medieval literary works of English writers and poets

The radiology of skeletal disorders: exercises in diagnosis

Temporomandibular joint ankylosis in a case of ankylosing spondylitis-anaesthetic management

Temporomandibular joint ankylosis in a case of ankylosing spondylitis-anaesthetic management

Orthopaedic infection: diagnosis and treatment

Low back and neck pain: Comprehensive diagnosis and management

Low back and neck pain: Comprehensive diagnosis and management

The Simplified Disease Activity Index (SDAI) and the Clinical Disease Activity Index (CDAI): a review of their usefulness and validity in rheumatoid arthritis

Surviving Your Spouse s Chronic Illness: A Compassionate Guide

Children with chronic arthritis: A primer for patients and parents

The male herbal

Musculoskeletal imaging technologies in R D of 3D bone composite scaffold biomaterials

How did ankylosing spondylitis become a separate disease

Coexistence of ankylosing spondylitis and multiple sclerosis

Broncho-pulmonary immunopathology

Salvation: Black people and love

Timber arch bridges: a design by Leonardo

Palladio and English Palladianism

Palladio and English Palladianism

Five early guides to Rome and Florence

Italian Renaissance Art

La reine de Saba

Venice in Old Photographs, 1841-1920

Landscape into art

Palladio and English Palladianism

Palladio and English Palladianism

Palladio and English Palladianism

Inigo Jones: The architect of kings

Palladio s Publics: and the sociabilité of architecture

Ornamenti and ornamentation in Palladio s architecutral theory and practice

Ornamenti and ornamentation in Palladio s architecutral theory and practice

Palladio and English Palladianism

Dr. Robert Stephenson As a Contribution to a Festschrift

Using Rare Books to Inspire Learning-Part 1: Anthropology-Diaries

Theories of taste and beauty in architecture with some examples from Asante, Ghana

Five early guides to Rome and Florence

Ornamenti and ornamentation in Palladio s architecutral theory and practice

Venice in Old Photographs, 1841-1920

Little birds

Canada, 875-1973: a Chronology and Fact Book

An Analysis of Social Institutions in Shaping the Worldview of Characters in Harper Lee s TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD

Discovering Cyrus: The Persian Conqueror Astride the Ancient World

Everything is Permitted: The Making of Naked Lunch

Book Reports

Painters and peasants in the nineteenth century

Manga! Manga!: the world of Japanese comics

What s in a title? A bibliographical study of the marketing of Grimms fairy tales in English translation in the nineteenth century

Hot living: Erotic stories about safer sex

Forbidden fruit: on the relationship between women and knowledge in Doris Lessing, Selma Lagerlöf, Kate Chopin, Margaret Atwood

George of Lydda: Soldier, Saint and Martyr

John Updike Revisited

Open Secret: Gay Hollywood, 1928-1998

Venture capital, private equity, and the financing of entrepreneurship: The power of active investing



Inflation-hedging properties of real assets and implications for asset-liability management decisions

History of the efficient market hypothesis

The Future and Our Environment Seminar: Additional Background Information on Futures Topics

CEO compensation and company performance

Computer security: principles and practice

The landscape of social impact investment research: Trends and opportunities

Why business models matter

Secrets of the millionaire mind

History of the Communist Party of the United States

In the Combat Zone: Vivid personal recollections of the Vietnam War from the women who served there

The remasculinization of America: Gender and the Vietnam war

Green Berets at War: US Army Special Forces in Southeast Asia, 1956-1975

Space in Europe, Europe in Space: Symposium on 20th-Century Astroculture

Automotive steering, suspension, and alignment

Automobile design techniques and design modeling: the men, the methods, and the materials

2014 President s Annual Report

Modern automotive technology

Modern automotive technology

Modern automotive technology

Introduction to forest operations and technology

Shorea johorensis (Dipterocarpaceae), an addition to the flora of Singapore

Environmental valuation in European Union policy-making

Agricultural and environmental resource economics

Incentives for countryside management: the case of Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Local economic development and marketing of urban produced food

Environmental economics: theory, application, and policy

Mindfulness for beginners

Parents and social media

Economic and environmental implications of online retailing in the United States

Marketing management: Strategies and programs

Activity-based Management: Today s Powerful New Tool for Controlling Costs and Creating Profits

Landscape design: a cultural and architectural history

Phoenix from the ashes: a tale of the book in Iran

Daniel K. Inouye campaigns-Campaign materials-1959


At Least I ve Got My Mom

Literature Focus Unit: Dr. Seuss

Three points in one dot

The incarnate word: literature as verbal space


The Library of Books found at Stepping Stones, the historic home of Bill and Lois Wilson

Ten paper pages, hand-numbered i-xi, precede the vellum pages. Inside the front cover are the following notes, written in pencil:UTS MS 49 and UTS MS# 49

Theology as narration: A Commentary on the Book of Exodus

Voices within the ark: The modern Jewish poets

Bible stories

The new American bible

Living More Simply: Biblical Principles Practical Models

Secular Book List: Approved and Questionable Books with Comments


O Readigans Book List (Children 9-12 Only) Monday, October 15, 2012

Now These are the Names: A New English Rendition of the Book of Exodus

O Readigans Book List (Reference/Text Book Only) Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pagan origins of the Christ myth

The Tibetan book of living and dying

Detestable slaves of the Devil : changing attitudes to witchcraft in Sixteenth-Century Scotland

What is so rare...: Issues in rare book librarianship

Fleshing out the evidence: From Archaic dog burials to historic dog feasts

Magnesium wrought and fabricated products yesterday, today and tomorrow

Dog heart: A travel memoir

Bird-Witched: How birds can change a life

The vanishing American: White attitudes and US Indian policy

The scholastic curriculum at early seventeenth-century Cambridge

The New England town in fact and fiction

The complex sentence in British and Czech grammar

The literature of papermaking, 1390-1800

It s Wild Onion

Biographical directory of Negro ministers

Developmentally based psychotherapy

Empty Space: Creativity, Femininity, Reparation, Justice

Freud: a biographical introduction

A thing apart: Love and reality in the therapeutic relationship

Le ribelli

A theory of economic history

Gender and leisure

Reviewed by Michael Keenan

Elections and electoral systems

Excellence in business communication

Developmental Biology

Modelling regional house prices: a review of the literature

The discovery of the unconscious: The history and evolution of dynamic psychiatry

A mighty change of heart

International Journal of Psychiatry Research


The Documentary Impulse

The British school of psychoanalysis: The independent tradition

The Israel of God: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Asian culture and psychotherapy

Systems psychodynamics: The formative years (1895-1967

The psychotic organization: A socio-analytic perspective

Faith Formation with Emerging Adults: Congregational Practices

Political Leaders of Contemporary Africa South of the Sahara: A Biographical Dictionary

DC Comics: a celebration of the world s favorite comic book heroes

jinnah of Pakistan

Martha: The life and work of Martha Graham

Social change and party organization: the New Zealand Labour Party since 1945

The Norton book of travel

Mary: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Allenby: Soldier and Statesman

In full flower: Aging women, power, and sexuality

The selection of national party leaders in Canada


Making race: The politics and economics of coloured identity in South Africa

Mercantilist reasoning in economic policy making

Martha: The life and work of Martha Graham

Nine men of power

In full flower: Aging women, power, and sexuality

What is the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Neuroimaging of REM sleep and dreaming

An overview of integral theory

Exploring the world of lucid dreaming

Prisoners of Pain: Unlocking the power of the mind to end suffering

Electric Dreams

American Dreams, Australian Movies

Wastewater use in irrigated agriculture: management challenges in developing countries

Taking the time to read aloud

Clacking control societies: steampunk, history, and the difference engine of escape

Clacking control societies: steampunk, history, and the difference engine of escape

Handling evidence in history: the case of Einstein s Wife

Philosophical Concepts in Star Trek: Using Star Trek as a Curriculum Guide Introducing Fans to the Subject of Philosophy

Horror movies: an illustrated survey

From sequel to quasi-novelization: Splinter of the mind s eye and the 1970s culture of transmedia contingency

Sociocultural and feminist theory: Mutuality and relevance

Heroic moments: A study of comic book superheroes in real-world society

Deciding together: bioethics and moral consensus

Ethics and social science research

Principles of biomedical ethics

Luther s legacy: salvation and English reformers, 1525-1556

Essays on the Active Powers of Man: 1788

Secularization: The Fate of Faith in Modern Society

Active Server Pages 3.0: Your Visual Blueprint for Developing Interactive Web Sites

Cooking with Linux The Wireless Kitchen


Using Certification Exams to Help Formulate Course Objectives in Computer Engineering Technology Program

just JAVA

Better: A surgeon s notes on performance

Advanced 3-D game programming using DirectX 7.0

Linux quick fix notebook

Advanced topics in UNIX: Processes, files, and systems

Journey to Topaz

Linux Administrators Security Guide

Linux Ker nel Books

Numerical recipes in C


The syncretic religion of Lin Chao-en

A Cultural-Translation Study of Paratexts via Victor H. Mair s English Translation of the Tao Te Ching

Sacred Literature Before the Common Era (BCE, or BC): What is the Nature of the Life Worth Living

The Rhetorical Construction of the Discourse on the Dao in Daode jing

Sunzi speaks: The art of war

A simple guide to blood gas analysis

Transforming the Cinderella Dream: From Frances Burney to Charlotte Brontë

Device electronics for integrated circuits

Vom klassischen Computer zur Quanten-Information

Realism, Rationalism and Scientific Method: Volume 1: Philosophical Papers

Quantum theory of matter

Nano: The Essentials-Understanding Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. T

The theory and properties of thermocouple elements

Crystal acoustics

Advanced materials and techniques for radiation dosimetry

The late great me

North Central High School

The New England town in fact and fiction

John Milton: The Prose Works

Sitt Marie Rose: A Novel

Happy Christmas

An Analysis of Psalm 91

I must sincerely thank each of the following whose kind assistance made this possible, the quality and quantity of this detail is mine alone. DC Allard, Naval

Guide to Shakespeare

The Oxford Shakespeare: the complete works

A looking glasse for London and England

Life and Work in Shakespeare s Poems

Lectures on the Art of Reading: In Two Parts; Containing Part I. the Art of Reading Prose; Part II. the Art of Reading Verse-Thomas Sheridan PDF

The sixteenth century excluding Shakespeare, Sidney, and drama after 1550: general

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Shakespeare and the New Disease: The Dramatic Function of Syphilis in Troilus and Cressida, Measure for Measure, and Timon of Athens

Doing Wrong with Just Cause? A History of Julius Caesar 3.1. 47-48

Dream works: lovers and families in Shakespeare s plays

The Oxford Shakespeare: the complete works

The Oxford book of letters

Seven types of intertextuality

The Law of Bank Deposits, Collections, and Credit Cards

Sketches byBoz

Seven types of intertextuality

The City of Dickens: Studies in History, Theme and Allegory

A History of the Book in 100 Books

The Spiritual Orphans in Bleak House, Hard Times and Little Dorrit

Joyce s Dublin: a walking guide to Ulysses

The silence in progress of Dante, Mallarmé, and Joyce

Joysprick: an introduction to the language of James Joyce


The Mystery of the Fuga per Canonem Reopened


Joysprick: an introduction to the language of James Joyce

WB Yeats [s] Presence in James Joyce s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

The modernist novel

Artistic Escape as Joyce s Notion of Love and Hatred

Joyce s revenge: history, politics, and aesthetics in Ulysses


In Pursuit of the Cellar Door Ulysses Term Paper

And A Very Good Time It Was: A Short Life of James Joyce

Characters of Joyce

Re-inventing the Literary Exhibition: Exhibiting (Dialogical and Subversive) Art on (James Joyce s) Literature

Knausgaard in America: literary prestige and charismatic trust

Memory/Imagination and Joyce

Caribbean African languages: social history, language, literature, and education

The role of the tour guide in transferring cultural understanding

Vines for Wines: A Wine Lover s Guide to the Top Wine Grape Varieties

Micropower: the next electrical era

Unlocking Finance for Clean Energy: The Need for Investment Grade Policy

Unlocking Finance for Clean Energy: The Need for Investment Grade Policy

Programming the BeagleBone Black: Getting Started with JavaScript and BoneScript

The Green Building Resource Guide

Foreign investment and the environment in international law: The current state of play

Unlocking Finance for Clean Energy: The Need for Investment Grade Policy

Micropower: the next electrical era

Unlocking Finance for Clean Energy: The Need for Investment Grade Policy

Biblically Responsible Investing: An Evaluation Report

The Green Building Resource Guide

A Rough Guide to Creation Evolution

Wanderings among South Sea savages and in Borneo and the Philippines

Hawaii: the ecotravellers wildlife guide

Diving the rainbow reefs: adventures of an underwater photographer

Empire, aliens, and conquest: a critique of American ideology in Star Trek and other science fiction adventures

The enchanted braid: Coming to terms with nature on the coral reef

My favorite case and what makes it so

Production/operations management: Concepts and situations

The challenges of computerizing a university library in Nigeria: the case of Kashim Ibrahim Library, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Entrepreneurship education in higher education in England: A survey

Power system voltage stability

Teratocarcinomas and embryonic stem cells: a practical approach

Pictures at an Exhibition

Handbook of facilities planning

Knowledge-based systems for development

Financial Decision Making-theory and Practice: Text and Problems

Using data envelopment analysis to measure cost efficiency with an application on Islamic banks

Handbook of plastic materials and technology

Multisensor data fusion

Chapter-14 Medication Errors: Causes Prevention

Man on wire

A review of research on project-based learning

Diversity amid globalization

Chart book: Federal housing spending is poorly matched to need

Urban Housing Policy in Sri Lanka: A Study of Relationship between State, Market and Social Classes in South Asia. Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Muller GMBH

Waste management in contemporary Nigeria: the Abuja example

Rural community housing: Policy issues and directions

Viet Nam s older population: the view from the census

Organization for Rural Development: Risk taking and appropriate technology

Economic, social and cultural rights

Strength for Today and Bright Hope for Tomorrow Volume 12: 2 February 2012

State of the Nations Report: Terminal Illness Care in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Avoiding new poverty: mining-induced displacement and resettlement

Gender reclaimed: Women in social work

Shopping bag ladies: Homeless women speak about their lives

Telecommunication in the Classroom: Rhetoric vs. Reality

Gnostic Code in the Novel by L. Ulitskaya «Medea and Her Children»

Children, Parents, and the Rise of the Novel

Futures: 50 Years in Space: the Challenge of the Stars

The Jew and the Christian missionary: a Jewish response to missionary Christianity

The deep blue sea: Rethinking the source of leadership

Enticed by the Light: The Terrifying Story of One Woman s Encounter with the New Age

Collins Advanced Science-Biology

Teacher preparation: Structural and conceptual alternatives

Sir Humphry Davy s published works

Insect Hormones (2nd English edition

American Poetry and Japanese Culture

Ain t IA Woman: Black women and feminism

Black Song: The Forge and the Flame: The Story of How the Afro-American Spiritual Was Hammered Out

Cinema East: A critical study of major Japanese films

George Bernard Shaw s historical plays

James Baldwin Scholars Confront France

The Art of Coarse Acting

OSA Handbook of Optics, Volume III Visual Optics and Vision Chapter for Photometry and Radiometry

Optical fiber systems: technology, design, and applications

Geometrical optics

Book Review Modern Molecular Photochemistry of Organic Molecules

Introduction to meteorological optics

Elements of modern optical design

Fabrication methods for precision optics

Study and comparison of various image edge detection techniques


An introduction to delay differential equations with applications to the life sciences

EXTENDED-MIRAS: the instrumental approach for the search of traces of extinct and extant life on mars, instrument setup

Conference, as well as taking a look forward to new resources and other opportunities the new year will present

A dictionary of Australian colloquialisms

The timing and teaching of word families

A critical look at textbook evaluation: A case study of evaluating an ESP course-book: English for international tourism

Pushkin s rhymes: A dictionary

Dictionary of spiritualism

Tassie Terms: A Glossary of Tasmanian Words


Robin Hood and Green Arrow: Outlaw Bowmen in the Modern Urban Landscape

Secular Psalms: Faith and Contemporary Poetry

What s Cooking

E-governance as an anti corruption tool: Korean cases

The Blackwell guide to recorded country music

The Listener s Guide to the Blues

The Billboard Book of Song Writing

Spaces speak, are you listening

Early Jazz History and Criticism Bibliography

Golden Goodies: A Guide to 50 s 60 s Popular Rock Roll Record Collecting

The Illustrated Discography of Surf Music

Early Jazz History and Criticism Bibliography

Miss Spider s Tea Party: The Counting Book

Plants for Dinner

Operation Citadel: Kursk and Orel: the Greatest Tank Battle of the Second World War

The Book of the City of Ladies. 1405

A handbook of Chinese art for collectors and students

Yours truly Jack the Ripper —of New College, Oxford? Montague John Druitt and the Whitechapel Murders of 1888

Anne Boleyn

Fieldwork under fire: contemporary studies of violence and survival

Book review: The Afterlives of the Psychiatric Asylum: Recycling Concepts, Sites and Memories

The Old, the New and the Metaphor: A Critical Study of the Novels of AS Byatt

Canada and the American Civil War: Prelude to War

Book Review: Bodies in Commotion: Disability and Performance

Flash to the Past: Power Play before the 2002 Emergency Loya Jirga

Heroes who learn to love their monsters: How fantasy film characters can inspire the journey of individuation for gay and lesbian clients in psychotherapy

Bamboo Gods and Bionic Boys: A Brief History of the Philippines B Films

Virtual Intelligence the Ninth Family of Intelligences to be Added to Howard Gardner s List

Design and Implementation of the Online ILSP Greek Corpus

The social economy: the worldwide making of a third sector

Merchants and manufacturers: Studies in the changing structure of nineteenth-century marketing

Recent advances in computational finance

Multi-objective particle swarm optimizers: A survey of the state-of-the-art

Swarm intelligence: A whole new way to think about business

Multisensor data fusion

Genetic fuzzy systems: Status, critical considerations and future directions

Karel++: A gentle introduction to the art of object-oriented programming

Professor of Biological Sciences and Computer Science Purdue University

Security aspects and future trends of social networks

Exploratory data analysis

A survey into performance and energy efficiency in HPC, cloud and big data environments

Recent advances in artificial neural networks: design and applications

Introduction to robotics: a systems approach

Dynamic programming and optimal control

Neural computations associated with goal-directed choice

Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

Ant colony optimization (ACO) for the traveling salesman problem (TSP) using partitioning

Recent advances in artificial neural networks: design and applications

Design of hybrid differential evolution and group method of data handling for inductive modeling

A new approach for fuzzy predictive adaptive controller design using particle swarm optimization algorithm

Artificial life and virtual reality

View all Publications for 2012/2013

Design and optimization of the power consumption in 16-bits shift register using single edge triggered D-flip-flop

Multi-objective particle swarm optimizers: A survey of the state-of-the-art

Music therapy

Sandra Cisneros The House on Mango Street and the Poetics of Space

The Complete Book of M* A* S* H

Blood groups in man

Sweetheart jewelry and Collectibles


A crucial collaboration: reader-writer-character-book

La evolución del logotipo en el programa de mano Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

The reading of Proust

Global warming and challenges of floods in Lagos metropolis, Nigeria

Cognitive maps and spatial behavior: Process and products

In the eyes of the law: Women, marriage, and property in nineteenth-century New York

A Summer s Lease

War all the time: poems, 1981-1984

The Philosopher s stone

A Twin-Text Unit of Study

Luck s a Fortune

Grete Kyndenes is in Howndys: Dogs and Men in Middle English Romance

Political Animals

First Aid For Horses: The Essential Quick-reference Guide

The origin and evolution of Dalmatian and relation with other croatian native breeds of dog


Political Animals

Purebred dog breeds into the twenty-first century: Achieving genetic health for our dogs

Multicultural palliative care guidelines

Political Animals

368 pages Paperback $16.00

Irish Life and Lore-Horse Racing Ireland Catalogue

Political Animals

The reading brain in the digital age: The science of paper versus screens

Transpersonal awareness in phenomenological inquiry

Twilight of the Books

Computer experience and cognitive development: A child s learning in a computer culture

Embedding: multi-purpose device for understanding mathematics and its development, or empty generalization

Culture, cognition, and evolution

A First Kiss Is Still A First Kiss: Romancing the Mid-life Reader and Heroine

The Babees Book

little black book

War Governor of the South: North Carolina s Zeb Vance in the Confederacy

William Bartram and the Ghost Plantations of British East Florida


A nomenclatural summary of the plant and animal names based on images in Mark Catesby s Natural History (1729-1747



The Southern Caddo: An Anthology

Perspectives on ecosystem-based approaches to the management of marine resources

American environmentalism: Values, tactics, priorities

United States foreign trade law

Towards an actor-oriented perspective on human rights

Bartram s Painted Vulture: A Bird Deserving Recognition

Travels through North and South Carolina

The Norton book of travel

A poet gives life to his fascination

A nemzetiségi kérdés alakváltozatai a Nagy Háború éveiben

Some additional remarks on the history of Hungarian Buddhism and the influence of Buddhism in Hungary at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries: Explorers

Modern typography

„Lăncrănjantól Lăncrănjanig

Informális gyakorlatok a romániai kommunista cenzúrarendszerben

Pártszolgálat és kisebbségi érdekérvényesítés a hatvanas-hetvenes évek Romániájában

Hungarian Postmodernity and Postcoloniality: The Epistemology of a Literature

By Sword and Fire: The Destruction of Manila in World War II, 3 February-3 March 1945

Scarlett, Rhett, and a Cast of Thousands: The Filming of Gone with the Wind

Enzymes of the cholinesterase family

Assessment practices in undergraduate mathematics

The Penguin book of international gay writing

Affect: psychoanalytic perspectives

Teaching multiliteracies across the curriculum

The archival cloud

Armor and Camouflage-Asset Protection Action Plan 2 1 1905

The book of goddesses and heroines

Meet the New Landlords: The Rise of

Modern real estate

The road ahead

Armor and Camouflage-Asset Protection Action Plan 2 1 1905

Buy It, Fix It, Sell it: Profit!: A Comprehensive Guide to No-sweat Money-making Home Rehab

Anonymous authentication: For privacy and security

Finding Intimacy: The Art of Happiness in Living Together

Thunder and Love: John s Revelation and John s Community

Reason religious belief: an introduction to the philosophy of religion

An overview of sport and vision

Comunicación y Salud

Water Law in the Eastern United States: No Longer a Hypothetical Issue

Thermodynamics of irreversible processes: applications to diffusion and rheology

The Spanish language today

Language, class and power in post-apartheid South Africa

The odyssey file

Kakapo rescue: Saving the world s strangest parrot

The Church: Mystery, Sacrament, Community


The Monstrosity of Žižek s Christianity


Design thinking

Calvin and Philosophy

Major Black religious leaders, 1755-1940

The Teacher as the Hermeneut of Faith: The Calling of Hearing (Sruti) and Recollecting (Smrti) at the Threshold of Indian Literature

La poésie «des trous perdus»

Philosophy in Education and Education in Philosophy

Religion in the ancient Greek city

Theological Method and the Question of Truth

From Myth to Icon: Reflections of Greek Ethical Doctrine in Literature and Art

Professional Positions

Rhetoric in greco-roman education

On the brink of being: re-evaluating infanticide and infant burial in Roman Britain

On the brink of being: re-evaluating infanticide and infant burial in Roman Britain

Teaching culture: Beyond language

Consul of the Roman Republic

Growing Up in Ancient Rome

Privata Luxuria-Towards an Archaeology of Intimacy: Pompeii and Beyond

The Emperor in the Roman World (31 bc-ad 337

The origins of the War of 1870: new documents from the German archives

Preparation of nuclear targets: a comprehensive bibliography

DESIRE: Project Deliverable

Outreach: library services for the institutionalised, the elderly, and the physically handicapped

Mort pour la France: Conflict and commemoration in France after the First World War

The origins of the War of 1870: new documents from the German archives

Women and the British Empire: An annotated guide to sources

Sixth report of the Washington Bird Records Committee

Open archival information system (OAIS) reference model

Shared Values and Future Visions

It s been Geometric!! Documenting the Growth and Acceptance of eBooks in America s Urban Public Libraries

The war against regulation: from Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush

German Navy Handbook, 1939-1945

Domiciliary Palliative Care: A Handbook for Family Doctors and Community Nurses

Outsourcing torture

Entrepreneurship: Starting and operating a small business

Gravel-bed rivers

Manpower in economic growth: The American record since 1800

An introduction to archives

1997 annual report


Managing pharmaceutical waste

Rules and regulators

An introduction to archives

Private Philanthropy and Public Welfare: The Joseph Rowntree Memorial Trust, 1954-1979

Asa Gray: American Botanist, Friend of Darwin

Jules Marcou

Asa Gray: American Botanist, Friend of Darwin

The tourmaline group

Jules Marcou

Mannerism: The crisis of the Renaissance and the origin of modern art

Jules Marcou

North America and adjacent oceans during the last deglaciation

Can technology spare the earth

Jurassic stratigraphy and correlation in New Mexico

Precambrian Geology, Monument Bay Area, Lake of the Woods

Jules Marcou

Geological map of the world

The tourmaline group

Louis Agassiz

Louis Agassiz

Louis Agassiz

William James

Louis Agassiz

Cumulated Bibliography of Biographies of Ocean Scientists

First in the field: America s pioneering naturalists

Louis Agassiz

On the Reception of the Origin of Species

Obesity evaluation and treatment: expert committee recommendations

Obesity evaluation and treatment: expert committee recommendations

Painting, photography, film

A Native History Of Kentucky

Family Matters, Sam, Jennie, and the Kids



The Cambridge handbook of earth science data

Mesolithic prelude: the Palaeolithic-Neolithic transition in Old World prehistory

The psychological aspects of physical illness and disability

Paradise Genealogical Society

Not Even Wrong: Margaret Mead, Derek Freeman, and the Samoans

Memory, the Spirit of the Revolution, and Slave Religion: The Representation of the Haitian Revolution in Langston Hughes s Emperor of Haiti

Bourbon at the Border

Introduction to managerial accounting

Introduction to managerial accounting

UFO Religious Movements

Hélio Oiticica: the body of color

Web based interactive exercises for the earth sciences

What superhero are you

Reducing space mission cost

Man and earth s ecosystems: An introduction to the geography of human modification of the earth

Chemistry: Experiment and theory

Introductory Chemistry-Concepts Connections, + CD-ROM

Inward bound: of matter and forces in the physical world

A Comparative Analysis of Ratio and Proportion Problems inTurkish and the US Middle School Mathematics Textbooks

From the Compass to the Radio Through the Works of Sixteen Great Men of Science Whose Names are Used in Measuring Electricity and Magnetism

Ecology: the experimental analysis of distribution and abundance

Igneous petrology

Conceptual Unit

Naiza Khan

Naiza Khan

Naiza Khan

Women s education in Pakistan: hidden fences on open frontiers

Global art history and the burden of representation

From the collection

Pakistan s Cultural Diplomacy with India

Group Exhibitions

The Origin of Life on Earth: Nature s Agency and/or Divine Intervention

Is any publicity good publicity? A note on the impact of book reviews

The syntactic process

Think better

This is that: Some thoughts concerning charismatic hermeneutics

Die Todesspirale

Pedagogy and radical equality: Rancière s ignorant schoolmaster

Changing for good

Temple Themes in the Book of Moses

Boundaries, blackmail, and double binds: a pattern observed in malpractice consultation

The Touch of Human Kindness: Women and the Moral Center of Gravity

Handbook of Psychology: Volume 5, Personality and Social Psychology

High-Level Connectionist Models

Testing object-oriented software using the category-partition method

The principles and practice of rational-emotive therapy

Full Curriculum Vita

Radical-local teaching and learning

The Oxford Shakespeare: the complete works

WB Yeats and the Learning of the Imagination

Gaelic Pioneers of Christianity

Allegory and the Migration of Symbols

The plays and novels of Peter Handke

States of Mind: A Study of Anglo-Irish Conflict

Democratic Experiments: Irish Literature between Nationalism and Modernism

In the Service of the Sultan

Proverbs 1-9: a study of inner-biblical interpretation

Director s notes

Individual Narrative of William 6 Leverich [59

The (product) red man s burden: Charity, celebrity, and the contradictions of coevalness

Sitting at the feet of the past: retelling the North American folktale for children

A Chapter of Autobiography

An Analysis of the Holdings of Certain Lady Gregory Monographs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill s Rare Book Collection

Plays for Young People to Read and Perform

Woman and nation in Irish literature and society

Culture and anarchy in Ireland, 1890-1939

Screwball: Hollywood s madcap romantic comedies

The Poem-book of the Gael

A History of the Book in 100 Books

We Need To Talk About Eva: Te Demise of the Phallic Mother

The Talented Mr. Ripley

Ancient Gospel or Modern Forgery

Seven reasons for standards-based grading

The Talented Mr. Ripley

Turabi s revolution: Islam and power in Sudan

The midnight knock

Critical Essays on Angela Carter

Control Tutorials for MATLAB and Simulink

Hitchcock s films

The Library of Books found at Stepping Stones, the historic home of Bill and Lois Wilson

Winning slowly is the same as losing

A Woman s Life: The Story of an Ordinary American and Her Extraordinary Generation

Disciplined initiative; freedom to improvise under directive leadership

The New Afro-American Nationalism

In your face: The culture of beauty and you

On the Trail of Daniel Pearl

British Collective Memory, and World War II

The Blaze of Noon: A Reading of Samson Agonistes

Politics and Literature at the Turn of the Millenium

Landscape design: a cultural and architectural history

Decorative tile and terracotta exports by British manufacturers, 1840-1940

The Cook s Handbook

Fascinating fonts; is the power of typography a marketing myth

H-NBR/NBR 블렌드의 열노화거동

Polymer testing

Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics

n-Nylons, their synthesis, structure, and properties

Polymer testing

Handbook of plastic materials and technology

Crosslinking of PUR-PSA water-borne systems


Frontiers of macromolecular science

Plastics rheology: mechanical behaviour of solid and liquid polymers

Polymer mixing technology

Industrial toxicology and dermatology in the production and processing of plastics

Handbook of plastic materials and technology


The Final Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Quest for Sherlock Holmes: A Biographical Study of Arthur Conan Doyle

The Final Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Third girl

The Baker Street Reader: Cornerstone Writings about Sherlock Holmes

The Television Sherlock Holmes

An Assessment of the Mary Shore Cameron Sherlock Holmes Collection at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Sherlock Holmes and the ritual of reason

A scandal in Bohemia

The Television Sherlock Holmes

The Adventures of

The Quest for Sherlock Holmes: A Biographical Study of Arthur Conan Doyle

A scandal in Bohemia

Article Title Using Mystery Stories in the Language Classroom

The complete poems of Emily Dickinson

The Poem and the Book: Interpreting Collections of Romantic Poetry

A guide to the Star Wars universe

More fire

Digital Effects in Spielfilmen

War Annual

The renegade of Rákosist emigration

Making things right: Star Wars Episode VII: the force awakens

Star Wars: Episode III-Revenge of the Sith

A guide to the Star Wars universe

When and where I enter

World s Fairs: A Guide to Selected English-language Resources

Organizing the curriculum: Perspectives on teaching the US labor movement

Crusade for justice: The autobiography of Ida B. Wells

Stories After the Storm: Narratives of Race and Criminality in post-Katrina New Orleans

Uncle Tom s cabin

The Anti-lynching Crusaders: A Study of Black Women s Activism

Back to the Womb: Caves, Sweatbaths and Sacred Water in Ancient Mesoamerica

From Terror to Triumph: Historical Overview

The Tuesday Club Murders

A single shard

Death ba Thousand Cuts

Archaeology of Medieval Europe. Vol. 1. Eighth to Twelfth Centuries AD edited by James Graham-Campbell with Magdalena Valor.(Aarhus University Press

The ruses for war: American interventionism since World War II

The journey to the Arab Spring: the ideological roots of the Middle East upheaval in Arab liberal thought

From the trilogy to invisible: the politics of Auster s metaphysical thrillers

The Horse and His Boy. The Chronicles of Narnia

Brook Farm: the dark side of utopia

Publishing should be more about culture than book sales

Lost in the Funhouse. 1968

We Are All Palestinians

For Malcolm: Poems on the Life and Death of Malcolm X


Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education: A primer

The US and Cross Strait Rivalry: Strategic Partnership and Strategic Ambiguity

Engineering the climate: Research needs and strategies for international coordination

Engineering the climate: Research needs and strategies for international coordination

Software engineering 9th Edition

The third wave

Changing for good

King, warrior, magician, lover

A situationist perspective on the psychology of evil: Understanding how good people are transformed into perpetrators

A situationist perspective on the psychology of evil: Understanding how good people are transformed into perpetrators

Changing for good

An overview of family development

The Self-Help Book in the Therapeutic Ontosphere: A Postmodern Paradox

Useful Arts

Teach your children well

Pathological Gambling Treatment Literature Review

Letters from a war zone

Sexual Abuse of Males: The SAM Model of Theory and Practice

The third wave

Name: LEONNE M. HUDSON Date: 10/27/08

Venice against the sea: a city besieged

The children of pride: a true story of Georgia and the Civil War

Geopolitical Changes and Crises in The Caucasus

Media spectacle and the 2008 presidential election: some pre-election reflections

I think, boys, I am done for

L ibrary Archives Home| Civil War Source Book Home

General Research Pickett or Pettigrew? An Historical Essay [Gettysburg

Complexity and the adoption of innovation in health care

NATO-Russia Relations after the Georgian Conflict

Georgia and Russia: What Caused the August War

L ibrary Archives Home| Civil War Source Book Home

The children of pride: a true story of Georgia and the Civil War

L ibrary Archives Home| Civil War Source Book Home

EM Graham: North Louisianian

Rising Armenian-Georgian tensions and the possibility of a new ethnic conflict in the South Caucasus


Books are available in hardcopy or ebooks

Isner-Mahut match at the 2010 Wimbledon Championships

Book List

Quantization noise

Adam Spencer s Book of Numbers

Charging Down the Field For All to See

Coaching and Corruption. A Study of the Cinematic Presentation of the Abuse of NCAA Regulations for College Sports in America in the Films The Program and

The College Football Historian™

The fourth world war has begun

Hidden Figures Young Readers Edition

From mass production to mass customization

The most important thing I know

Lloyd George

Dance is a contact sport

The Pro Football Hall of Fame: Players, Coaches, Team Owners, and League Officials, 1963-1991

Weyr Search

Factors impacting the retirement experience of professional football players


Teacher Training Books Available in CESL Library

The bond: Our kinship with animals, our call to defend them

Tattle R

Lost Realms of Gold: South American Myth

Fun for Kids: An Index to Children s Craft Books

The book of whales

Folclore infantil canario

The Incredible Indoor Games Book: 160 Group Projects, Games, and Activities

Cola wars continue: Coke and Pepsi in 2006

Cola wars continue: Coke and Pepsi in 2006

China, Communism, and Coca Cola

Defining the Enemy as Israel, Zionist, Neo-Nazi Or Jewish: The Propaganda War in Nasser s Egypt, 1952-1967

In the eyes of the law: Women, marriage, and property in nineteenth-century New York

Advertising today


Strategic management: Concepts and cases: A competitive advantage approach


I d like the world to buy a coke: the life and leadership of Roberto Goizueta

University of Stellenbosch Business School, Box 610, Bellville, 7535 [email protected] sun. ac. za

Multicultural communications: A bibliography

Discourse functions and syntactic complexity in synchronous and asyncronous communication

Computers and human language

Ethnic relations: a cross-cultural encyclopedia

Culture learning: The fifth dimension in the language classroom

Cross-cultural competence and management-setting the stage

The Dark Enlightenment

Alex Rivera

Assembling knowledge: The role of threshold concepts in facilitating transfer

African American vernacular English: Features, evolution, educational implications

Bridge, a cross-culture reading program: Study book

Web service composition-current solutions and open problems

Studies on Language and Culture in Central and Eastern Europe

 Emergence and affordance in language learning: Using Grammaticalization to teach grammar to Iranian EFL learners

The role of intercultural rhetoric in ESP education

Multisensor data fusion

Reinventing adolescent literacy for new times: Perennial and millennial issues

Internationalisation, intercultural communication and intercultural competence

Endangered Species Threatened Convention: The Past, Present and Future of CITES, the Convention on International

Jump Rope Rhymes... in the Classroom? Dr. Rita Buchoff


Wankie: The story of a great game reserve

Anansi and the moss covered rock

Intermediate accounting


One Hundred Bridges, One Hundred Traditions in Haiku

Hiding behind words? Lesbianism in 17th-century Dutch poetry

New Books in Mellon Library in May Fiction

Where River Turns to Sky

The House of Mystery


Ethical issues in modern medicine: Contemporary readings in bioethics

The great American gamble: deterrence theory and practice from the Cold War to the twenty-first century

A short history of wine

Michael Jackson and beer styles

General morphological analysis

The way of the heart

Handbook of nonlinear regression models

The great wine book

Climate change: observations, projections, and general implications for viticulture and wine production

A short history of wine

Hugh Johnson s encyclopedia of trees

RERG Is a Novel ras-related, Estrogen-regulated and Growth-inhibitory Gene in Breast Cancer

Wines in the Wilderness: Plays by African American Women from the Harlem Renaissance to the Present

The Romantic fragment and the legitimation of philosophy: Platonic poems of reason

Traduzione di una metafora: un ponte a Mostar come il processo di

Fragments of an edifice: three books of Italian poetry in translation

Stevens poetry of thought

Stevens poetry of thought



Leopardi: Selected Poems

Academic Education

A Six-Book Version of Plato s Republic: Same Text Divided Differently, or Early Version

Y Gelefyddyd Gymodlawn : Gwaith T. Gwynn Jones a Cherddoriaeth

Canu maswedd yr oesoedd canol: Medieval Welsh erotic poetry

A single accent rule for cynghanedd

Elisabeth I


Yr hwiangerddi

The Writings of Daniel Berrigan



The skills of interviewing: a guide for managers and trainers

Star Trek Concordance

Coming of Age: Canadian Children s Literature and National Identities, 1900-1945

Blacklist: the inside story of political vetting

Kept out or opted out

The Private Faith and Public Lives of Evangelical MPs

Pluralism and marketisation in the health sector: meeting health needs in contexts of social change in low and middle-income countries

Employment and child poverty

Experiences of contracting with the private sector

Organic agriculture and sustainable rural livelihoods in developing countries

Health inequalities: a challenge for Europe

A provisional list of local names for Namibian plants

Reconciling adaptability and equal opportunities in European workplaces

Mixed martial arts unleashed

Isle of Wight local history: a guide to sources

Rural life in the Vale of the White Horse, 1780-1914: a Berkshire book


b. Date of appointment to present post: 26 February 1996 c. Department/Group: Archaeology


The intellectual property strategy of international agricultural research centres

A family visitor: a descriptive analysis of health visiting in Berkshire

The natural history of Wiltshire

Personal tragedy or demographic disaster

Book Services Still Available For Society Members

Rural life in the Vale of the White Horse, 1780-1914: a Berkshire book

Place-name and archaeological evidence on the recent history of birds in Britain

The history of Slough

Blind into Baghdad

Lessons from Modern Warfare: What the Conflicts of the Post-Cold War Years Should Have Taught Us

Oil, power and empire: Iraq and the US global agenda

Iraq s military industry: A critical strategic target

The Woman s Bible: The Original Feminist Attack on the Bible

Vocational and other qualifications quarterly: January-March 2014

John Brown, Rose and the midnight cat


Different Intensity of Emotions in Bilingualism

Chapters in a mythology: the poetry of Sylvia Plath

My country

Making it in Australia

Australia s Re-Emergence as a Wine Exporter: The First Decade in International Perspective

The home winemakers manual


California women winemakers, their accomplishments, and their progress in a male-dominated field

The Craft of Making Wine

The Joy of Home Winemaking

Vintage Canada: The Complete Reference to Canadian Wines

Towering Babble: God s People Without God s Word

Strategies and styles: The role of the centre in managing diversified corporations

BPR concept as the factor of successful electronic business of a modern companies

Economic transformation in Russia

Enterprise integration in business education: Design and outcomes of a capstone ERP-based undergraduate e-business management course

Competitive advantage

Reinventing education finance: Alternatives for allocating resources to individual schools

Fast forward: The best ideas on managing business change

International management: Culture, strategy, and behavior

The Dogs that Made Australia

Mapping knowledge management authoring patterns and practices

The digital economy: Promise and peril in the age of networked intelligence

Graduate employability

William Wordsworth, Henry David Thoreau, and the construction of the Green Atlantic World

America s sticky power

The First Book of Urizen

The garden book

Wolf Willow: A History, a Story and a Memory of the Last Plains Frontier (1962

Der rote Kampfflieger

The structure of ideophones in African and Asian languages: the case of Dagaare and Cantonese

The short-timers

News on the Farm Hub

Defying Gravity

Developing composition pedagogical knowledge: Music teacher education students as online mentors

Teaching choral music

A philosophy of music education

A qualitative study of first-year high school band directors and their mentors

A concise introduction to teaching elementary school music

Musical knowledge and choral curriculum development


Developing piano performance: A teaching philosophy

Dewey s bastards: Mursell, Broudy, McMurray, and the demise of progressive music education

Podcasting 101 for K-12 librarians


Bass Clarinet Scale Book

Thinking musically: Experiencing music, expressing culture

Thinking and problem solving: An introduction to human cognition and learning

A literature review on classroom management resources for music educators

Female Scholars: A Tradition of Learned Women before 1800

Female Scholars: A Tradition of Learned Women before 1800

The School for Wives and The Learned Ladies

An essay on comedy

Life and manners in Madrid, 1750-1800

2017-18 Upper School English Book List

The Bedford introduction to drama

David Christenson, Plautus, Casina, Amphitryon, Captivi, Pseudolus Newburyport, MA: Focus, 2008 978-1-58510-155-9

Don Quixote, Unamuno and Gaston Baty, All U nited By Dulcinea

A Book of Trees

Seventeenth-century French drama: the background

Daily life in the French theatre at the time of Molière

H-France Review Vol. 14 (July 2014), No. 109 Walter E. Rex, Molière s Strategies: Timely Reflections on his Art of Comedy. Medieval and Early Modern French

British Association for Local History Annual Lecture 2007 Searching for the small people of medieval London 83

Rail Centres: Manchester

Challenging the Secular Bias in the Sociology of Sport: Scratching the Surface of Christian Approaches to Sociology

The history and antiquities of the county of Dorset

The Development of Pop Music in Manchester in the 1970s and 1980s

The predicament of homecoming: Cultural and social life of North African immigrants in Israel

Historical geographies of Ireland: Colonial contexts and postcolonial legacies

Working with descendant communities in the study of Roman Britain: fragments of an ethnographic project design

Empirical methods in law

Lindsay Anderson: maverick film maker

A War, Once Started: Feminism, Marxism, and the Dialectics of Destruction

The Iliad of Homer: book VII. The soliproelium, single battle, of Hektor and Aias the greater and the subsuming, taking-up, of dead bodies Sub Title Author

American Literature Association

The Sense of Suspension as Ironic Pleasure: Aestheticism and the Critique of Romanticism in the Poetry of Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Smith Wildman Brookhart: Iowa s Renegade Republican

Brand is a four letter Word

Man mismanagement

The World is a Wedding

Understanding sexual minority adolescents

Understanding the placebo effect in complementary medicine: Theory, Practice and Research

Dangerous currents: The state of economics

To love, to betray: Life as betrayal

The Hamlet. 1940

Man and value

Haven in a heartless world

Death in the dark: Midnight executions in America



Strength for Today and Bright Hope for Tomorrow Volume 12: 12 December 2012

Oscar fever: The history and politics of the Academy Awards

Principles and practice in language testing: Compliance or conflict

Practice Makes Perfect Complete Spanish All-in-One

Semantic properties of word associations to Italian verbs

Story-based CALL for Japanese kanji characters: A study on student learning motivation

The Japanese language through time

What is a near-native speaker? Perspectives of job seekers and search committees in Spanish

Accelerated Reader Quiz List-Reading Practice

The Bionic Bunny Show

Ireland and Europe: Challenges for a new century

Whispers from the Ghettos

Race, sex, and policy problems

Why we must ration health care

Theories and methods in comparative social policy

Human rights and the private sphere-A comparative analysis

Housing by lifestyle: The component method of residential design

Health and social justice: a reader on the politics, ideology, and inequity in the distribution of disease

Native Americans: Where in Environmental Justice Theory and Research

The Clinton Welfare Reform Plan: Will It End Poverty as We Know It

Toward a rural critical criminology

Kerala connections: Will the Internet affect science in developing areas

Toward a rural critical criminology

Parental education and young people s educational and labour market outcomes: A comparison across Europe

Health and economic inequality

Structural racism and efforts to radically reconstruct the inner-city built environment

Turning the World Upside Down

Courage Under Fire

Life of the Ladybug

Mark Harris. burl. Winchester, VA: Red Moon Press, 2012, unpag.(64 pp.), perfect softbound, 4.5 x 6.5. ISBN 978-1-936948-04-1, US $12 www. redmoonpress

Lecture. pp. 78-95. In: A Better Future for the Planet Earth, Vol. III--Commemorative Book for Blue Planet Prize Winners. Asahi Glass Foundation, Tokyo, Japan

Water Quality and Treatment

To market, to market

Learning about phases of the moon and eclipses: A guide for teachers and curriculum developers

Photo Year 2008 in Review

Juvenile fiction

Carl Sagan: a life in the cosmos

Why women still can t have it all

Blood and rage: a cultural history of terrorism

Information society and changing gender relations: a comparative study of Delhi and Chennai

Thinking about national security: defense and foreign policy in a dangerous world

Social Policy and Conflict Resolution

Social Work with Families: Perceptions of social casework among clients of a Family Service Unit

ISIS/Extremism Community Briefing

Complementary protection in international refugee law

Principles of environmental engineering and science

Unmanned aerial vehicles: Examining the safety, security, privacy and regulatory issues of integration into US airspace

Terrorism: A New Challenge to NigeriaS Stability in the 21 st Century

They Do That to Foreign Women: Domestic Terrorism and Contraceptive Nationalism in Not Without My Daughter

Situating constructionism

The Arab-Israeli military balance and the art of operations: An analysis of military lessons and trends and implications for future conflicts

Turabi s revolution: Islam and power in Sudan

Protecting critical infrastructure: the role of the private sector

Blood and rage: a cultural history of terrorism

How the millennium comes violently

Spirit matters: Global healing and the wisdom of the soul

Saint Thomas and the problem of evil

Migrant farmworkers in South-Central Minnesota: Farmworker-led research and action for change

Mexican migrant agricultural workers and accommodations on farms in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Managing labour migration: Temporary worker programs for the 21st century

Amy Darga, Product Editor Dorothy Maki, Manufacturing Manager Evi Seoud, Assistant Manager, Composition and Electronic Prepress NeKita McKee, Buyer


California s hired farm workers move to the cities: the outsourcing of responsibility for farm labor housing

Teenage Pregnancy, The Case for Prevention

A selective literature review: Immigration, acculturation substance abuse

In Search of El Pueblo Unido: Children s Picture Books and Teaching about Community

Mental health aspects of diabetes in elders from diverse ethnic backgrounds

The life and legacy of New Mexico s own: Dr. George I. Sánchez: A belated tribute

Austin restricted: Progressivism, zoning, private racial covenants, and the making of a segregated city

The interplay of risk factors associated with negative outcomes among family caregivers: A synthesis of the literature

Supporting rural entrepreneurship

The use of e-learning tools for improving hispanic students academic performance

Leaving Latinos out of history: Teaching US history in Texas

Cultural Responsive Teaching of Broadcast Journalism Diverse Learners in Higher Education: An Integration and Synthesis of Relevant Theory and Research

Working together for health: the World health report 2006: policy briefs

Mexico and the North American free trade agreement: who will benefit

New Edition

Latin American immigration and US schools

Arguing immigration: The debate over the changing face of America

Comprehensive multicultural education: Theory and practice

Getting to know US Latinos: A step toward cultural competence

Unauthorized Mexican migration and the socioeconomic integration of Mexican Americans

Awards and Honors

Laying the foundations for children s rights

Sustainability and sustainable development

The paralysis of international institutions and the remedies: a study of self-determination, concord among the major powers, and political arbitration

International law and indigenous peoples

Land rights and indigenous peoples: the role of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Swimming pedagogy and a curriculum for stroke development


Re-forming the forming the Rāmāyana: The Source Text The Source Text and its Cultural Transformation and its Cultural Transformation

The Marketing Mix contribution in improving the National Museum of Romanian History Strategy

André des Gachons et la modernité fin-de-siècle

Fast Track Marketing: Implementing Innovative Tactics in the Global Marketplace

Secrets of the SS

The 50 best small southern towns

Fighter Jets, Supercars, and Complex Technology

A spa culture for the nineties and

The Two Faces of Radium in Early American Nuclear Culture

Landmark constitutional law decisions: briefs and analyses

A guide to the birds of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

Mezozoos-kainozoos feszültségmezők és törésrendszerek a Pannon-medence ÉNy-i részén-módszertan és szerkezeti elemzés


Jan Tschichold at Penguin Books, A Resurgance of Classical Book Design

Brevity and the Soul of Witlessness

Words and buildings: the art and practice of public lettering

Hecate s Australian Women s Book Review Volume 14, Number 2 2002

Equally Their Due: Female Education in Antebellum Alexandria

Creative writing

The Boné Qur an from South Sulawesi

The Young Decorator: A Textbook for High Schools and a Guide for All Home Decorators


The design of a Unicode font

Divine Transpositions: Recent Scholarship on Vodou and Santería Religious Art

Rococó: ut pictura poesis

Kreativität in der Geschichte der Mathematik

Glaister s Glossary of the Book

Book Reviews

Honi the Circle Drawer, Jesus Christ, and the Greek Gods Apollo, Zeus, and Hermes: The evidence of gematria and sacred geometry in late Judaism, early

Enrica Colabella Paper: Rhythm in Generative Art

Readings in African-American History

War and society: the United States, 1941-1945

Common Counsel : Woodrow Wilson s Pragmatic Progressivism, 1885-1913

Chapter One: The World Outside and the Pictures in our Heads

The logic of life: A history of heredity

A documentary history of the Negro people in the United States

The Colonial History of Hartford

Black English: Its history and usage in the United States

Longman History of the United States of America

Losing ground: American environmentalism at the close of the twentieth century

A new history of Leviathan: essays on the rise of the American corporate state

To run a constitution: The legitimacy of the administrative state

The Regulatory State

Maimonides and St. Thomas on the Limits of Reason

Participating in explanatory dialogues: interpreting and responding to questions in context

Indian Law and the Enron Agreement

Public law and public administration

Keith E. Whittington

Friar Thomas D Aquino: His Life, Thought, and Works: with Corrigenda and Addenda

Elections in Western Europe since 1815: electoral results by constituencies

Rethinking obligation: A feminist method for political theory

The global class war

Common-Law Courts in a Civil-Law System: The Role of United States Federal Courts in Interpreting the Constitution and Laws

The Case for Justiciability of Social and Economic Rights in Kenya: Drawing from the Experience in South Africa, India and the United States

The Ghost Hunter s Field Guide: Gettysburg Beyond

The dawn of empire: Rome s rise to world power

The story of art

The Devil in the White City

Jewelry by Chanel

Red-tailed Wheatear Oenanthe chrysopygia in Uttarakhand

Trapped Between the Lash and the Gun: A Boy s Journey


Graphic design history: A critical guide

American architecture since 1780: a guide to the styles


Eliot s Four Quartets: Poetry as Chamber Music

The Critical Line throughout the Scriptures—Life as Annotated in the Recovery Version of the Bible

New York 1930: Architecture and urbanism between the two world wars

The Coming of the King: The First Book of Merlin

A Handbook to Twentieth-Century Musical Sketches, eds Patricia Hall and Friedemann Sallis [Book Review

Towards an account for dealing with documents in DEMO Method

God needs no passport

Complete garden guide to the native perennials of California

Eight principles of information architecture

New towns and urban policy: Planning metropolitan growth

The Oxford history of western music

5 CASE TWO: Reversals of Negatiave Body-Law in the United States

Continuous and sustainable improvement through supply chain performance management

Beyond September 11th: an anthology of dissent

Craftsmanship+ Technology in New York City: Changing Aesthetic, Crafting Identity


Creating origami

Whole-body vibration

Interpretation of pediatric tests: A handbook synopsis of pediatric, fetal, and obstetric laboratory medicine

Braun-Falco s dermatology

Coronary heart disease risk factor management: A nursing perspective

Synopsis of pediatrics

Global action plan for the prevention and control of pneumonia (GAPP): Report of an informal consultation: La Mainaz, Gex, France, 5-7 March 2007

Current Diagnosis Treatment: Physical Medicine Rehabilitation

Treatment of supracondylar humerus fractures in children, according to Gartland classification

Market-driven health care: who wins, who loses in the transformation of America s largest service industry

Advances in cardiovascular surgery

Management of the Patient with Cancer

Food insecurity in Ethiopia

Food insecurity in Ethiopia

Foodies and food tourism

and staff at the British Nutrition Foundation

A Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Childhood Obesity in Early Childhood Programs

New governance, law and constitutionalism

Growth, Stagnation, or Decline? Agricultural Productivity in British India

Nutritional risks to large-breed dogs: from weaning to the geriatric years

The Monmouth County Board of Health

Studijní obor CŽV SŠ Forma studia CŽV

The ancient Egyptian book of the dead

Rome: profile of a city, 312-1308

The Hoarding Sense: Hoarding in Austen, Tennyson, Dickens, and Nineteenth-century Culture

Edgar Allan Poe A to Z: the essential reference to his life and work

Theory of similarity and simulation: with applications to problems in electrical power engineering

Nonequilibrium Phenomena II: From stochastics to hydrodynamics

A technique for analysing finite element methods for viscous incompressible flow

US highway attributes relevant to lane tracking


Mechanics of fluids

Abuse of process and judicial stays of criminal proceedings

The aerodynamic design of aircraft

On the Occasion of His 65th Anniversary

What do we really know about reference pricing for pharmaceuticals

Prescription drug coverage under medicaid

The Original Australians

Herbal Medicine for the Treatment of Mycoplasma Pulmonis in Rats

Clinical manual of substance abuse

Drugs and the human body

Handbook of critical care

In-patient hospital-based psychosocial treatment of borderline personality disorder: A systematic review of rationale and evidence-base


Lippincott s nurses drug manual

Handbook of drug interactions

Drug companies doctors: A story of corruption

Innovation in healthcare delivery systems: a conceptual framework

Manual of dermatologic syndromes

Smartphones: An Innovative Guide for Healthcare Professionals

The little red book


Murderous Mothers: The Problem of Praenting in the Victorian Novel

The Sand in the Oyster Vetting the Verse Novel


The modernist novel

Strange Country: A Study of Randolph Stow

Tourmaline: a novel

Almost History: A Novel

Spring Moon: a novel of China

Undercover: The secret lives of a federal agent

Adultery in the novel: Contract and transgression

Sunshine: a novel

The Strange Case of Mademoiselle P.: A Novel

Inspiring Feather: The Rainbow Book Of The Dead

The Index of the Mind: Physiognomy in the Novel

Covenant House: Lifeline to the street

Grizzly Wars: The Public Fight Over the Great Bear

A light in the attic

Rock Art in New Mexico

Arthur s honey bear

What Do You See

Executive Branch

Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians

International financial conglomerates: implications for bank insolvency regimes

Less is more

Hope in hard times: America s peace movement and the Reagan era

Short story analysis and writing in English Composition in China

Using digital stories to improve listening comprehension with Spanish young learners of English

Short story theories

A Woman s Life: The Story of an Ordinary American and Her Extraordinary Generation

Masterplots II

Strange Country: A Study of Randolph Stow

The first hundred million

Une si longue lettre

The woman s book of yoga and health: A lifelong guide to wellness

Ethics, Subjectivity and Truth: Essential Works of Foucault 1954-1984 (Vol. 1

Masterplots II

Ce qui n est pas moi: Writing the self, desiring the other in La nouvelle pornographie

Red. broj

Masterplots II

Interpreting English Economic History 1200-1800: Malthusian Stasis or Early Dynamism


The sea is history

Victorian publishers book-bindings in paper

The book as urban metaphor: the design of Les Plans Le Corbusier des Paris 1956-1922

Fleshly voyages: Ben Jonson, space and the body

The patchwork quilt


Human nature biocultural evolution


The scent of success: image-sound relations and audio-logo-visuality in Baz Luhrmann s two promotional films for Chanel No. 5 perfume

Wonderland Avenue: Tales of Glamour and Excess

To photograph darkness: the history of underground and flash photography

The Color of Loss: An Intimate Portrait of New Orleans After Katrina

The complete guide to photography techniques and materials

Yours in revolution: retrofitting Carlos the Jackal

Designing with light: an introduction to stage lighting

Digital artefacts: possibilities and purpose

To photograph darkness: the history of underground and flash photography

The Big Book

Petrels night and day

Some important principles of composition

Remembering the past in words and pictures: How autobiographical stories become picturebooks

Small-Gauge and Amateur Film Bibliography

Central Science Library

Jobsite Photography Should Be a Scheduler s Job

Book I

A case study on reflective writing

Decoding the enigma called light

Paradise Lost (1667

Best books for young adult readers

The time of our time

Hawkers Walkers in Early America



Defining the African diaspora

The Black Aristocrat in Ourika: Outliving an Idea

Women at the Intersection of the Local and the Global in Schools and Community History in Britain Since the 1980s

New records of crane-flies from NW Russia, with ecological notes on some species (Diptera: Tipulidae, Limoniidae

Moral Imperium: Afro-Caribbeans and the Transformation of British Rule, 1776-1838

Medieval Story

Clinical cancer genetics: risk counseling and management

Clinical cancer genetics: risk counseling and management

NAME-MARK P. BRINCAT AGE-57 years DATE OF BIRTH-16th November, 1955 ADDRESS-No. 2, Claremont, Conversion Street, San Pawl tat-Targa

Clinical cancer genetics: risk counseling and management

Clinical cancer genetics: risk counseling and management

The human body book


Breastfeeding and infant care in the context of HIV/AIDS

Cancer Risk and Incidence Trends; The Connecticut Perspective

Ovarian germ-cell malignant tumors

Multimodal treatment of ovarian cancer

The endocrine and reproductive system: adverse effects of hormonally active substances

Pathology of ovarian tumour-A hospital based study

The diagnostic and therapeutic management of leptomeningeal carcinomatosis

Evaluation and management of abnormal uterine bleeding in premenopausal women

Tumours of the ovary

Churchill s pocketbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Multimodal treatment of ovarian cancer

Drug treatments for polycystic ovary syndrome

Proinflammatory and immunosuppressive serum, ascites and cyst fluid cytokines in patients with early and advanced ovarian cancer and benign ovarian tumors

Recent clinical developments in gynecologic oncology

Cytoreductive surgery in Gynecologic oncology: a multidisciplinary approach

The Train Nation: the Railway as a Leitmotif in South Asian Literature

Scan this book

Garbage Can Music!: Rube Goldberg s Three Careers

From Kraft to Craft: innovation and creativity in Ontario s Food Economy

Barriers to Food Security as Explained by Community Members in Two Small Appalachian Towns in Rural North Carolina: A Behind the Scenes View Through

Cooking with Betty Crocker

African child rearing in the diaspora: A mother s perspective

The Forget-about-meat Cookbook

Get Cookin : Investigating the Effects of a Six-week Cooking Intervention on Cooking and Dietary Behaviors among Low-income Families

Modifying Soul Food for the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension Diet(dash) Plan: Implications for Metabolic Syndrome(dash of Soul

Recent Books From South Africa-November 2009

Introduced species: a significant component of human-caused global change

Commercial Greenhouse Vegetable Handbook

Introduced species: a significant component of human-caused global change

Road occurrence and mortality of the northern diamondback terrapin

Water regime of wetland and floodplain plants in the Murray-Darling Basin

Wild flowers of the Pacific Coast

Wild flowers of the Pacific Coast

A phytosociological and phytogeographical survey of the coastal vegetation of western North America: beach and dune vegetation from Baja California to


The status of rare plants in southwest Wyoming

Restoration of a San Francisco Bay Salt Marsh: Evaluating Corixid and Mosquito Populations

Journal of the Native Plant Society of Northeastern Ohio

Field investigation of Epipactis gigantea (giant helleborine), a region 4 sensitive species, on the Payette National Forest

The Country Diary Book of Creating a Wild Flower Garden

Winners in My Book

Arrogant capital: Washington, Wall Street, and the frustration of American politics

The Macbeth murder mystery

Fictionalized History: Signifying Changes to the Malaysian Nation and Identity

www. film-philosophy. com

The road through hell, paved with desperation

PTerry Pratchett

Lloyd Alexander s Chronicles of Prydain as a Bildungsroman

Homage to Nebraska

Tintin au Tibet

The culture of the school and the problem of change

Selecting and developing media for instruction

Imagination and the erotic Life of Property

Uses of Images

Author Title

Vita: the life of V. Sackville-West

La muette de Portici

Distinctive dates in social welfare history

The Mirrlees review: A proposal for systematic tax reform

Digital curation: the challenge driving convergence across memory institutions

Journal of Indian Business Research

Strategy and the Internet

Techniques for reducing pesticide use: economic and environmental benefits

VI. LEARNING OBJECTIVES AND OUTCOMES A. The student will be able to identify examination content areas. B. The student will be able to identify the

Encorporation of numerical goniophotometry into daylighting design

The history of furniture: Twenty-five centuries of style and design in the Western tradition

The Effects of Lighting Quality on Visual Perception at Sports Events: A Managerial Perspective

Evolutionary psychology: A primer

Piloting a use of graphic tablets to support students drawing within a secondary school in Iceland

Early Domestic Architecture of Pennsylvania: Photographs and Measured Drawings

Masonry building design in seismic areas: recent experiences and prospects from a European standpoint

Daylighting for sustainable design

Daylighting for sustainable design

The Network of Local Libraries

The art of placemaking: Interpreting community through public art and urban design

Accidental Architect

Research methodologies and MIS research

Essentials of management

Qualitative document analysis in political science

Essay Presentation

Management information systems for the information age

Words!: combining fun and learning

Handbook of system and product safety

The digital economy: Promise and peril in the age of networked intelligence

Geosystems: an introduction to physical geography

Standards and Procedures for Systems Documentation

Software change impact analysis

Health informatics: a systems perspective

Textbook of remote sensing and geographical information systems

Spring Assembly Final Agenda March 9, 2013 Clock Tower Resort, Rockford (District 72, Host


Braids and open book decompositions

How to be an Alien

The world in 2050

Feature selection method based on adaptive relief algorithm

Braids and open book decompositions

Is Technology Dumbing Down Japanese

The myth of America s decline: leading the world economy into the 1990s

Et kursus i litterær oversættelse: en beskrivelse


Georg Brandes-tidstavle 1842-1927

Georg Brandes-tidstavle 1842-1927

Arne Kalland: Hval og hvalfangst på Vestlandet 1600-1910

Formidling-hvorfor og hvordan-en workshop

Johan Herman Wessel Indhold

An Introduction to the Thessalonian Epistles

Løs skrifttegnenes fortryllelse med din stemme



Das wissenschaftliche Bibellexikon im Internet

Politisk adfærd: Nye og klassiske perspektiver

Scrap Book, 1900-1981

Pest, jøder og samfundsorden-forgiftningsrygter og jødeforfølgelser i forbindelse med den Sorte Død

Stefan Valavanis: Econometrics. 223 s., McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. 1959

Kontrafaktisk historie som litterær strategi

Lord of the Rings: bog, film, roller, computerspil

Morten Thing


Boulez: Composer, conductor, enigma

Stemning og stemmer

om værk-og aurabegrebets udvikling

» Bibliografi over Rosenius skrifter udgivet på dansk «

Bibliographia normanno-arturica, textos y estudios sobre la traducción y adaptación de la literatura artúrica en la escandinavia medieval

Alain Badiou and the Miracle of the Event

Cherokee Woman s America: Memoirs of Narcissa Owen, 1831-1907

The Book of Literary Lists: A Collection of Annotated Lists, Statistics, and Anecdotes Concerning Books

Cases and materials on trade regulation

Breach and adaptation of international contracts: an introduction to Lex Mercatoria

Baby business

The Book of Literary Lists: A Collection of Annotated Lists, Statistics, and Anecdotes Concerning Books

Cherokee Woman s America: Memoirs of Narcissa Owen, 1831-1907

Universidad de Granada

OGJ gone wild

Test book on physical rehabilitation and sports medicine

The Poems of Ossian and related works

Another home run

The Tibetan book of the dead

Jump linear systems in automatic control

The brand identity and brand image of Gothenburg-A case study of way out West

Canadian health and wellness tourism: Obstacles impeding international competitiveness

Promoting nautical tourism in Romania

The new social morphology of cities

Eat, Pray, Love: Producing the Female Neoliberal Spiritual Subject

Adultery, Drugs, Murder, Untimely Deaths, and Long Island s Prominent Families: A Tangled Web

Balinese music, tourism and globalisation: Inventing traditions within and across cultures

Island tourism: Management principles and practice

Development and environment in Peninsular Malaysia

Poverty reduction through small enterprises

The baby boomers

Marine Conservation and Fisheries Management

Measuring Tourism Potential of Places of Interest and Memorial Objects Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)-Case Study City Of Nis, Serbia

Ethical Record

Anthropology of development and change in East Africa

The summer of black widows

Eastern Industrialization and its Effect on the West

Genetic Variability in Fourteen Provenances of Eucalyptus Species

Genetic Variability in Fourteen Provenances of Eucalyptus Species

Piping Down the Valleys Wild: Poetry for the Young of All Ages

Piping Down the Valleys Wild: Poetry for the Young of All Ages

The True Origin of Christmas

To the Lighthouse


Jack Kent s Twelve Days of Christmas

How I Read

Terrestrial fauna of granite outcrops in Western Australia


Dear zoo

Red imperial porphyry. Power and Religion

New Books for November in the Mellon Library New Books for November in the Mellon Library

John Brown, Rose and the midnight cat

Administrator s guide to the year-round school

The Stor of the Easter Bunn

Acquisitions: Myths and reality

Why Europe will run the 21st century

Regional integration: experience, theory and measurement

Cultural Policy Management in Europe

The GATT: Law and international economic organization

Modern international economics

Contested gender equality and policy variety in Europe: Introducing a critical frame analysis approach

Picking losers...?: The political economy of industrial policy

Can Europe be saved

Of marriage and the market: Women s subordination in international perspective


The British press and European integration

Real exchange rate, monetary policy and employment

A Comparative Analysis of the Editorials of The Nation and The News: The Case Study of Pak-India Relations Issues (2008-2010

My Struggle: Book Two


EMDR and the treatment of complex PTSD: A review

Dissociation of the personality and EMDR therapy in complex trauma-related disorders: Applications in phases 2 and 3 treatment

EMDR Solution Focused

EMDR and the treatment of complex PTSD: A review

Administrative News

EMDR in the addiction continuing care process: Case study of a cross-addicted female s treatment and recovery


Administrative News

EMDR treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder: Preliminary research

Critical incident stress management

EMDR and the treatment of complex PTSD: A review

Parent Family Therapy: An Integrative Approach to Family Interventions

Current diagnosis treatment in psychiatry

The Embodied Self: Somatic Therapy for EMDR Practitioners

Character Changes with Davanloo s Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy. In Press AD HOC Bulletin of Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy Abbass A

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) as a treatment for phantom limb pain

Assessment and treatment of muscle imbalance: the Janda approach

Administrative News

EMDR in the addiction continuing care process: Case study of a cross-addicted female s treatment and recovery

La fracture entre les Pays-Bas du Nord et les Pays-Bas du Sud

Paysage sacré, Livre de la Nature, Exégèse : pour une reconception du paysage dans l Europe de la première modernité

Antwerp in the Age of Plantin and Brueghel

L écriture fantasmatique de Dominique Rolin: entre Dulle Griet et Breughel

Ethnography: Theory and applications in health research

Genre: An introduction to history, theory, research, and pedagogy

Interpersonal dynamics in second language education: The visible and invisible classroom

Moderating effects of group cohesiveness in competency-performance relationships: A multi-level study

Strengths-based development in practice

A Wee Dram: Drinking Scenes from Scottish Literature

LaGrange County, Account Book from Mongo, Indiana, 1839



The Irish National character as it is

St. Patrick s Cathedral

The whiskies of Scotland

More on the semantics of clitic doubling: principal filters, minimal witnesses, and other bits of truth

Mathematics M And Lateral Thinking T

Whiskey Philosophy: A Small Batch of Spirited Ideas

Who Owns Scotland


Reconfiguring the American Pacific: Narrative Reenactments of Viet Nam in Maxine Hong Kingston s The Fifth Book of Peace

Failure-free activities for the Alzheimer s patient: A guidebook for caregivers



Murder, she wrote: the genesis of Susan Glaspell s Trifles

Born free: A lioness of two worlds

the garden of eden

Dr. Amy Golahny Art 447 Spring 2010 The Demotion of Cupid

Border Crossing

The MM s Book

The Tribes of Baja California and P. Baegert s Book

This is a bibliography for Jeffrey s latest book: Altruistic Armadillos; Zen-Like Zebras: A Menagerie of 100 Favorite Animals (published by Ballantine in November

Future may be brighter, but it s apocalypse now

An Introduction to Postconservative Evangelicalism and the Rest of This Book

We all fall down

20th-century Italian women writers: the feminine experience

Soldiers and Civilians: The Martial Spirit in America, 1775-1865

Autonomy and rights: the moral foundations of liberalism

Moral arguments for theistic belief

Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge

Body count: Moral poverty--and how to win America s war against crime and drugs

Martin Buber and Immanuel Kant on mutual respect and the liberal state

Against public reason liberalism s accessibility requirement

Popular consent and popular control: Whig political theory in the early state constitutions

A discussion of rational and psychological decision-making theories and models: The search for a cultural-ethical decision-making model

Virtue ethics, Kantian ethics, and the one thought too many objection

The West

Moral arguments for theistic belief

Practical Reasoning in Natural Law Theories

Brouwer s intuitionism

A Critique of the Novel Contemporary Interpretation of 1 Timothy 2: 9-15 Given in the Book, Women in the Church. Part I

Green Christianity

Gospel of John

Revelation in the Fourth Gospel: Narrative mode and theological claim

Woman in the Bible

The resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth

Christ, the Experience of Jesus as Lord

The Church s Progress to the Council of Jerusalem according to the Book of Acts

The Medical History of the Reformers: Luther, Calvin, and Knox


Christ, the Experience of Jesus as Lord

Christ, the Experience of Jesus as Lord

Liberating the Gospels: Reading the Bible with Jewish Eyes: Freeing Jesus from 2,000 Years of Misunderstanding

Shepherds of the Night

The gospel according to St. John

Understanding the New Testament

Jesus for the non-religious

Library experiences of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans flood survivors

Sea-level changes: an integrated approach

The rabbit handbook

On the formation and structure of tropical hurricanes

Sauna, Secret Agent

Rural tourism: An annotated bibliography

A futuristics course: towards instilling a future-orientation in marketing students

State and local government and public-private partnerships: a policy-issues handbook

Wildland fire behavior case studies and analyses: other examples, methods, reporting standards, and some practical advice

Flying in adverse conditions

Handbook of emergy evaluation

Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in the United States

Ages in chaos

Neutrality of money versus stability of the price level-issues of monetary theory within the Austrian School of economics

Take 5

The canon of scripture

Letting silences speak: Deconstructing the discourse of rebuilding in post-earthquake Haiti

The transition handbook

Wrinkling time in the missionary task: a theological review of church planting movements methodology

The Music of the Jews: An Historical Appreciation

The Bible Code: Teaching Them [Wrong] Things

biological Essentialism and the Person

The Apocalypse in African-American Fiction

The anti-lynching movement, 1883-1932

Ida B. Wells-Barnett: An Exploratory Study of an American Black Woman, 1893-1930

Ida B. Wells-Barnett: An Exploratory Study of an American Black Woman, 1893-1930

Resounding Souls: Du Bois and the African American Literary Tradition

Autoethnography and self-reflection: tools for self-assessing intercultural competence

The black experience in contemporary America

The norton anthology of African American literature

The Social and Economic Consequences of Residential Fires

Fire and California vegetation

Ancient Pathways and Hidden Pursuits: Religion, Morals, and Magic in the Ancient World

Giordano Bruno and the Kabbalah: Prophets, Magicians, and Rabbis

The Book of Surprises (Kitab al-bulhan) of The Bodleian Library

God Herself: The Feminine Roots of Astrology

Urban informality as a new way of life

La razón estética

La sociología urbana en la sociedad de redes: de regreso al futuro

Recent Books from South Africa-Sept 2015 Mary Martin Booksellers Pte Ltd Blk 231, Bain Street# 03-‐05, Bras Basah Complex Singapore 180231

Constrained portfolio liquidation in a limit order book model

The Town Clock Burning: Poems

There is no Frigate like a Book

The Quarter Running Horse: America s Oldest Breed

Winds of exile: the poetry of Jorge Carrera Andrade

Professor Weissbrodt s Files: Topic List

The birth of the modern world, 1780-1914: global connections and comparisons

Winged Victory: The Army Air Forces in World War II

Sweet Killough let go your anchor

A Rising China s Rising Responsibilities

Encyclopedia of the European Union

IMO Publication

Islam in the modern world: a Christian perspective

Creating sanctuary in the school

Promiscuities: The secret struggle for womanhood

Scan this book

Pretend play in childhood: Foundation of adult creativity

Genre: An introduction to history, theory, research, and pedagogy

The Great Ocean Road from Where to Where

Coconut oil

The Current

Arts and Cultural Programming for Youth Facing Exclusion from the Labour Market

The good citizen: A history of American civic life

Critical perspectives on historical and contemporary issues about Africa and Black America

Curriculum design for black (African American) psychology

Developing resilience in urban youth

Research on biracial and multiracial identity development: Overview and synthesis

Applied behavior analysis

Mixed race relationships in the UK: An annotated bibliography of sources

The social norms approach: Theory, research, and annotated bibliography

Racial Identity Development and Psychological Coping Strategies of Undergraduate and Graduate African American Males

Introduction to e-commerce

Kids Poems: Teaching Kindergartners to Love Writing Poetry

This will change everything: ideas that will shape the future

Seduction of the Innocent

Imagetext, or, Why Art Spiegelman Doesn t Draw Comics

All about love: New visions

The archaic revival

God s Voice in the Stars

Second hand machinery and technical efficiency: An empirical analysis in the South African manufacturing industry

Emile [Book 1

Grateful Dead: The official book of the dead heads

Seeing and Consuming the Other Half: Ethnic Poverty as a Commodity in Jacob Riis s How the Other Half Lives

The Re-Inventions of Sherlock Holmes: A Study of the Fiction by Vithal Rajan, Jamyang Norbu and Neelum Saran Gour

Part I

Exploring Writing: paragraphs and essays

Irrigating Deserts with Moral Imagination

Crucial conversations: Interpreting contemporary American literary autobiographies by women

Cultural Diversity

Teaching ESL writing

Speech, writing, and sign: A functional view of linguistic representation

Content area reading

Cinema-(to)-graphy: Film and writing in contemporary composition courses

El bestiario inhumano. Sobre el Manual de zoología fantástica de Jorge Luis Borges y Margarita Guerrero


Viento del pueblo: de la voz a la imagen

Caballo de pica

Poesía universal: grandes poemas

Elie de Saint Gille: chanson de geste

Pablo Neruda s Verses: An Emblem of Love from Personal to Universal Echelon

Crónica de encuentro con el Pulgarcito de América

Aproximaciones a Pablo Neruda

¡ Es un libro

Una memoria de El Pais: 20 años de vida en una redaccio n

Lo vasco y los vascos en la Universidad Americana

The Ambiguity of the Beloved in Neruda s Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada

Laura Pettinaroli La politique russe du Saint-Siège (1905-1939) École Française de Rome, Rome 2015, 937 pp.[RESEÑA


Héctor Rojas Herazo y la búsqueda de la totalidad del hombre

Claves para una poética de la recepción del libro-álbum: Un lector inserto en una inmensa minoría

Eutanasia en el Tercer Reich:¿ Lecciones para hoy

Las sibilantes en la Romania

Rompo tus miembros uno a uno (Pablo Neruda). De la reificación a la destrucción en la iconografía literaria de la amada

Love Lyrics from the Bible: A Translation and Literary Study of the Song of Songs

La antología griega en España

African women south of the Sahara

easy reading

Pedagogical applications of corpora: Some reflections on the current scope and a wish list for future developments


Qui Tam: The False Claims Act and Related Federal Statutes


Prevalence of overweight and obesity among adolescentsin India: a systematic review

Les jeux sont fait? The state and legalized gambling

Structural interests in health care: reforming the UK medical profession

American foreign policy: theoretical essays

John Ruskin: the passionate moralist

John Ruskin: the passionate moralist

John Ruskin: the passionate moralist

Tracing the Genealogy of Art Instruction in Colonial Lahore: German Philosophy, Design Pedagogy and Nineteenth-Century England

The Painter of Modern Life and Other Essays (arts and Letters

John Ruskin: the passionate moralist

John Ruskin: the passionate moralist

The two paths

Oxford History of Art Subject DPhil Theses 1930 to present

Beacon Lights of History, Volume VII by John Lord

Carlyle and the Burden of History


Slaughterhouse-Five. 1969

Sesame and lilies

The natural history of religion

Beacon Lights of History, Volume VII by John Lord

The Origin of the Term Dismal Science to Describe Economics

Fragments from a History of Ruin

Willing to learn: Passages of personal discovery

Twins: genes, environment and the mystery of human identity

100 diagrams that changed the world: from the earliest cave paintings to the innovation of the iPod

The Growing Edge: Vermont Villages, 1840-1880




The significance of the frontier in American history

Fiji: a short history

The American Jewish Year Book, 5677

An annotated list of the fishes known to occur in Lake Champlain and its tributary waters

Identity Coherence in the Chronicler s Narrative: King Josiah as a Second David and a Second Saul

The Lady from Vermont: Dorothy Canfield Fisher s Life and World

Urban informality as a new way of life

Successful children

Netslaves. True tales of working the web

Situating within Society: Blueprints and Strategies for Media Labs

The tools and techniques of estate planning

Making the deal real: How GE Capital integrates acquisitions

The computer delusion


The road ahead

Midwest Creation Fellowship Library-by-Mail

From The Newgate Calendar to Sherlock Holmes

Virtues without rules: Ethics in the insight meditation movement

Understanding English Through Pictures: The Graded Direct Method of IA Richards

A science odyssey: 100 years of discovery

Chaucer s universe

What is Death

Understanding the Beginning of Genesis: Just How Many Beginnings Were There

The importance of confidence in leadership role: A qualitative study of the process following two Swedish leadership programmes Teresa Martha Söderhjelm

Phenomenology, postmodernism, and philosophical criminology: A conversational critique

Criminology and violence: Reflections on Elliott Currie s The Roots of Danger

Ring of McAllister

Modern inshore fishing gear: rigging and mending

South Sea Tales

A review of the analysis of fish remains in Chumash sites

Modern inshore fishing gear: rigging and mending


The thousand-year myth: Construction and characterization of Hmong

Homeownership and Community Building on the East Side of St. Paul

Escape from Laos

The thousand-year myth: Construction and characterization of Hmong

The thousand-year myth: Construction and characterization of Hmong

Transcultural otaku: Japanese representations of fandom and representations of Japan in anime/manga fan cultures

The search for the Manchurian candidate: The CIA and mind control

The ordeal of immigration in Wausau

Hmong elaborate expressions are coordinate compounds

Futures of Indigeneity: Spatiality, Identity Politics and Belonging

Iraq Campaign 2003: Royal Navy and Royal Marines

A Bibliography of Publications of George Marsaglia

Avaliação da glicose sérica em pingüim de magalhães (Spheniscus magellanicus Foster, 1781)(Sphenicidae-aves) em cativeiro

Generalized linear mixed models

Research methods in librarianship: Techniques and interpretation

Tekeli-li, Or, Hollow Earth Lives: A Bibliography of Antarctic Fiction

Bibliography-JUNGLE CROW (Dickschnabelkrähe)-Corvus macrorhynchos, Wagler


Statistical methods for the social sciences

Effect of the ocean environment on microbial activities: proceedings

The practices and context of pharmacotherapy of opioid dependence in South-East Asia and Western Pacific regions

How to align literacy instruction, assessment, and standards: And achieve results you never dreamed possible

Granger causality and unit roots

Guide to the management gurus: shortcuts to the ideas of leading management thinkers


Focus on Tuscany: the 2009s and 2008s

A Country Christmas

International business: The challenge of global competition

The Craft of Making Wine

New tech, new ties

Ontology development 101: A guide to creating your first ontology

As not seen on TV

The Complete Spice Book: From Allspice to Vanilla-the Ultimate Companion to the Ancient and Everyday Wonders on Your Spice Rack

Belfast: Great Joy, 1984■ Castro M. The Complete Homeopathy Handbook. London: Pan, 1990

Embodied ways of storying the self: A systematic review of body-mapping

Healing Touch: Trouble with Angels

c6. Bioenergetic Medicines

Tai chi, qi gong and reiki

Tai chi, qi gong and reiki

Book of Genesis: Should We Believe It

Seekers of the Alternative : Making Sense of the Self and the World Through Spiritual Practices in Estonia

Healing Through Touch: A History and a Review of the Physiological Evidence

A Reader in the Anthropology of Religion

Herbs of Natural Products That May Cause Cancer and Harm

Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological Treatment of Headaches in Early Modern Cretan Healing Manuals

Using results to get results

I love my Jeep, because its tough like me: The effect of product-personality congruence on product attachment

Evaluation of socio-cultural factors influencing consumer buying behaviour of clothes in Borno State, Nigeria

Moral character: hexis, habitus and habit

The future of the book in the digital age

The habit of surviving

Theorising habits of mind as a framework for learning

Web 2.0 storytelling: Emergence of a new genre

Cases in advertising and communications management

A survey on lean manufacturing implementation in Malaysian automotive industry

The Chinese Century


International framework agreements and global social dialogue: Parameters and prospects

Modularization in the auto industry: interlinked multiple hierarchies of product, production, and supplier systems

The history of policing in the United States

Anglo: Anglo American and the rise of modern South Africa

Delinquency and society

The mythology of crime and justice

Reality-centered people management: key to improved productivity

Business logistics management: Theory and practice

The Grandpa Book

case one

Two mommies is one too many

Great monsters of the movies

Some notes from the past

Contested Lieux de Mémoire in Central Europe: The Case of Devín and Brasov

Performing Sleep/Wake Cycles: An Arts-Science Dialogue through Embodied Technologies

Design of cities

A Fragile Beauty: John Nichols Milagro Country: Text and Photographs from His Life and Work

Rude Girls and Dangerous Women: Cartoons

The Disease Panic Behind Book of New Buddha and Book of Good Behaviors—On The Five Main Diseases in Tang and The Five Dynasties [J

The gold cook book

AuthorLast AuthorFull Media Comment Category

Transforming Our Lives

Are rednecks the unsung heroes of ecosystem management

A Guide to the Gods

The English Abbey: Its Life and Work in the Middle Ages

And Trouble Came


The Experience of Ulysses in Romanian

the Scottish Enlightenment

The Golden Age of Augustus

NUMA policies and their relation to memory architecture

Algorithm Design

Performance analysis of high performance computing applications on the amazon web services cloud

Anästhesiologische Aspekte roboterassistierter Eingriffe in einem neuen Team

Designing efficient algorithms for parallel computers

TRIPTYCH: An FPGA architecture with integrated logic and routing

Parallel computation: models and methods



The K balion

Feng shui paradigm as philosophy of sustainable design

Feng Shui: New Dimensions in Design

Assessing the Defence Industries of Second Tier Arms Producers: Japan and Sweden

Justice at nuremberg

The Last Assault: The Battle of the Bulge Reassessed

Pathfinder: a war autobiography

Training wheels for the command line

Emperor of the Moon

Dynamic Jahn-Teller effect for the E-term with allowance for phonon dispersion

Electronic textbooks: A pilot study of student e-reading habits

Bringing art into the elementary classroom

The mental health ministry of the local church

The Little Black Book of Connections: 6.5 Assets for Networking Your Way to Rich Relationships

Puzzle-based learning


Teaching thinking skills

The creative habit

Dalcroze eurhythmics in today s music classroom

The Rhetoric of Suffering: Reading the Book of Job in the Eighteenth Century

The writing road to reading

The power of visual learning and storytelling in early childhood education

Ocean acoustics

Habits of mind

Experiencing and engaging attributes in a sensory garden as part of a multi-sensory environment


The Book of Revelation


All the years of American popular music

Call Mama Doctor: African Notes of a Young Woman Doctor


Ethel Wilson and her works

Green grass, running water


James Fenimore Cooper

Film sound: Theory and practice

Angkor Wat: Time, space, and kingship

A history of Japanese music

2013 Issue No. 23—The Internet as Politicizing Instrument Gendered Uprisings: Desire, Revolution, and the Internet s Unintended Consequences

The Houses of Philip Johnson

Digital libraries and their challenges

Accounting, Social Innovation and Finance-Teaching financial literacy using double entry bookkeeping

Evaluation of the English language teacher education program in Turkey

Grown up digital

The cell in development and heredity

The cell in development and heredity

Human development: A life-span approach

Developing and training human resources in organizations

Contemporary cultural studies: an approach to the study of literature and society


New approaches to personality classification

The whole child: Developmental education for the early years

of Book: Anthropology beyond culture

The African textbook of clinical psychiatry and mental health

Thomas Lodge s Rosalynde and the Canary Islands


Early man and the ocean: A search for the beginnings of navigation and seaborne civilizations

Fragmentation, Orality and Magic Realism in Kezilahabi s Novel Nagona

Top of the World Books

Stalking the wild asparagus

AuthorLast AuthorFull Media Comment Category

TS Eliot s Daughter

The Eclogues, Georgics and Aeneid: of Virgil

Sea Adventures: Peter Dawlish (James Lennox Kerr), a Writer Amongst Artists

The sportsman s voice: Hunting and fishing in America

On Empire Collapse, State Fragmentation, and Balance of Power and Social Imaginaries in World History

Historicizing the Jupien Effect: Paratextual Anxieties In Eighteenth-century Critical Discourse

Historicizing the Jupien Effect: Paratextual Anxieties In Eighteenth-century Critical Discourse

The age of McCarthyism: A brief history with documents

Tappan on Survival

The sportsman s voice: Hunting and fishing in America

Meaning Of is

at this Library

Turkey as Other and being Othered-The images and representations of Turkey in Western Europe and the role they play in the othering of Turkey

Environmental Novels: An Annotated Bibliography


In the Wake of the Leonidas

Architects of victory: six heroes of the Cold War

The Neighbors of


Among the dead cities: was the allied bombing of civilians in WWII a necessity or a crime

The Supreme Court finds the mushball middle on affirmative action

Good Morning

Running a successful iGEM Team

Male masculinity as the celebration of failure: the frat pack, women, and the trauma of victimization in the―dude flick‖

Football coach s survival guide

Three Cheers for Three Nobels

Spinning the Globe

Professors of Paranoia

Character education: A book guide for teachers, librarians, and parents

An Analysis Of Non-Literal Meaning in Beyonce s Selected Song Lyrics

Mormon Vampires: The Twilight Saga and Religious Literacy

Looking up at down: The emergence of blues culture

Ladies of the Court


History and Development of Fashion

Creative Living Skills

The selling of gender identity

Creative Living Skills


How to motivate others through feedback

Ontology of the accident: an essay on destructive plasticity

Pathways of Hope

Guide to good prescribing: a practical manual

In a downturn, provoke your customers

Mainstreaming: A practical approach for teachers

Customer clubs and loyalty programmes: a practical guide

Financial institutions management: a modern perspective

The rhetorics of the past: History, argument, and collective memory

Choosing appropriate information systems research methodologies

Of New Oracles and New Earths

Guidebook to the geology of barringer meteorite crater, arizona (aka Meteor Crater

Rational theology and the creativity of God

No more secrets for me

Effect of vitamin C incorporation in live food on the larviculture success of aquaculture species

Chained on the rock: slavery in Bermuda

Pre-Publication Draft

A Preliminary Report on Excavations at the Humphrey and Lucy Chadbourne Site, 1995-2007

See It to Be It: Identifying Women as Major Players in American Commercial Musical Theatre

Miracles and Martyrdom: The Theology of a Yiddish-language Memorial Book of Hasidic Tales in the Context of Earlier Hasidic Hagiography

Character education: A book guide for teachers, librarians, and parents

Ten Years in Paradise


Social indicators and effects of marriage divorce in African societies

Passing on the faith: A radical new model for youth and family ministry

God Loves Sex

Charity begins at home: Generosity and self-interest among the philanthropic elite

Sisters in the Resistance: how women fought to free France, 1940-1945

Interdisciplinary study on the role and the evolution of anatomical theatres in the modern era: the first results of the THESA Project

Arms, Armor, and Other Military Objects

Arms, Armor, and Other Military Objects

Case History Application of piezoelectric and seismoelectrokinetic phenomena in exploration geophysics: Review of Russian and Israeli experiences

The Roman Empire: A Concise History of the First Two Centuries

Colosseum: Rome s arena of death

Learning About Self: Campbell Leadership Descriptor

Child Temperament and School Readiness: Surgency/extraversion, Negative Affect, Effortful Control, and Pre-academics in Preschool and Kindergarten


Language learning and awareness of personality type in Chinese settings


Heart: A natural history of the heart-filled life

Death by Chocolate: The Last Word on a Consuming Passion

Neurosciences and philosophy of mind: a reductive interpretation of the Mirror Neurons System(MNS


Ritual work on human flesh: Livy s Lucretia and the rape of the body politic

O Readigans Book List (History Only) Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Required texts

The Collected Poems

A Passion for Success: Practical

Defoe s Tour, Wales, and the Idea of Britishness

A bibliography of the entomology of the smaller British offshore islands

The islands of western Scotland: the Inner and Outer Hebrides

Published sources of information on wild plant species

Darwin s Atrophied Brain

The Irish red data book

Questions teachers ask about struggling readers and writers

Darwin s Atrophied Brain

Who let the blogs out

Introduced species: a significant component of human-caused global change

Teacher isolation and the new reform

The Effects of Problem-Based Learning Instruction on University Students Performance of Conceptual and Quantitative Problems in Gas Concepts

Reform in Brazilian electricity industry: the search for a new model

Beyond Pity

Meeting the educational needs of pupils with Down syndrome in mainstream secondary schools


Physical disability and human behavior

Inside the autistic mind

Reading before talking: Learning about mental abilities from children with Down syndrome

Psychosocial support for families of children with autism

Economic aspects of mental health in children and adolescents

Zen and the Way of the New Religions

Aiming to kill: the ethics of suicide and euthanasia

Meditations of the Walking Mendicant Taneda Santoka

The Phoenix of the Western World: Quetzalcoatl and the Sky Religion

Spiritual values for earth community

AnarChapters: Zhuangzi s Crazy Wisdom Da (o) Da (o) Spirituality

Zen and the Art of Writing

The iron cow of Zen

The Truth about The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Butterfly effects: synthesis, emergence, and transduction

Well-being in the workplace and its relationship to business outcomes: A review of the Gallup studies

Zen in the Art of Photography

A textbook of neurology

Psychiatric interviewing

Neurological and functional capacity outcome measures: essential to spinal cord injury clinical trials

Handbook of Mobilization in the Management of Children with Neurological Disorders

Clinical handbook of sleep disorders

A textbook of neurology

Low back and neck pain: Comprehensive diagnosis and management

Practical clinical neurology

Principles of critical care

Control of colloid stability through zeta potential

The human body book

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: the architectural papers

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: architect and artist

The Unfinished Nation: A Concise History of the American People, Volume II

Oaxaca al Gusto

New Books in Mellon Library in May Fiction

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: the architectural papers

Organising and Accessing Physical and Digital Objects

Quick guide to creative/artistic material about Black Mountain

O olho do furacão: a África Austral no contexto da Guerra Fria (década de 70

Brochs of Scotland

Good Luck Life

Grand Tour Revisited: Thomas Gray s Journey to France and Italy from 1739 to 1741 with a Commentary Following the Same Route


Why kids lie: How parents can encourage truthfulness

Ultimate back fitness and performance

The Challenges and Realities of Work-Family Balance among Nigerian Female Doctors and Nurses

Business process management: the third wave

Sexualities in health and social care

The Making Of The English Middle Class: Business, Society And Family Life In London

Urban economics

What makes great boards great

Psychological well-being and health. Contributions of positive psychology

An Asian Avant-garde: a lexicon of Asian Modernity

Clusters and the new economics of competition

On the contrary: The protocol of traditional rhetoric

The hungry stream: essays on emigration and famine

Harbrace college handbook

From citizen to migrant: The scope of child statelessness in the twenty-first century

The history of public address as an academic study


Including books from previous years in special collections added to the Music Library

The twentieth-century world and beyond: An international history since 1900

A theology of liberation: History, politics, and salvation

The twentieth-century world and beyond: An international history since 1900

The American Journey

Ethics in speech events: A replication and extension

Comparative study of English Education Instruction in Spain and Finland

Biology, visualizing life

Watchmen: The Graphic Novel as Trauma Fiction

AMERICAN FEDERALISM Spring 2008 Mr. Zimmerman

Ben Hecht: The Old New Journalist

Australian electoral reform and two concepts of representation


Why People Should Not Be Poor

From hegemony to convergence: Party system and electoral politics in the Indian states, 1952-2002

Bound hand and foot and handed over to the caste Hindus

The political representation of women and ethnic minorities in established democracies: A framework for comparative research

Roots of Ambedkar Buddhism in Kanpur

The political construction of caste in South India

Comparative studies of electoral gender quotas

Teaching defiance: stories and strategies for activist educators: a book written in wartime

Indian Dalit Literature Quest for Identity to Social Equality

Evolution of Historical Consciousness Among Dalit Women with Special Reference to Chamar s of Uttar Pradesh

Understanding the persistence of caste: A commentary on Cotterill, Sidanius, Bhardwaj and Kumar (2014

Understanding the persistence of caste: A commentary on Cotterill, Sidanius, Bhardwaj and Kumar (2014

Restructured Template 2012-2013

You re only as good as your last game: Remember the Titans (2000) remembers civil rights

Book tackles old debate: Role of art in schools


Sweet Killough let go your anchor

In their own words: A study of gang members through their own perspective

The story of V: opening Pandora s box

End of the Line: The Rise and Fall of AT T

Mixed boundary value problems of potential theory and their applications in engineering

Singapore as model: Planning innovations, knowledge experts

The age of intelligent machines

Urban economic growth and poverty reduction

Industrial economics

Nothing as practical as good theory: Exploring theory-based evaluation for comprehensive community initiatives for children and families

Policy integration in practice: some experiences of integrating transport, land-use planning and environmental policies in local government

Urbanization in China: Policy issues and options

The international monetary system and the case for a world currency

Comparing national competitive performance: An economic analysis of World Economic Forum s competitiveness index

Financial stability and monetary policy: How closely interlinked

Monetary policy and exchange rate frameworks: The Indian experience

The World Bank and the IMF in a Changed World

Structural changes in India s foreign trade

Transforming India

The Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain and Ireland, 3 Volume Set

Urban economies: analysis and policy

Selected readings on the history and use of old livestock breeds

Converging media

Beyond transaction costs: e-commerce and the power of the Internet dataspace

Full metal jacket

101 eBay seller secrets revealed

301 ways to use social media to boost your marketing

Enhancing student learning of enterprise integration and business process orientation through an ERP business simulation game

Strategy and the Internet

Crystal ball


Murder Among the Mighty: Celebrity Slayings that Shocked America

Special Series: Message for the Age of Human Rights—What Does the Third Millennium Require?(2


Fantasy and Pedagogy: The Use of Fantasy in College Classrooms

I was a Teenage Fascist

L influence des onomatopées anglaises sur les onomatopées françaises et finnoises dans la bande dessinée


Ring O Roses

Freight train graffiti



Islam: The straight path

MusicXML: An internet-friendly format for sheet music

SQL server 2000: A beginner s guide

XML and SOAP programming for BizTalk servers

Handbook of public and community health nursing practice: a health promotion guide

3-D Graphics Programming with OpenGL

Young adult book cover analysis

OpenNT: UNIX application portability to Windows NT via an alternative environment subsystem

Computer programming for geographers

The potential of kinect in education

Core questions in philosophy: A text with readings

Safe passage to healing: A guide for survivors of ritual abuse

Handbook of philosophical logic

Freight train

Madam secretary


When Evangelical Christians Object to the Use of Hypnosis

Accuracy, Risk, and the Principle of Indifference (forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

Anatomy of God

BOOK: Just Caring: Health Care Rationing and Democratic Deliberation (Oxford University Press, 2009), 480 pages.Community-Based Dialogue: Engaging

Multiagent systems

Incidence of Diabetes among Native American Population

The Escalating Incidence of Late Onset of Diabetes II-Strategies and Remedies for use on a Personal Basis

Facial growth and facial orthopedics

Type 2 diabetes: practical targets and treatments

A community-based approach to diabetes control in multiple cultural groups

Predictors of self-care behavior in adults with type 2 diabetes: an RRNeST study

Crying: The mystery of tears

Movement matters: the experiences of students and their teacher involved in a combined physical activity and academic program Curriculum and identity

Great Race of the Birds and Animals

Mir avtora i struktura teksta: stat io russkoi literature

Eskimo poems from Canada and Greenland

Science Fiction

Diary of a Wombat

Eskimo poems from Canada and Greenland

The Canterbury Tales: A Reading

Putrid meat and fish in the eurasian middle and upper paleolithic: Are we missing a key part of neanderthal and modern human diet

Books are available in hardcopy or ebooks

Kipling: the Glass, the Shadow and the Fire

Strategies for working with military couples in hope focused couples approach

Comparing Personality Traits, Mental Health and Self-Esteem in Users and Non-Users of Social Networks

Wife battering: A systems theory approach

Domestic violence in the African American community

Violence between intimate partners: Patterns, causes, and effects

Keeping the faith: Questions and answers for the abused women

Justifiable homicide: Battered women, self-defense, and the law

Community policing and domestic violence: Five promising practices

The effect of economic crisis on youth precariousness in Nairobi: An analysis of itinerary to adulthood of three generations of men and women

In The Prepositional State

compared to our own.Tomorrow s News Today will allow us to videotape our

Ratio: Children s strategies and errors: A report of the strategies and errors in secondary mathematics project


Your money or your life

Professional learning in the learning profession

Allyn and Bacon quick guide to the Internet for social work

A guide (and advice) for economists on the US junior academic job market

History of communication study

Entrepreneurship education: Emerging trends and challenges for the 21st century

Developing your leadership pipeline

Mexico in the global economy: High technology and work organization in export industries

Methodological Appendix for Sizing the Clean Economy: A National and Regional Green Jobs Assessment

Public and private high schools: The impact of communities

Two-way Aboriginal schooling: Education and cultural survival

Place Where Voices Resound: Toni Morrison s Jazz

Something Special-Modern Classics-Very Highly Recommended

Rothschild, L.(2017). Book Review. The Cut and the building of Psychoanalysis, Volume 1: Sigmund Freud and Emma Eckstein. By Carlo Bonomi, Routledge

We are living in a period which constantly threatens to annihilate not only our personality but our very identity.—Henry Miller,First Impressions of Greece

The American Transcendentalists: Their Prose and Poetry

Warren s abstract machine: a tutorial reconstruction

Antifragile: how to live in a world we don t understand

Don t Tell Mama!: The Penguin Book of Italian American Writing

Tracing Governmental-Naxal-Tribal nexus: Focusing on the resource-rich region of Bastar in Chhattisgarh through Human Rights Lens

Wales. With his colleague Ann Game, he wrote Passionate Sociology (Sage, London, 1996), and they have just completed another book entitled Doing Nothing

Toward a theory of comic book communication

Canes drop fourth consecutive game, lose to Maple Leafs 4-0

Starring roles: how movie stardom in Hollywood is won and lost

Ice time: Climate, science, and life on Earth

Changing the game with innovations

Australia the Beautiful Cokbook

Schweizer Heldengeschichten-und was dahintersteckt

Eleven at No. 10: A Personal View of Prime Ministers 1931-1984

Eleven at No. 10: A Personal View of Prime Ministers 1931-1984

In two minds: Dual processes and beyond

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: The Significance of Color in A Visit From the Goon Squad

The big book of business games: icebreakers, creativity exercises, and meeting energizers

Sinusoidal analysis and modeling of weakly nonlinear circuits: with application to nonlinear interference effects

Northern lights: The soccer trails

The Complete Book of Offensi e Basketball Drills: Game-Changing Drills from Around the orld

The hockey stick illusion: Climategate and the corruption of science

In Your Face, in Your Heart: The Joe Cronin Story

Thirteen against the Bank

Midnight s Furies


Lam caesium 2: 15 Mm I—JL-u 5, 4. rum mu fl/Vfixéymtaéfifygs

Weather indexes for developing countries

Calling the Moon By Name

Game, Set and Glory: A History of the Australian Tennis Championships

Red Sky at Night

Healing gardens in hospitals

Simon Schuster handbook for writers

Wired to connect: Neuroscience, relationships, and therapy

The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health

The healthy house answer book: answers to the 133 most commonly asked questions

The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health

Practical issues in calculating the sample size for prevalence studies


10% Human: How Your Body s Microbes Hold the Key to Health and Happiness

The Tibetan book of living and dying

13 Ghosts of Halloween

A woman s choice: New options in the treatment of breast cancer

Biopsy pathology of the breast

MUHC Standards for Developing Effective Written Patient Learning Materials

Predatory Marketing: What Everyone in Business Needs to Know to Win Today s Consumer


Honest Dogs: A Story of Triumph and Regret from the World s Toughest Sled Dog Race

Run for the wall: Remembering Vietnam on a motorcycle pilgrimage

The Velocity of Money

New Books in the Mellon Library in December

Determinants of successful organisational innovation: a review of current research

Бібліографічний покажчик видань іноземними мовами бібліотеки Львівського державного університету фізичної культури: наук. вид

When Funerals Fail: Funerals Through the Lens of Interaction Ritual Theory

The American Motorcycle Girls, 1900-1950: A Photographic History of Early Women Motorcyclists

Martin Amis: The wunderkind comes of age

Turning the tables: restaurants from the inside out

bibliography was simply too long to publish in the book itself, so readers have been redirected to this website. I would be glad to hear of any books I missed, or

Idiopathic lobular panniculitis (Weber Christian disease): A case report

The Usborne Internet-linked encyclopedia of world religions

Experimental transmissions of Leishmania mexicana amazonesnisLainson Shaw, between hamsters by the bite of Lutzomyia flaviscutellata (Mangabeira

Office of Academic Affairs

BIC Discount Codes (last updated 2 January 2013

Toward a new ethic for watching dolphins and whales

Études mongoles et sibériennes, centrasiatiques et tibétaines

Many Battles: The Autobiography of Ernest Gruening

Research and Indigenous Peoples

Mortality, Senescence, and Life Span

Obesity: Behavioral approaches to dietary management

The Bankruptcy of the Prosperity Gospel: An Exercise in Biblical and Theological Ethics

Tools for teaching and learning in fashion that contribute to all our collective futures

Beyond boredom and anxiety

Tolkien Encyclopedia: Theme Index

Black Book of Satan

Keepers of the forest: land management alternatives in Southeast Asia

Paul s Christmas Birthday

Blond Barbarians and Noble Savages


The Free Soilers: Third Party Politics, 1848-54

Jamaica Kincaid

Ethics, Subjectivity and Truth: Essential Works of Foucault 1954-1984 (Vol. 1

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form by any electronic or mechanical means (including photocopying, recording, or

L. Husson, La migration maduraise vers l Est de Java; manger le vent ou gratter la terre ? Paris: L Harmattan, 1995 2-7384-33329-4

Understanding organizations: A sociological perspective

Sociology of family life

Sociology of family life

World regional geography: issues for today

The mentally ill in contemporary society: a sociological introduction

A history of civilizations

Sociology: an introduction


An introduction to the sociology of learning

Aesthetics and the Sociology of Art

Seeing Things

Social policy in Australia: Understanding for action

Fundamentals of social research

Race and ethnicity in the United States

Psychology: An introduction to a behavioral science

Essentials of sociology

Sociology: an introduction

Seed priming and phosphorus application enhance phenology and dry matter production of wheat

Breaking the Waves: Innovation at the Intersections of Economic Development Policy

Canola breeding in the seventies-a personal look back

Exploratory data analysis

University-industry-government: The triple helix model of innovation

The Debt Crisis and Financial Stability: The Future: Proceedings of a Conference Held at Pace University, New York City, in March 1985

Seeking to Understand the Politics Of Immigration in Tennessee


Race, Caste and Tribe in Central India: the early origins of Indian anthropometry

How good people make tough choices


Unlimited wealth

On free choice of the will

The post-traumatic stress disorder sourcebook

Spiritualism Clairvoyance for Beginners: Simple Techniques to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

I teach: A guide to inspiring classroom leadership

Divine rest for human restlessness

Voices within the ark: The modern Jewish poets

Who Got into the Slavery Business in Shenandoah. County

History of the medical home concept

Come with me, sweetest sister : Unravelling the Enigma of Sacred Sisterhood in Aurora Leigh by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Goblin Market by Christina

Pentecostal women in ministry: Where do we go from here

what it is. Giant creatures that fly called dragons, creatures made of stone called trolls, or golems, and the always popular group of witches and wizards. All

Witch Hunt: The Revival of Heresy

Goddesses and witches: liberation and countercultural feminism

Towards an Academic Study of British Wicca: An Investigation Into Its Origins

Amazing Facts, Inc

Teen Witches, Wiccans, and Wanna-Blessed-Be s: Pop-Culture Magic in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The principles of switching circuits

Feedback control of dynamic systems

Digital VLSI chip design with Cadence and Synopsys CAD tools

Modern switching theory and digital design

Principles of data conversion system design

Glass News

The Landscape of Anglo-Saxon England

Roadside settlements in lowland Roman Britain: a gazetteer and study of their origins, growth and decline, property boundaries and cemeteries

Treasures of Ireland: Irish pagan early Christian art

The British Marxist historians: an introductory analysis

Geoffrey of Monmouth

The New Dark Ages Conspiracy

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur s Court (1889

Inclusive education: Achieving education for all by including those with disabilities and special education needs

Mapping the social landscape: Readings in sociology

Who s not yet here? American disability history

Dilemmas of the individual in public services

Billy the King

Young Hamlet: essays on Shakespeare s tragedies

Book Review Modern Molecular Photochemistry of Organic Molecules

Restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses in Japanese: Antisymmetric approach

The role of librarians in the age of Internet

Remitting faith practices. Comparing the experiences of two indigenous towns in Oaxaca, Mexico

Grace Paley s life stories: a literary biography

Some like it hot

Fighting Segregation, Threats, and Dynamite: Rabbi William B. Silverman s Nashville Battle

John F. Kennedy and the second reconstruction

A new religious America

International Migration as an Obstacle to Achieving World Stability

Escape from Freedom: What s The Matter With Tom Frank (And The Lefties Who Love Him

The Raggedness of Prison Privatization: Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and the United States Compared

Dollars and Dreams: The National Youth Administration in Texas

Leaving Western Civ Behind

Ecosystems then and now: A historical-ecological approach to ecosystem management

Lewis Clark: A Photographic Journey

What ever happened to the first peoples of the Columbia

Firefly: Updating the Western (for the Twenty-Sixth Century) I. Introduction

JEAN HERSHOLT (12 July 1886, Copenhagen, Denmark—2 June 1956, Hollywood). From Leonard Maltin s film encyclopedia:Born

Pioneers of faith

The Sociology of Mysticism

Overview And Guide for Wiccans In the Military

A Better Burden: Towards a New Ásatrú Theology

A Practical Guide to Witchcraft and Magick Spells


Assessment and preservation of tree diversity of Uttar Pradesh, India

Faculty Details proforma for DU Web-site

G-Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

Endemic and threatened taxa of Jabalpur district central Madhya Pradesh, India

Endemic and threatened taxa of Jabalpur district central Madhya Pradesh, India

Medicinal Pteridophytes of Madhya Pradesh

Book Review: The State of India s Environment 1982-A Citizen s Report

Ethnomedicinal plants used by the tribals of district Sabarkantha, Gujarat, India

Blood groups in man

Angiospermic flora of Borail Wildlife Sanctuary (BWS) in Assam, India: First report

Ritual Plants Used by Indigenous and Ethnic Societies of District Bouswara (South Rajasthan), India

Diversity of Pteridophytes in miniature sacred forests of Kanyakumari district, southern Western Ghats

Species composition and diversity of vegetation developing on an age series of coal mine spoil in an open cast coal field in Orissa, India


Ethnomedicinal uses of herbs from northern part of Nara desert, Pakistan

Ethnobotany of Tharus of Dudhwa national park, India

Tree species diversity and soil nutrient status in three sites of tropical dry deciduous forest of western India

Vegetation and floristic studies in Nallamalais, Andhra Pradesh, India

flora of New Zealand

Dye yielding plants used by tribals of Dhar district, Madhya Pradesh, India

Flora of Telangana: The 29th State of India

A taxonomic revision of the Capparis spinosa group (Capparaceae) from eastern Africa to Oceania

Ritual Plants Used by Indigenous and Ethnic Societies of District Bouswara (South Rajasthan), India

Community study of plants species in coastal areas of Mohana and old Digha of Purba Medinipur District with special reference to Eco-sustenance

Family secrets: what you don t know can hurt you

Kabul Girls Soccer Club

Ancestors: Nine Hundred Years in the Life of a Chinese Family


Essential Shakespeare Handbook

Young Hamlet: essays on Shakespeare s tragedies

Teaching Shakespeare to Japanese High School Students

Virgil Thomson: Vignettes of His Life and Times

Critical Essays on Henry Fielding


Modulhandbuch des Bachelor-Studiengangs Information Engineering

Human communication theory


Digital communications and spread spectrum systems

Principles of communications: systems, modulation, and noise

Advertising: Principles and practice

Error-control techniques for digital communication

Textbook of Inmmunopharmacology

Man made language

The origin of mind

A Guide to the Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Nye County, Nevada

The Black Lizard Big Book of Black Mask Stories

Cover to cover

On the trail of an uncertain dream: Indian immigrant experience in America

Gravity s Rainbow (1973

The Ghost of John Wayne

All the years of American popular music

Listening to your life

Hate and the Internet

Wisdom theology and the centre of Old Testament theology

The trouble with wilderness

Is Islam Peaceful or Violent: Comparing Islam and Christianity to Reveal the Propaganda of Terrorism

The Wilderness War: A Narrative

Advents of the Spirit: An introduction to the current study of pneumatology

Portrait of a Marriage


Hard Won Wisdom: More Than 50 Extraordinary Women Mentor You to Find Self-awareness, Perspective and Balance

Reengineering management

The book of Revelation

Trauma and the nature of evil

Spiritual warfare and missions

China witness: voices from a silent generation

Meditaciones del Quijote ideas sobre la novela

Magritte/Torczyner: letters between friends

Sleeping with Monsters: Conversations with Scottish and Irish Women Poets

Senegalia berlandieri, S. greggii and S. wrightii hybrids (Fabaceae: Mimosoideae) in Texas and adjacent Mexico

Downtime at New Year? It s Filled

American Art, 1750-1800: Towards Independence

Peacock Pie, a Book of Rhymes, by Walter de La Mare

Huguenot Library Catalog

Nurturing affinity spaces and game-based learning

The 100 greatest albums in Christian music

Have Many Lies Accumulated in History Books ?: The Holocaust in Ashkenazi Haredi Historical Consciousness in Israel

Remembering the Holocaust in Germany, 1945-2000: German strategies and Jewish responses

The jewish enemy

1939: the making of the Second World War

Beyond the Ashes: Cases of Reincarnation from the Holocaust

The Holocaust in history

The Holocaust and the literary imagination

Holocaust studies: reflections and predictions

The war of the doomed: Jewish armed resistance in Poland, 1942-1944

North Korea: Is Strategic Patience the Correct Approach

Reducing the threat of nuclear theft and sabotage

Plutonium Production in India and the US-India Nuclear Deal

The multilevel multidimensional networks of complex urban systems

The need for regional anti-congestion policies

Islamic Medicine: 1000 years ahead of its times

A world wide web without walls

Prospects for West European Security Co-operation

Understanding Weapons and Arms Control: A Guide to the Issues

China s Nuclear Arsenal: Status and Evolution

Burn-up Dependence of Proliferation Attributes of Plutonium from Spent LWR Fuel



Commission diplomacy

The European Union and the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons

A Selected Bibliography of Publications by, and about, Leo Szilard

Principles for Reforming the Nuclear Order

The NPT, IAEA Safeguards and Peaceful Nuclear Energy: An Inalienable Right, But Preciely to What

Could Terrorists Produce Low-Yield Nuclear Weapons

The unreasonable effectiveness of data

Análisis interactivo gráfico de sistemas eléctricos de distribución primaria

Bases de datos

Modelo de proceso de la Ingeniería de la Usabilidad. Integración de la ingeniería del Software y la de la Usabilidad

CICS/VS command level programming techniques

Profile of Fishermen Migration in Nigeria and Implications for a Sustainable Livelihood

Realidad Aumentada: Una Alternativa Metodológica en la Educación Primaria Nicaragüense

An Overview of Data Warehouse Design Approaches and Techniques

Lucas Fernández and Two of his Intertexts: Fernando de Rojas s La Celestina and Diego de San Pedro s Passión trobada

SIG: Sistemas de información geográfica

Nuevos puestos de trabajo y competencias laborales

Historia y comunicación social

Esterilidad y Reproducción Asistida: Una perspectiva histórica

Formación de formadores: Estado de la práctica

Un enfoque práctico para reusar Aspectos en ASPECTJ

The kind of problem a city is

The significance of the frontier in American history

The significance of the frontier in American history

The significance of the frontier in American history

When and where I enter

History and the future of scholarly publishing

A brief history of decision support systems

The true and tragical history of Time on the Cross

Historical and Archæological Society



Mumby s publishing and bookselling in the twentieth century

A brief history of decision support systems

Mumby s publishing and bookselling in the twentieth century

Portrayals of Immigrants in Trade Books (1880-1930s 1980-2010s

Portrayals of Immigrants in Trade Books (1880-1930s 1980-2010s

CENSUS-the Constitutional Count

The paradise of bachelors and the Tartarus of maids


Every man a speculator: A history of Wall Street in American life

A book for boys and girls

The Maryland Germans

Reviews and reflections

Brokeback mountain: Story to screenplay


Out of thin air: The brief wonderful life of network news

In Ferguson, black town, white power

Methodological particularities in teaching business vocabulary

The winner within

The student-centered classroom

US Offices of Inspector General: A Contemporary Overview

Calling Upon the Genius Housing Policy in the Great Society, Part Three

Reforming the United Nations: Lessons from a history in progress

The Journal of the National Association of Bond Lawyers

Moral politics: What conservatives know that liberals don t

Trollope, the Barsetshire Novels, The Warden, Barchester Towers, Doctor Thorne, Framley Parsonage, The Small House at Allington, The Last Chronicle of

LanguageR. R package

exploring mathematical concepts through writing

Unspeakable Things Unspoken: T he A fro-American Presence in American Literature

The Book of the Duchess

Speech and language delay in children

Working Papers No. 146 February 1998

The Image of the White Movement in the Soviet Films of 1930s-1940s

Farewell Essay from the Outgoing Chair

Book-tax conformity and the informativeness of earnings

A Vision of Reality

The show business nobody knows

Addressing the Challenges of Russia s Failing State: The Legacy of Gorbachev and the Promise of Putin

Architecture: Residential drawing and design

Art direction+ editorial design

Designing media

Spanish-American women writers: a bibliographical research checklist

The Little, Brown Essential Handbook for Writers

Surface Mount Technology: materials, processes, and equipment

Electronic materials and devices

Balor with the evil eye: Studies in Celtic and French literature

The physics and chemistry of materials

512. Defect diagnostics in devices via acoustic emission

Monotone iterative method and adaptive finite volume method for parallel numerical simulation of submicron MOSFET devices

Quantum transport and dissipation


Electronic materials and devices

Microwave ultrasonics in solid state physics

Rotational structure in the spectra of diatomic molecules

Microwave ultrasonics in solid state physics

Educative accountability: Theory, practice, policy, and research in educational administration

Jamestown, the buried truth

New Books in Mellon Library in December

Hiberno-Norwegians and Anglo-Danes : anachronistic ethnicities and Viking-Age England

The American Revolution, 1763-1783

Women and Wagoners: Camp Followers in the American War for Independence

American labor radicalism: testimonies and interpretations

SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY 2 TH 6702 ONLINE—Winter-Spring Semester January 19-May 24, 2015 Professor Timothy K. Christian, D. Min.; Th. D


Black Masculinity and the Frontier Myth in American Literature

Voices of Joy, Voices of Freedom: Ethel Waters, Sammy Davis, Jr., Marian Anderson, Paul Robeson, Lena Horne

The Book, the Ring, the Poet: A Biography of Robert Browning

Herstory: Women who changed the world

Coleman Library Connection

More Than Slaves: Black Founders, Benjamin Banneker, and Critical Intellectual Agency

Side by Side: The Story of Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez

The plague of the Spanish lady: the influenza pandemic of 1918-1919

The River

Interior design for libraries

Information and cognitive overload

Ingmar Bergman s Appropriations of the Images of Death in The Seventh Seal

Turtles and tortoises: everything about selection, care, nutrition, housing, and behavior

Educator s Deskbook of Ideas and Activities from Award-winning Teachers

The creative habit


Hypertext Non-Fiction: Seven

The ship that hunted itself

The Lighting Book

Word fugitives

How Could a Commoner Write Such Great Plays

The web and the rock


Crush it

Critiques of God

Inner and outer peace through meditation

Telling tales: Living the effects of public policy

Religious practice

Clinical pharmacology for nurses

Religion and sexuality: Individuality, choice and sexual rights in Nigerian Christianity

Introduction to linear algebra

Introduction to linear algebra

Introduction to linear algebra

Introduction to linear algebra

Introduction to linear algebra

Introduction to linear algebra

Numerical optimization techniques

Dynamic programming and optimal control

Introduction to linear goal programming

An introduction to linear programming

Finite element analysis: from concepts to applications

Introduction to linear goal programming

Dynamic programming and optimal control

Present position

Development of a supported self-help book prescription scheme in primary care

The physics of consciousness

R. br. Naslov Autor God. izd. Izdavač ISBN

Quantum Mechanics; Non-relativistic Theory

Particles and quantum fields

Introduction to particle physics

Particles and quantum fields

From Principles to Diagrams

Geometry of supersymmetric gauge theories: including an introduction to BRS differential algebras and anomalies

Fortran 95/2003 Explained

Participation in the compressed baryonic matter experiment at FAIR

From QED to the Standard Model

Department of Physics, Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Symmetry in Physics, Volume 1 and 2

Symmetry in Physics, Volume 1 and 2

Introduction to Mechanics and Symmetry

A unified physics by 2050

Physical Phenomena at High Magnetic Fields

Stephen Hawking s 60 years in a nutshell

Process intensification: transforming chemical engineering

Chemical kinetics and catalysis

Chemistry for environmental engineers

Chemical and process equipment design: vessel design and selection

Chemistry for environmental engineers

CODATA key values for thermodynamics

Optimal control and system theory in dynamic economic analysis

Stroud pounds: A local currency to map, measure and strengthen the local economy

Piltdown man: the secret life of Charles Dawson the world s greatest archaeological hoax

Social psychology: The theory and application of symbolic interactionism


Part I Conceptions of Leadership

Dividing Antarctica: The Work of the Seventh International Geographical Congress in Berlin 1899

Scott of the Antarctic: a Life of Courage and Tragedy in the Extreme South

Scott of the Antarctic: a Life of Courage and Tragedy in the Extreme South

Antarctic Dreams

Isolation, connectedness and the uses of text in Heroic-Era Antarctica: the cases of Inexpressible and Elephant Islands

Under the Scott-light: British Government Seen Through the Scott Report

Tekeli-li, Or, Hollow Earth Lives: A Bibliography of Antarctic Fiction

To the Bitter End

Living with the Legacy of Impunity: Lessons for South Africa about truth, justice and crime in Brazil

The Legend Of Etah

Fiennes, Ranulph. Living Dangerously

Beyond the Heroic Stereotype: Sidney Jeffryes and the Mythologising of Australian Antarctic History

A history of polar exploration

22nd International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems

Non-isothermal reaction analysis

Interaction of metals and gases

Ideas and Researches on Physical Concepts in India

Inorganic and composite ion exchange materials and their applications

Problem solving in chemical and biochemical engineering with POLYMATH, Excel, and MATLAB

Ellipsometry and polarized light

High-temperature ordered intermetallic alloys II

Why women still can t have it all

The five minds of a manager

Sustainability Principles used to Sustain the Drive towards Teaching Excellence

The effectiveness of counter-terrorism strategies

Successful simulation: a practical approach to simulation projects

Flow and the psychology of discovery and invention

Work, play, and type: Achieving balance in your life

Time management for dummies

Time management for dummies


Time Management

Managing productivity

How to Work the Competition Into the Ground and Have Fun Doing it: A Proven Program to Raise Your Personal Productivity

Web redesign 2.0: workflow that works

How to implement a new strategy without disrupting your organization

Behavior management

Of water and the spirit: Ritual, magic, and initiation in the life of an African shaman

Three books of occult philosophy

The Art Meaning of Magic

The Art Meaning of Magic

The Influence of Egypt on the Modern Western Mystery Tradition: The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor

PERSILES RETORT:«An Alchemical Angle on the Lovers Labors

The Promise Key

Regulating business via multistakeholder initiatives: A preliminary assessment

Matrix management systems handbook

New dependencies: FDI and the cross-country diffusion of ISO 14001 management systems

Urban land use planning

Water quality control handbook

Global scenarios in historical perspective

OLDS Maternal-Newborn Nursing Women s Health Across the Lifespan

Managing quality for higher profits: A guide for business executives and quality managers


Green marketing

Health in the New Age: A study of California holistic practices

Martindale: the complete drug reference

Infant feeding nutrition for primary care

Exclusively Female: A Nutrition Guide for Better Menstrual Health

Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs

Phytotherapeutic Molecules Antioxidants: A Novel Secure Approach of Cancer Prevention

Goji juice: a novel miraculous cure for longevity and well-being? A review on composition, pharmacology, health-related claims and benefits

Role of dietary intake and biomarkers in risk of breast cancer: a case control study

The Way of the Skeptical Nutritionist: A Strategy for Designing Your Own Nutritional Profile

Ain t IA Woman!: A Book of Women s Poetry From Around the World

A Mother s Heart

The dream of Poliphilo: The soul in love


Toward a Programme of Imperial Life: The British Empire at the Turn of the Century

Love wins

The Grand Duke s Woman: The Story of the Morganatic Marriage of Michael Romanoff, the Tsar Nicholas II s Brother and Nathalia Cheremetevskaya


Al-Ghazzali On Reckoning and Guarding

AOL s disturbing glimpse into users lives

The Berry family of Norwich: The rise and fall of a book trade dynasty

Conflict, East Vs West and Inferiority Complex in Orhan Pamuk s The Silent House

Creative Musings of Ledia Runnels

Seeking Newer Worlds: An Historical Context for Space Exploration

A Study Room Guide to Remoteness

New Acquisitions

Study and research of gamification design

Re-inventing the Literary Exhibition: Exhibiting (Dialogical and Subversive) Art on (James Joyce s) Literature

A Matter of Passion: A Conversation with Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Native Title Corporations

A Matter of Passion: A Conversation with Christo and Jeanne-Claude

A Matter of Passion: A Conversation with Christo and Jeanne-Claude

What Business Are You In

AWorld of Art

A Matter of Passion: A Conversation with Christo and Jeanne-Claude



Submerging coasts: the effects of a rising sea level on coastal environments

Aramis, or, The love of technology

Ellenberg s indicator values for British plants. ECOFACT Volume 2 Technical Annex

Ellenberg s indicator values for British plants. ECOFACT Volume 2 Technical Annex

Tetrahymena pyriformis as a valuable unicellular animal model organism for determination of xenobiotics

Seasons of the Wind: a naturalist s look at the plant life of southwestern sand dunes

An analysis of National Vegetation Classification survey data

Ecotoxicology: why is it a discipline of growing importance

Inventing Agriculture in Southern California

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The American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California and Imperial Valley Agricultural Labor Disturbances, 1930, 1934

The Script

Plenty: one man, one woman, and a raucous year of eating locally

History 901 Proseminar in American History

Mrs. Lincoln: A Life


Make Your Vote Count In 2008

Ecological psychology: Concepts and methods for studying the environment of human behavior


The discovery of the unconscious: The history and evolution of dynamic psychiatry

Government and labor in early America

Where God is Glorified, Saints are Sanctified, and Lives are Changed

Secretary of State State Librarian

That s Not Funny: Pages on How the Demon Clown of Gotham City Learned (Not) to Love and What That Has to Do with Anything, Like Maybe the American

Public Library Programming for Youth: Creative Writing as a Tool for Literacy and Adolescent Development

Defining Fantasy

The book of Eli

Restless Readings-Involution, Aesthetics, and Buffy

Christian Library

Ownership concentration in the US comic book industry

A Survey on the Adoption of Lean Practices in Indian Manufacturing Sector

An analysis of the failure of electronic media and discovery-based learning: Evidence for the performance benefits of guided training methods

Managerial economics: Theory, applications, and cases

Management Accounting Needs of SMEs and the Role of Professional Accountants: A Renewed Research Agenda

Managerial cost accounting

Fundamental accounting principles

Acute mammalian toxicity of four pesticidal plants

The native tribes of Western Australia

Fractal analysis as investigation method in old organic support

A comparative study of the supercontraction of major ampullate silk fibers of orb-web-building spiders (Araneae

Spoken varieties of Greek in the bilingual Muslim community of Rhodes

Evolutionary economic geography and its implications for regional innovation policy

Selected short stories

The mentor

A rhetorical perspective on the sentence sayings of the Book of Proverbs

Textbook of biochemistry: with clinical correlations

Citizenship USA

Plant biochemistry and molecular biology

The molecular biology of the yeast Saccharomyces: metabolism and gene expression

The molecular biology underlying developmental evolution

Cyclic 3 , 5 -nucleotides: mechanisms of action

Identification of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria

Capillary Electrophoresis

Introduction to genetic principles

Phenolic compounds in food

Modulation of chemical composition and other parameters of the cell by growth rate

Syllabus SYB Sc. Biotechnology [With effect from June 2013

Voicing the song of music therapy cancer support

The action plant: movement and nervous behaviour in plants

Teratocarcinomas and embryonic stem cells: a practical approach

Suicide and Suicide Prevention: A Historical Preview

Ochsner s: An Informal History of the South s Largest Private Medical Center

Private and Public Information in Common Value MultiMUnit Auctions

Private novels, public films

An alternative to private property: collective property in the juridical consciousness of the nineteenth century

A spy in the house of love: an introduction to Anais Nin

Stalin: The Glasnost Revelations

The changing nature of crime in America

Beyond betrayal: Life after infidelity

Aktenzeichen: Illegal

Aktenzeichen: Illegal

Recent Books From South Africa-November 2009

Our Father who art in hell

Pompeii: the living city and the world that never was: a true story of dreamers, schemers, anarchists and secret agents

Writing beyond the ending: Narrative strategies of twentieth-century women writers

The victim and its masks: An essay on sacrifice and masquerade in the Maghreb

Playing Dead: Transmedia Pathos and Plot in The Walking Dead Board Games

Oxford readings in Aristophanes

Once upon a quilt: A scrapbook of quilting past and present


Special Events

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Author Genre


Candler School of Theology


Ladies Home Erotica: Reading the Seams Between Home-making and House Beautiful By Kim Golombisky, doctoral candidate, Department of Communication

Predictors of Mortality in Hemodialysis

Key issues in health economics

Principles of critical care

PA Schneider. Book review for European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. In: Schillinger, Minar, ed. Complications in Peripheral Vascular

Evaluation of service quality, value and satisfaction of air transportation in Malawi: Case study of air Malawi

Human capital and performance: A literature review

Creating new markets through service innovation

From CRM to customer experience: a new realm for innovation

Entrepreneurship: Starting and operating a small business

The encyclopedia of leadership: A practical guide to popular leadership theories and techniques

Communities of practice: The organizational frontier

Strategy and the Internet

Bridge, a cross-culture reading program: Study book

Polymers: their properties and blood compatibility

The God Species: How the planet can survive the age of humans

The shifting gender of gold: Assessing female participation in artisanal and small-scale mining among the Anga of Mount Kaindi, Papua New Guinea

Death: A history of man s obsessions and fears

Literature, writing anthropology

Enneagram Type is With Us At Birth, Part II Deconstructing the Freudian Enneagram

The collection of Francis I: royal treasures

Lifelines: black families in Chicago

Introduction to architecture

The story of the stories: the chosen people and its God

The big box

Teaching and guiding the slow learner

Unleash your library s HIPSTER: transforming student library jobs into high-impact practices

Descartes: philosophical letters

Aggression and transference in severe personality disorders

Unresolved Questions in the Freud/Jung Debate: On Psychosis, Sexual Identity, and Religion

Edwin OConnor

Mathematical biology is good for mathematics

Clusters and the new economics of competition

A friendly introduction to number theory

Perfect phrases for professional networking: Hundreds of ready-to-use phrases for meeting and keeping helpful contacts--everywhere you go

Planet app: Kids book apps are everywhere. But are they any good

Vampires, changelings, and radical mutant teens

Rudyard Kipling

The culture of war

Like Lions They Fought: The Zulu War and the Last Black Empire in South Africa

The women in the book of Judges

Keeping Faith: A Father-and Son Story about Love and the United States Marine Corps

Behind the mask of innocence

The Phantom Menace: Territorial Spirits and SLSW

Walk gently with Earth

New technology and the end of jobs

Finding and removing barriers to sustainable harvest and primary processing of Massachusetts native woods March, 2008

School choice and school competition: Evidence from the United States



A learning system of digital designing and manufacturing for creative products

The art of memoir

CCDs in astronomy: proceedings of a conference held in Tucson, Arizona, 6-8 September 1989

Ruin probabilities

Publications-Edited Books and Journal Issues

Measurement concepts in physical education

Evaluation and treatment of acute low back pain

Lumbar spine rehabilitation


All the years of American popular music


Growing up digital, wired for distraction

Edited by Sloan Evans Despeaux and Kim Plofker

Natural History, Nebular Fire-Mists, and Extraterrestrial Creations: Collecting Eighteenth-and Nineteenth-Century Cosmological Texts

Seeking Newer Worlds: An Historical Context for Space Exploration

Web visions: an inside look at successful business strategies on the Net

Antarctic terrestrial biology

Return of the Jedi

The English Novel in the Twentieth Century: The Doom of Empire

Déja vu all over again

Foundation for cloud computing with VMware vSphere 4

Study Evaluation Scheme B. Tech.(CSE) Cloud Technology and Information Security

Green above, paler below : descriptions in the literature of the colour in trees from southwest Australia

Dalle madri alle figlie. Documento, narrazione, memoria in quattro scrittrici di fine Settecento

The crime victim s book

The verse novel and the question of genre

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Anselm on eternity as the fifth dimension

Anatomy for strength and fitness training for women

Frommer s Caribbean Ports of Call

The observation of participation and the emergence of public ethnography

Frommer s Walking Tours, Tokyo

Frommer s Caribbean Ports of Call

Swelling textbook costs have college students saying Pass

The publish or perish book

How the Sphere Project came into being: a case study of policy-making in the humanitarian aid sector and the relative influence of research

Heroines in Belgium and Serbia

China s rare earth industry and export regime: economic and trade implications for the United States

Running on empty: Compassion fatigue in health professionals

Solutions follow perceptions: NBIC and the concept of health, medicine, disability and disease


Developing Automated Helicopter Models Using Simulated Annealing and Genetic Search

Jump linear systems in automatic control

From Nanotechnology to Nano-Planning

EM Forster: A Guide to Research

Mutant message down under

China: A nation in transition

The anatomy of Accounting



Black Armada: Australia the Struggle for Indonesian Independence, 1942-49

Meeting the challenge of distressed property investors in America s neighborhoods


Data communications, computer networks and open systems

Measuring the MBTI and coming up short

B] reakaway pop hit or... book number?:Once More, with Feeling and Genre

Yizkor books: a voice for the silent past

A tool that converted 200 Tamil books for use by blind students

Postponement of childbearing and low fertility in Europe

Made in Cork

The book of whales

Lighting Out for the Rough Ground: America s Epic Origins and the Richness of World Literature

Boyne Quarry

Witches brew: a Sam friends mystery (Book 4) by Mary Labatt

Chicken soup for the kid s soul

When Mr. Ou (Euclid) came to China

Institutions and policies shaping industrial development: an introductory note

Reforming the reforms in Latin America: Macroeconomics, trade, finance


Lines of fire: Women writers of World War I

Attachment theory: An analysis of Karen Kingsbury s novels Where Yesterday Lives and Like Dandelion Dust

Paraguay under stroessner

Secrecy in the Bush administration

Global climate change

The Big Bear of Arkansas

The human body book

Human anatomy physiology

The kids book of Canadian immigration

Shooting from the hip: Photography, masculinity, and postwar America

The Secret People: Patriotism, the Press, and Civil Rights in the National Leprosarium


Adventures Into Poetry for African Schools

Dazzler: The Life and Times of Moss Hart

The great American songbook in the classical voice studio

Encyclopedia of the Musical Theatre: An Updated Reference Guide to Over 2000 Performers, Writers, Directors, Productions, and Songs of the Musical Stage

From Religion Back to Faith: A Journey of the Heart


Plum Village Chanting and Recitation Book

Beginner Tablet Weaving Notes for a 2-day Workshop

The Kama Sutra of Vatsayayana

Power quality in electrical systems

Information systems for handling manufacturing and marketing data in American firms, 1880-1920

A guide to twentieth century literature in English


Yn sgil Chwyldro Ffrengig 1789: Cyfieithu radicalaidd i r Cymry

Out of the Wild

Flow and the psychology of discovery and invention

Post-modern Professionals Work and Mobile Technology

Marketing research

Grown up digital

Peacock Pie, a Book of Rhymes, by Walter de La Mare

Celebrating Another Decade of Primary Grade Notable Social Studies Trade Books

Mollusc Culture: January 1989-February 1993

The enchanted braid: Coming to terms with nature on the coral reef

Using ecosystem modeling for fisheries management: Where are we

Time patrolman

Rescue of the 1856 Handcart Companies

The lady footballers: struggling to play in Victorian Britain [book review

Symbiosis: nature in partnership

Claudiu T. Lungu, Ph. D

Environmental impacts of dredging in the Niger Delta


Study on Liv. 52-an indigenous anabolic compound

History of modern morals

Tradition as an Orthodox Hurdle in Women s Identity in Ameen Merchant‟ s The Silent Raga

My very first book of colors

Dear zoo

Vitamin D and adult bone health in Australia and New Zealand: a position statement

Managing epilepsy: a clinical handbook

Culture and culture: traditional knowledge and intellectual rights

Greetings from Bangalore, Saskatchewan

Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat: The Speeches of Winston Churchill

The Long Arm of the US Strategic Bombing Survey

The history of US banking, a comparison to the EU banking system, and how the financial crisis of 2008 changed the banking system Kenny Clift West Texas

Reforming air pollution regulation: The toil and trouble of EPA s bubble

Women in Purple: Rulers of Medieval Byzantium


Grass is coloured... red? Further sentence completion norms for children during a working memory reading task

For Reprints, Links

Most Likely to Succeed: Six Women from Harvard and what Became of Them

The Image of Arabs in the Sources of American Culture

Sisters and workers in the Middle Ages

The nationalities question in the Soviet Union

A rock and a hard place: origins of Arab-Western conflict in the Middle East


Blue Water: A guide to self-reliant sailboat cruising

The Sacramental Sea

Sail fitter

An agent of change: Public relations in early twentieth-century Australia

Continuity and change in Indo-Arab cultural relations: A survey with special reference to Oman

Daniel W. Mead, pioneer educator, ethicist, and consultant

The mighty and the almighty

Amplyfying the Voice of Business: Hill and Knowlton s Influence on Political, Public, and Media

The Random House Guide to Natural Areas of the Eastern United States

A history of the ideas of water: Deconstructing nature and constructing society

Religious Responses to the Katrina Disaster in New Orleans and the American Gulf Coast

Speakers at the international symposium Border poetics?-A Comparative Perspective, Tromsø and Sommarøy, November 11

Yr hwiangerddi

The Second Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

Lesbian Plays

From Walk Me to the Distance to Wounded, or the undesirable appropriation of frontier justice

The Myth of Doomed Data

Crack in the rear-view mirror: deconstructing drug war mythology

The book that launched the Harlem Renaissance

Black Widow: The True Story of the Hilley Poisonings

VX Hints: An On-line Bulletin Board in VAX Notes

Authoring interactive media

Basic esd and I/O Design

Gay Hollywood Film Video Guide: Over 75 Years of Male Homosexuality in the Movies


The William Munny Killings

The Power of Initiative of the European Commission: A Progressive Erosion

Psychoanalytic group theory and therapy: Essays in honor of Saul Scheidlinger

Treatment for chronic depression: Cognitive behavioral analysis system of psychotherapy

Authorship analysis studies: A survey

Wisdom s Watch upon the Hours

Shakespeare and the bawdy court of Stratford

Purdue University Press© Purdue University

AENG100Z Introduction to Analytical Writing [Open to Freshman and Sophomores Only

Comprehensive psychiatric nursing

Revenue management for the hospitality industry

Assaults in and around bars

Accelerating policy on nutrition: Lessons from tobacco, alcohol, firearms and traffic safety

Banking Law and the Financial System in Australia

Principles of property law

Every tongue got to confess: Negro folk-tales from the gulf states

On appeal: Courts, lawyering, and judging

The Novel as Family Romance: Language, Gender, and Authority from Fielding to Joyce

The bilingual edge: Why, when, and how to teach your child a second language

The persian gulf TV war

Computer-assisted network and system analysis

On the scalability of fixed broadband wireless access network deployment

Evolution and human origins: An introduction to physical anthropology

Places, please!: the first anthology of lesbian plays

B. Sc., BIOTECHNOLOGY Course Structure from 2012-2013 Course Duration: 3 Years

Plants That Aren t Plants : Mosses and Lichens

Midwest farm planning manual

Anonymous (1970). The unsolved mysteries of lathyrism. Inf Bull Br Biol Res Assoc 9: 121-124


Sinning and sinned against: The stigmatisation of problem drug users


The wind you say

Multiagent systems

Claims reserving in non-life insurance

Progress in applied nonlinear dynamics: welcome to NDPLS volume 8

Lecture Notes of the Unione Matematica Italiana, 7

Lecture Notes of the Unione Matematica Italiana, 7

The Spanish language today

The textbook of total quality in healthcare

Should we use feeding guidelines in the ICU? A review of the evidence

My fair lady

Interaction in the Classroom

Culture learning: The fifth dimension in the language classroom

Do emerging equity markets respond symmetrically to US market upturns and downturns? Evidence from Latin America

Elections and democracy in Central America, revisited


El Salvador and economic integration in Central America: an econometric study

A history of Germany, 1815-1990

Creation and the Modern Christian

The analytic theist: an Alvin Plantinga reader

Truth and fundamentality: On Merricks s truth and ontology

Reply to Zahavi: the value of historical scholarship

Pidgin and creole linguistics

Jamaican Creole: morphology and syntax

Reseña de Los bembeteos de la plena puertorriqueña de Ramón López

The state of play in Australian local government

The relationship of capital structure decisions with firm performance: A study of the engineering sector of Pakistan

Simulation or Simulacrum? The Promise of Sports Games


WEB Du Bois: Voice of the Black Protest Movement

The gift of black folk: the negroes in the making of America

The ilsonian Moment

Book Review-Practical manual of medical virology

The human body book

Post Doctoral Training

Feedback control of dynamic systems

Model of intracellular calcium oscillations activated by inositol trisphosphate

Biochemistry: an introduction

Quo vadis porphyrin chemistry

Quo vadis porphyrin chemistry

Studies on biochemical and physiological aspects in relation to phyto-medicinal qualities and efficacy of the active ingredients during the handling, cultivation

Voyage on the Great Titanic

The Valley of Vision

A puzzle in online pricing: early evidence from the book market


The biology of plant phenolics

Venoms: chemistry and molecular biology

Cultivation of grafted vegetables I. Current status, grafting methods, and benefits

The genetic manipulation of plants

Making things happen: Mastering project management

Web Developer s Cookbook: More Than 300 Ready-made PHP, JavaScript, and CSS Recipes

Performance Evaluation of Websites Emulating Referenced Resources

Does microfinancing really work? A new book says no

Resolving Ireland s banking crisis

Fantasy at Work: Representations of Labour and Economy in Children s Animated Films

Individualism commitment in American life: Readings on the themes of habits of the heart

The Three Little Genres and the Big Bad Critic

Mean platelet volume in acute coronary syndrome

Cowles, E., B. Hinson, D. Hyink, G. Kent, P. Mote, J. Pfannerstill, and P. Phillips. 2012. AP Biology Teacher s Toolkit and Resource Binder. WH Freeman, NY

The Internet Message: closing the book with electronic mail

Marketing your consulting and professional services

Work and disability


The Evolution of Sikh Secessionist Movement in Western Liberal Democracies

The manners and customs of the Rwala Bedouins

The challenge of total factor productivity measurement

Isaac Leeser: Centennial Reflections

Aladdin, Al-Qaeda, and Arabs in US film and TV

The Novel 100, Revised Edition: A Ranking of the Greatest Novels of All Time

Tea cult of Japan: an aesthetic pastime

A plague upon humanity: The secret genocide of axis Japan s germ warfare operation

The Egyptian book of the dead

Violin restoration: a manual for violin makers

Cultural Nationalism in the Life and Work of WB Yeats: The Man Behind the Myth

Efficacy of Yoga Therapy in Chronic Low Back Pain-A Critical Review

Cases and materials on family law

Effect of Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Training Protocol For Pregnant Woman during 3 rd Trimester on Labor Duration

Intercountry adoption, countries of origin, and biological families

Philosophy and science in the Islamic world

Supramolecular Structure and Function

Interpreting multivariate data

The r FAQ

On the distribution of Roy s largest root test in MANOVA and in signal detection in noise

Physics: algebra/trig

Elementary linear algebra

Elementary linear algebra

Cadastres, Land Information Systems and Planning-is decentralisation a significant key to sustainable development

Splendid isolation: the curious history of South American mammals

Marching Through Georgia


Family (dis) advantage and the educational prospects of better off African American youth: How race still matters

Fundamentalism and liberalism: towards an understanding of the dichotomy

Anthropology of Southern Africa in Periodicals to 1950: an Analysis and Index

Center City Churches: The New Urban Frontier

Experiential reclamation and first person parapsychology

Encyclopedia of natural magic

Turbott Wolfe

Happy Christmas

Speaking of Canada: The centennial history of the Canadian clubs

Department of English University of Hyderabad Ph. D English Semester-I, August-November 2016 4 credits

Selected readings on the history and use of old livestock breeds

Race to the Polar Sea: The Heroic Adventures and Romantic Obsessions of Elisha Kent Kane

Adult-child conversation

Guidelines for the management of transfusion dependent thalassaemia (TDT

A Roadmap for Rehabilitation Counseling to Serve Military Veterans with Disabilities

Learning theories

The Teddy Bear Men: Theodore Roosevelt Clifford Berryman

Planet app: Kids book apps are everywhere. But are they any good

The Teddy Bear Men: Theodore Roosevelt Clifford Berryman

Global jihad and WMD: Between martyrdom and mass destruction

The secret casualties of Iraq s abandoned chemical weapons

Some thoughts on teaching as contemplative practice

A practical guide to Linux commands, editors, and shell programming

Positive psychology in practice

Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs

The impact of a book flood in Fiji primary schools

A New BUingual Learner s Dictionary Format The Junior BUingue

What Has the Economics of Giving Given to Economics? The Contemporary Situation

An Outline of the Republic: A Novel

What is it with men and commitment, anyway

Gothic Horror, Monstrous Science, and Steampunk

Reports and letters by George Christopher pulling relating to the Beothuk Indians of Newfoundland

Showman: the life of David O. Selznick

Health problems amongst adolescent girls in rural areas of Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, India

The Annotated Origin

Self-Reliance and Sectoral Complementarity: Recipes for Nigeria s Economic Transformation

Poverty: A history

Ten things wrong with sprawl

From the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to Holocaust denial trials: challenging the media, the law and the academy

The Development of a Community-based Woods Cree Dictionary and Transcripts of the Memoirs of Seventeen Elders of Pukatawagan, Manitoba, with

Creative therapies for adults

The three pillars of trauma-informed care

Psychotherapy: A cognitive integration of theory and practice

Interactive e-Books to support reading skills in dyslexia

Cultural influences on the development of self-concept: Updating our thinking

Style: Ten lessons in clarity and grace

The anatomy of dependence

Type A Behavior Your Heart

Opening the Door of Faith: The Why, When, and Where of Evangelism

Laminar flow in static mixers with helical elements

Fluid mixing and gas dispersion in agitated tanks

Female-to-male transsexualism: Historical, clinical, and theoretical issues

Interpersonal psychotherapy for depression

Effectance, self-efficacy, and the motivation to play video games

Customary Law and Justice in the Tribal Areas of Meghalaya

I. Imagined Beginnings: The Poetics and Politics of Cosmogonic Discourse in the Ancient World. Introduction

English Studies in Latin America

Southern Paiute: A Portrait

The Appropriation of Sacajawea by the Women s Suffrage Movement

The American heritage book of natural wonders

Understanding Derrida. Edited by Jack Reynolds and Jonathan Roffe (London: Continuum, 2004), 168 pp. $110.00/£ 55.00 cloth; $25.95/£ 13.99 paper. The

The Horizon History of Africa


The multiple staff ministry

Mastery teaching

Focusing on the focus group

The efficiency of telelearning

2007 James Beard Foundation Book Awards

Plagiarism is not a big moral deal

Rubber ducks and their significance in contemporary American culture

Rock movers shakers

Training in the Workplace: critical perspectives on learning at work

Association for Library Service to Children Newbery Medal Winners Honor Books, 1922-Present

The Tibetan book of living and dying

Technological change

They Are Different People Holocaust Survivors as Reflected in the Fiction of the Generation of 1948

Pocket guide to Knots

Our next meeting and pot luck will be April 28 th here at Hope in the Bridge. Please make

Sharing the ocean

bibliography was simply too long to publish in the book itself, so readers have been redirected to this website. I would be glad to hear of any books I missed, or

Rituals in Parsi Culture

Who Owns Information

Getting business off steroids

Module 5: Probabilistic Reasoning in the Service of Gambling

Name of Author: Michael Smith Title of Thesis: PickPocket: An Artificial Intelligence For Computer Billiards Degree: Master of Science Year this Degree Granted

Muslim Women Identity in Consumer Society: A Critical Discourse Analysis on the Hijabers Community

Role models, contagions, and copycats: An exploration of the influence of prior killers on subsequent attacks

Маскулинность как историческая проблема

Early history of microbiology and microbiological methods

personnes âgées et voyages

Fragile Web: What Next for Nature

The Big Deal About the Fine Print: Negotiating and Drafting Contractual Boilerplate

The digital economy: Promise and peril in the age of networked intelligence

Constitutionalism in perspective: the United States Constitution in twentieth century politics

The paradoxes of political liberty

Educational psychology: Developing learners

Global business today

The third wave

Environmental sustainability through clothing recycling

Estimating the emission reduction benefits of renewable electricity and energy efficiency in North America: experience and methods

Multicultural Cinderella Stories

Principles and practice of planting trees and shrubs

Native Australian plants: horticulture and uses

Harry Houdini, Master of Magic

Hyperion, The Fall of Hyperion, and Keats s epic ambitions

Women and social action in Victorian and Edwardian England

Single-Phase Microchannel Cooling for Stacked Single Core Chip and DRAM

The cult of cute: The challenge of user experience design

Herrmann Collection Books Pertaining to Human Memory

The authoritarian personality

New media: An introduction

Historical perspective: Religion and clinical psychology in America

Motion Pictures and the Arts in Canada: the Business and the Law

Follow Me: The Life and Music of R. Nathaniel Dett

Short-term existential intervention in clinical practice

Introduction to the profession of counseling

Behavioural experiments: Historical and conceptual underpinnings

Capital and Power

The law and finance of corporate acquisitions

How do firms make capital structure decisions

The poison pill anti-takeover defense: The price of strategic deterrence

In-vitro hepatoprotective activity of Justicia gendarussa stem on isolated rat hepatocytes

Clinical cardiovascular physiology

Strategic Digital Marketing: Top Digital Experts Share the Formula for Tangible Returns on our Marketing In estment

Advances in desalination technology

An illustrated history of civil engineering


Light bulbs for leaders: a guide book for team learning

Clerk in a Post-Religious Age: Reading Lurie s Remnant Romantic Temperament in Disgrace

Alternative medicine: a guide to natural therapies

The effectiveness of central-bank intervention: a survey of the literature after 1982

A hybrid financial trading system incorporating chaos theory, statistical and artificial intelligence/soft computing methods


Development of the US Leave No Trace program: an historical perspective

The law and burial archaeology

EC environmental law

The Good Breakfast Book: Making Breakfast Special

The Karamazov Brothers

Making Work

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